Adobe Flashplayer Update

Adobe pushed out a new update to its Android Flash Player today. In addition to a host of bugfixes, the new version also features several important security updates.  Nothing major is listed, but security updates and bug fixes are always a good thing.  If you have flash installed on your android, be sure to grab this ASAP.

Source: Adobe Thanks, zacharyzblewski!

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n1tro19 says:

What theme is that plz? It looks so sick!

ZeroGPain says:


Menno says:

I'll do you one better: :P

nemov says:

Flash has too many updates.

kinster02 says:

Its better then no updates.

thedecline says:

no its not cause it just broke my hacked version of flash that was allowing me to watch hulu on my phone and tablet :(

Nirvana328 says:

meh, let me know when they do something useful, like enable App2SD or give me back some of my precious memory that they keep stealing with every update.

Menno says:

Apps2SD for a browser plugin doesn't make sense.