Flash on Motorola Droid

During CES it was announced by Motorola that it would be sending out an update to their Android devices to enable Flash with Flash Player 10.1.  As you can see from the video (embedded after the break), Flash has been optimized for the Droid chipset and runs pretty darn smooth.

You can see Flash on the Droid looks like it is ready to go. And the Nexus One owners thought they had a leg up on Droid owners ...

So what are you waiting for Motorola, give us the goods already along with Android 2.1!

[Via ardoreal from our forums]


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Flash Player 10.1 in action on Moto Droid


What's the conventional wisdom on the release date of Flash these days? Seems clear it isn't going to be dependent on Android 2.1.

Is it just me or is the general browser in this video running ultra fast? My droid browser is currently WAY slower than this, especially when tons of pix are on the screen.

You can see the wifi icon on the...uh...title bar, or whatever that is at the top of the screen. So yeah, on wifi which helps a lot.

My Sprint hero goes to and views all those pages the same. I'm also able to view flash videos on websites such as megavideo.com

Not to rain on you prades, but I work at adobe, ansd there is a problem with flash player that
Adobe does NOT wish to disclose to non testers. .due to a fault in the base code in the
instruction code, web pages that utilize I.E.7 and above have a fault integrating javascript and subsequently crash, at the loading and parsing portion,
Without fault failure occurs 100% of the time on all android OS systems and has much wirk due before
.And I quite frankly am tired of waiting in adobe.
We are now told. That it could be late august beforea.fully debugged version is ready.

LOL I love this guy claiming to work for adobe. I seriously doubt any company would hire the Douche with his grammar and spelling. Well maybe the DNC would or Acorn.

Some of the best programmers that I have ever worked with speak english as a second or third language. You are going to doubt someone who says that they work at adobe because of poor grammar and spelling. Doubt him because you don't believe him but don't be ignorant.

hey I want to know if the samsung moment will going to have flash player 10.1 in the update 2.1 I mean most be cuz you has one of the biggers prosesors on android phones 800mhz

Round two with Verizon, How long before we get the addition of flash 10.1 this should have been included with the 2.2 update again a ploy to update to a newer version of the Droid. Any news are they going to send this out in batches?