We are sure many of you have already gone out and gotten your hands on a Droid 2. However, perhaps you are holding off because you are not sure if the phone is worth the upgrade. If you fall into either camp, why not head over to the Droid 2 forum and post in our official Q&A thread? Early adopters and interested buyers are both welcome, so see you there! [Android Central Forums]


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From the Forums -- Have Droid 2 questions? Ask the early adopters!


I got mine yesterday, which was actually quite annoying because I've been running a rooted 2.2 for a little over a month now, The installer just wouldn't leave me alone...


I love my D2!!!! It is so similar to the D1 I had originally, and yet better with more memory & a better processor and excellently redisigned keypad. So glad that I made the switch from the Droid X.

I made the "jump" from an original, rooted, overclocked, custom ROM Droid. If it were not for my wife insisting the I upgrade, so she could have my Droid, then I wouldn't have done it. It is a good phone, but if you have the original Droid already, then fight the urge to upgrade. Bigger and better phones are only months away on Verizon.

@josuearisty: After using the Droid X for about a day, and owning the D2 for 3 days, I can honestly say that the D2 is the faster phone. Maybe it has to do with Froyo or maybe because it's processor doesn't have to push that enormous screen that the X has. What ever the case, it's definitely faster.