Android Central T-Shirts

It's Friday, and we're feeling generous. So let's give away a few T-shirts, shall we? That's right, T-Shirts. Android Central T-Shirts. With Lloyd on them. For wearing, and such.

Couple things to note:

  1. The shirts run a little small, so consider going up a size.
  2. We ship shirts all over the globe, so this one's open to everyone.
  3. How to win: Just leave a comment in this post. We'll pick winners at 5 p.m. EST today.

Good luck!

Update: Congrats to postbus31, danuff, JackiesGirl, Roni1188 and mason2674. E-mails have been sent!


Reader comments

Friday freebie: Win one of five Android Central T-shirts!



I would love to see Lloyd and Chuck Norris go at it. Of course The Norris would win, but Lloyd would get beat down with a smile.

As a BRAND NEW ANDROID DEVELOPER, who published his first app last evening, I'd love a XL please.

As a geek the one thing I need is more tech-related t-shirts that will allow bullies to spot me more easily.

Want me an Android Central Tee, because when the zombie apocalypse starts...I would like a fresh t-shirt that lets people know that I'm no zombie-->I'm an Android! Large, please!

I should totally win the T-Shirt just for the simple fact that I give your webiste and your app atleast 10-15 hits everyday if not more. I'll take a Large blue one please....Thank you!

XL please. Would be greatly appreciated to sport some AC swag to show off to my friends I talk phones with. I like that black one alot!

I want to represent Lloyd in the Dayton, OH area, and especially at my school, Sinclair Community College. XXL would be very nice! Thanks

Mitch K

Hey you Droids! Even though I'm a windows phone user I'd love a t-shirt since wpcentral isn't offering one! Common Dan! BTW XXL

I just received the 1 I purchased last week. A free 1 would be nice too. It's like buy 1 get 1 free .good luck to all ! XL please!

Let's get Lloyd into the gym. He's looking a bit plump. Pick me and I will get him pumped!! Large please.

Currently taking two broken DroidXs and making one working DroidX for my brother. A XL Shirt would be a nice reward.

I want one please. xxL or if possible xxxl consider me a huge billboard for android central.

I'll give it a shot, too.. also Tucson... well, Sahuarita actually... Had a droid since inital release 20 months ago.. now upgraded to an HTC Incredible 2... love the OS!.. size xl here too.

Thanks for the opportunity. Love your work :)

I'll take a medium if I win.


I bet there's no such t-shirt in Poland, so this would be a great marketing move... Plus, I've already managed to convince around 10 people to use android devices and a t-shirt like this would definately help me convince more...

Verizon worker from Iowa here if you pick me ill wear it at work weather the boss likes it or not!! :) lol

A large shirt would be perfect...need to show off and represent Lloyd in Eastern Canada!

i love Lloyd and androidcentral, i would rock Lloyd on my chest everywhere i go.... Lloyd and androidcentral ftw!!!!!!!!!

hello i have an android phone, what goes better with that than a shirt, xl or xxl would be great, thanks

I have the day off from work, and a chance to win a shirt? wow, sounds great. Sign me up please :)

wow would also love to get one (XL here too)
what looks greater on your t-shirt than the mascot from the website posting about the mobile OS we love so much

a new shirt would be nice... I'd like to hold off on doing laundry for another day or so, so I'll take a L

ohmygoodness it took forever to get to the bottom of this list, medium for me though please

Androidcentral needs some repping in Michigan!!! I want to get the word out that there are more choices than idevices.

Can I have one please. My friends know am a passionate Android user and would wear that shirt with pride

To sport an AC shirt has been a dream since I was a wee glint in my pappy eye....ok at least since I switched from BB to Android :)

Hail the android whose name is Lloyd,
He should be on every techie’s toy,
No longer a need for pen or pencil,
Cheers to all at Android Central!!

This seems like goodthing to wear every second of every day. If I'm lucky enough to get picked,.a Large would be sweet.

I would like a large t-shirt, so that way I won't get in trouble for whipping out my Lloyd at work!!!

I'll wear yours if you wear mine. I'll send you guys a BeerWhere t-shirt if I win. I normally take an XXL, so I guess I gotta go 3XL.

Pick me, pick me. It would look too cute on me and the geek boys I work with will be super jealous :)

I would be happy to win something that has android on it, and bigger then life Lloyd on my chest (XXXL Please)

XL for me. This will be perfect for me. Maybe people won't ask me if my galaxy tab is an ipad if I'm wearing this shirt.

XXXL I love my android phone and I would love a free t-shirt to go with my android phone too!!

I would love an Android Central shirt to replace the shirt I don't like. Lloyd looks better! XXXL!


ok, so i would like to win. nothing more then that. just to win. if i do win, please send me a medium sized shirt.

Would be super cool to be probably the only Android-freak to wear a Android Central shirt in the Netherlands!


A new xxl shirt would help kick the weekend off right & can show all aple fanboys proudly what camp I belong to

My first venture with smartphones was Palm,
And life suddenly was organized and calm.
Then later on as technologies grew,
I changed to WebOS when my contract did renew.
The struggle, I watched, WebOS to perform,
Caused my thoughts to begin to reform.
Then into my life Lloyd did appear,
Since then it has been full of such cheer.
He's brought organizing apps, and apps of much fun,
Like my Angry Birds, of which I have won.
And what better way to celebrate Android,
Than with a cool T-Shirt with a picture of Lloyd!

The rest of Corryton, Tennessee would be sooooo jealous.

This would be great to gloat and sport a Lloyd t-shirt in front of all the apple fan boys at work. I'll take one please!

Amazing shirts! I would love to have one... i did an account just to get one !!!

My girlfriend's birthday is coming up and she is an avid Android fan and follower. It would make her day(year).Thanks

My village was raided and burned by iPhone fanboys when I was very young. Thus, I lost all my t-shirts. Won't you please show mercy to your kin? I'm normally an XL so I guess the next size up

XXL I hope I get a shirt so I can wear it while I sell Androids and turn them into users

This CelticFan loves all things GREEN, including Lloyd!!! Besides I am a big billboard on campus...XXXL for me please!

I really, really, really, really, really would appreciate a size XL shirt. Really I would.

Just in time, if I do get this, I will consider this my birthday present XXL plz.

I bet one of these free shirts would help me pick up women. Please send me one so I can test out this theory.

Love AndroidCentral news & reviews and don't forget to shop there store for your accessories! Just got my coupon code today!
Would love me a large tee!

Everything's bigger in Texas - No little apple operating device allowed on my ranch. I'll sport the the Android T at all the country bars. XL

Pick Me Please !! I need a NEW T-shirt all my others have holes in them .
I like them kinda baggy tho so size XXL that should work and allow for plenty of shinkage besides the fact they run kinda small in the sizes as you mentioned.
OH and thanks for picking me :D

Would love to rock one of these shirts XXXL for me. Got my phone covered (case-wise) now it'd be cool to be covered (shirt-wise) too...

Pick me, please! Would love to have an Android Central shirt. I'll even wear it into the local Apple store given the chance. :^)

I live to advertise! Send me a shirt, make me a living billboard.

Also, it's good for hiding my nipples. Believe me, you want them safely tucked away.

i would rock this until it is old and has holes and then keep on rockit it. I will take pics and send to you years from!!!

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