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Think you guys can go one more week without a new episode of the Greatest Android Podcast in the World? Hope so, 'cause we're going to take one more week off leading into the Christmas holiday, hoping to get some last-minute work done. In other words, no show tonight.

But don't despair: We'll be back next week for sure. In the meantime, hit up our old shows, and maybe try watching the podcast on your new Google TV! See you next week!


Reader comments

FYI: Podcast's taking one more week off


With the release of the LTE nexus, i've never wanted to see the podcast more. Strange that it is now that it goes quiet two weeks in a row since it went on sale. Can't be but just so sad though since I'm rockin' this awesome phone.

I think we should take it upon us to do an a xmas fan special and try to do this podcast on our own. Who's down?