Free Android WallpaperOur Jan. 19 Free Android wallpaper of the day comes from member dcreed, who brings us a nice shot of wind turbines near Judith Gap, Mont. He says he used a long exposure (that's where you get the blurry blades from) plus an ND filter.

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CaptDigB says:

Yuck I can't stand seeing these things ruin our awesome country landscape. Now they want them on our phones.. Pass

Adamd1169 says:

Rather see those than the oil they spilled on my beach last year.

CaptDigB says:

Good let start putting them on beaches I bet there lots wind there. Oh they use coal and natural gas for power plants mostly not oil. I'd like to see the figures on how many of those wind turbines are needed to fulfill our power needs and were are they going to put them.

balaji906 says:

yuck ??? so, u want to live in polluted environment and costly electricity ?? lolzz

dcreed says:

I've got some shots of oil wells and ocean rigs I can post. I've also got a burning building.

KCMike says:

Did he say what phone he used for this one?

dcreed says:

I didn't use a phone.

That was shot with a DSLR on a tripod, ISO 200, 0.3 seconds, f/40, with a 50mm f/1.8 lens.

dcreed says:

Oh, and a 0.6 neutral density filter to get the longer exposure in broad daylight.

The girl surfing gets my vote! Turbines? Really? No disrespect to the photographer.... I like the surfer. :p

dcreed says:

Well, sure.... I'll try to get out to the beach soon.

ruddy_robot says:

No Tablet wallpapers? Thats a shame :-(

dcreed says:

I posted this both in the Android Central suggested 1200x1200 (tablet) and 800x600 (phone) formats.

Gekko says:

when i first saw this i thought it was a LIVE wallpaper. that would be kind of cool.

when i see windmill farms like this i always think of the helicopter chase scene in MI3.

mrbizzy72 says:

Saves energy on land but uses more energy as a wallpaper. I'd have to use a real turbine to keep my battery up with this wallpaper... LOL

Nice work, dcreed! I enjoy your photos. And thanks for sharing the camera settings and location info...

dcreed says:

I'll try to remember to tag 'em with my login name in the future. If there's a specific resolution needed, you can contact me through and I'll try to get it done.

popologuy says:

how about a girl surfer building a wind turbine? then everyone will be happy.

y2kmrbill says:

Makes you wonder what the wind farm haters charge their smartphones with and if they are willing to live next to a coal burning power plant.