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Latest Fitbit device inches closer to smartwatch territory

Fitbit has today taken the wraps off its latest fitness accessory, a watch-like device known as the Fitbit Force. Consisting mostly of rubber strap, with only a tiny display, the Force is unlike most other smartwatch-type devices — and though you can use it to tell the time and get caller ID information, the main focus is still detailed exercise and sleep tracking. That info can be displayed in more detail once the device itself thanks to the inclusion of an OLED display.

The Fitbit Force will launch in 3 to 4 weeks for $129.95, according to Fitbit's official promo email. Right now you can only sync Fitbit products with a small number of Android devices, however. The official compatibility list shows support for only the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 2 and OG Galaxy Note 10.1.

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Fitbit Force fitness wearable announced, arriving soon for $130


I've said before that the 'winner' of the smartwatch will be Fitbit, Nike, Jawbone...It'll be the fitness tracker bands.

I don't think they will catch on at all. Cell phones are the reason people stopped wearing watches. I don't think people are going to start again. I can see where the fitness aspect might be pretty cool, though spendy.

I disagree. I have the Fitbit Flex, the Force's predecessor. And I sync with my S4, but still wear my G-Shock oversized watch. I don't rely on my phone for the time. I think this would certainly be a great replacement for them both, especially on my small wrist.

Watches have not gotten replaced by phones. If you are taking your phone out to check the time all the time, that's sad; you should have a watch. But if you are an individual who doesn't watch the time and only cares once or twice a day then the time from the phone is perfectly fine.

I think that something like this is a good concept and nicely done. I won't have one, but I can see the benefits.

I like the design. This might make a good birthday gift for my girlfriend, who's less of a lazy sack of crap than I am.

She has wrists like a ten-year-old, though. Does anyone who's had an earlier model know if they adjust well for really petite people?

I have the fitbit flex and it comes with two sizes that you can use that have a range from very very small to far too big for me, and im 6'4" 210lbs.

Love my FitBit Flex, I wish it had the readout screen that the Force does.

2 issues:
Floors climbed, doesn't work for me
FitBit should update the Bluetooth sync so it works with the Nexus 4 (and I don't have to change the build.prop)

Other than that, it's great! Low key, display dots are easy to read, vibrate function is actually a lot stronger than I imagined it would be

Yes, my wife and I have small wrists and we love our Flex. Now, I may give mine to my son and get the Force.

I like it better than the current flex design which I own. My issue with the flex is it is just 5 lights to tell one your progress.

As for Smart watch stuff I honestly see the fitness stuff being the main focus and other features are a bonus but do not harm the main function. I like what polar has for their fitness band.
Nike I see as losing out as they still are not supporting android. Polar is pretty close fuel but android supported.

Smart watches still have a way to go. Google could do something with Motorola.

Who the fuck wants to sync this with a ten inch tablet and why the fuck is there no nexus⁴ support?

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You're damn right because this list makes fitbit look like the Samsung equivalent of Nike.

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Don't buy it then. Simple. Your heart will thank you as it will be a vacation compared to the cortisol bath it's obviously taking now.

I'll bet it would work with the N4. It requires BT Low Energy, which the N4 supports as of the 4.3 update. I wouldn't be at all surprised if it wold work just fine with the N4, as long as you sideload the apk (since I'm sure it wouldn't show up as available in the Play Store for a device that's not officially supported).

Also, why wouldn't you sync it with a tablet? You don't have to have the paired device on you while you're working out. You just use the device to review the data from the FitBit.

You can download the app for any android device. I've got it on my Nexus 4 and the new Nexus 7. I get a notification about syncing on both devices that says there's a big in Google's bluetooth stack that can possibly cause serious battery drain and that they have a big report in with Google to get it fixed. Potato sly I just have my flex set to sync with my computer when I get home, then all my activity updates get synced through Fitbit's cloud and I can see the updates on my devices. Not ideal, but it works for me.

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This is what set me off! What the fuck fitbit a ten inch tablet really? We all know Samsung is secretly paying you to do this but you don't have to make it so obvious!

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It works just fine with the N4 without sideload, just do not let the Flex update it's firmware and you will be go to go, I use it everyday with my N4.

Problem is it was not until 4.3 that Google even offered BT 4.0 support in Android and even then it is flacky.

I will say the lack of Nexus support honestly is more a Google issue for taking so long to offer 4.0 support.

