Foursquare Update

Everyone's favorite social check in service Foursquare has just pushed out a notable update in the Play Store, bringing a refreshed UI, some new features and a lot of polish. The previous UI wasn't bad or ugly by any stretch, but the Foursquare team has managed to add a bit more functionality and design to this latest update. The main homescreen is now a bit cleaner, with a universal "explore" search bar at the top and options to check in, see your last location and add a photo at the bottom of the screen. A now Android-standard swipe to the right reveals a settings screen to access your profile, lists, settings and friends -- although curiously there's still a very iOS-like menu slide button in the upper left corner.

The Check In screen has received a facelift as well, with some cleaner lines and little more visual flare. The text box asking "What are you up to?" is now more prominently laid over a map of the check in location with an option to add a picture still prominently set to the right of it. There's still a bit more cleaning up and unification of the UI to go, but things are looking better with each update.


Reader comments

Foursquare adds features, refreshes interface in latest update


I think it's exactly this kind of polish that's quickly closing the gap between Android and iOS apps in terms of quality... But I do have to wonder about the utility of foursquare itself. Oh sure, it's great geeky fun... but I can't help but think it just sounds creepy and pointless to people when I try to explain what it's about.

What gap? The app now feels like an iOS rip-off. It spits in the face of most Android Design Guidelines and for little to no good reason. It's a horrendous update. Oh and still no one is able to explain why they need the permission to "Change WiFi Settings".

HAHA true I think of businesses actually utilized foursquare for marketing purposes like giving the mayor so much of a discount off purchases or maybe a free drink at Starbucks or Jamba Juice. Like the Hotdog on a Stick by my old work used to give a free lemonade to the Mayor.