I have the Fitbit Flex and like it. It works with my Sprint HTC One now that I have the 4.3 update installed. Now I wish that I had waited for this! As 'Bones' would say, "Dammit, Jim!"

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Your Fitbit Flex works with your Sprint One with no issues? I ask because I really wanna get a Fitbit Flex but was disappointed to know that it wasn't compatible. Are you rooted??

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Do any of you that have other Fitbit models know if it can be used effectively to track single activities rather than 24/7 state? I've no interest in tracking myself the entire day, I KNOW I'm a sedentary nerd... That's why I go running a few times a week, I'd just like a device that can give me an accurate distance tracking of my runs. I know a cheap pedometer can probably do that but it won't sync the data out... Plus the cheapest Fitbit's only like half the price of this one anyway.

You can tell it when you start and stop an activity and it will note it in the log but the device is always counting steps even outside of the defined activity.

I work downtown in an office building and I sit in my office all day. Even if I get a Fitbit or similar device to "motivate" myself there's no place for me to go unless I want to climb up 30 floors to my office. But I like to run in the evenings so I ended up getting a Nike Sportband. It's not all that accurate that it lets me track my runs. You could get an app for your phone that does tracking too, but I hate running with my phone...

It's a product to give people insight into their normal activity so that they are motivated to get off the couch. It works well and has helped many people lose weight.

So, what are your bona fides when it comes to fitness? Are you one of those meatheads that think the key to everything is to "lift heavy"? Come on.
Do tell.

Yeah, like a watch like this does any good for lifting. I do happen to lift, but I am no bodybuilder and I don't really consider myself all that athletic. But I am a good enough runner to regularly place in local races and have also done marathons and 100 mile bike rides. My BF is around 15% and my physical last month showed perfect numbers. This watch almost useless to me, certainly not as useful as my Garmin watch which actually cost a bit less.

What is your evidence that this thing is worthwhile? Fitbit's website? Here's the big secret of the fitness gimmick industry: Any program that involves exercise and eating better can show results if you put in the effort. That doesn't mean their gimmicks are any more effective than simply using basic well-known knowledge and a little common sense.

If you want to count your steps from the couch to the refrigerator to see if those extra calories spent can increase your pork rind quota, yeah, maybe this will make you feel better about yourself. But if you want to get serious about getting in shape, stop buying gimmicks, educate yourself, and make a concerted effort to change your lifestyle.

Bit annoying that they're releasing an 'upgrade' to the flawed Flex less than six months after release (UK anyway).

I have the Flex working with the Nexus 4 perfectly by using a hacked apk. It works so I find it annoying that they won't offer it, even in beta mode, instead of saying 'yeah it works but we can't be bothered to work around the Google issue'. The issue merely requires you to disable constant connection and only connect when opening the app. I mean, you can't use the thing without opening the app anyway.

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"Bit annoying that they're releasing an 'upgrade' to the flawed Flex less than six months after release (UK anyway)."

If it's so flawed you should be glad that they are releasing an updated model. Logic 101.

I am glad but are they going to swap the Flex for this new one? Are they hell. It's unlikely they'd even offer a discount.

It's great when a bad model gets replaced but not for those who bought in to the original hype and promises and wasted money on a shoddy product.

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I'd be interested in this one. The predecessors didn't quite fit my wants. Until Google or Samsung figure out a smartwatch with all of my wants, this would be a good option.

To 'fitbomb' this product - I compared the JAWBONE with the previous fitbit product and the JAWBONE boned it hard.

It doesn't do steps well, but interfaces nicely with multiple fitness android applications - and the sleep tracker will give you reinforcement for how much sleep you're missing.

Insert your food consumed and make the JAWBONE part of your life. The more information you have the more action you will take towards a healthy lifestyle.

Wearing this do-dad for 4 plus months now, both my wife and I really have increased our knowledge of our health along with some friendly competitions. Try 'em all on for size, compare the apps and usability - I'd still choose the JAWBONE over the new fitbit product. Enjoy !

add in notifications on Android (more than just phone calls, do people still get those on their phone?) and this would be all the smartphone I need!

I have to praise Fitbit on their customer service. I recently received a force as a present and lost it the very next day while wearing it. I contacted Fitbit via their site to ask about tracking the device. Their resolution was to send me a free replacement device! Hats off to them!