HTC Desire HD

And there it is, folks, a picture of what reportedly is the HTC Desire HD, which we've also seen referred to as the Ace and has already popped up in a Vodafone Germany inventory system. Sure looks like a mashup of the Desire and Evo 4G, doesn't it?

Anyhoo, the specs of this monster remain a 4.3-inch WVGA touchscreen, Android 2.2, an 8MP camera, 1Ghz processor, 720p video recording, 4GB of storage built in, and aluminum case, e-book reader, and all the other bells and whistles we've come to expect.

This one's expected for Europe sometime in October. [UWants via Android-HK] Thanks, Ricky!


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First HTC Desire HD (Ace) pic leaks out


I like this one. The flood of HTC phones are starting to all look the same. That said, I like the button arrangement on this moreso than the EVO. I just don't like the circles on the EVO, and prefer the arrangement on the N1, and Eris.

Umh it's the same exact arrangement except the evo has circles around the icon, so I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Not the order of the buttons, but location, and the dreadful circles. Don't get me wrong, I love the EVO, and if I was on Sprint, I'd have one. I just like the capacitive buttons to meld more with the screen, than have cutout around them. It simply makes them stand out too much.

The EVO doesn't have any cutouts, the circles are just silver accents beneath the glass, but the whole button area is completely smooth. Dunno why it would bother you outside of some weird aesthetic preference. I love their feel (or lack thereof), I do wish the EVO's power button was on the side tho, would be easier to reach. Don't get me wrong, I've got long fingers and I've gotten used to it up top, but it'd still be more natural on the side like Samsung's.

That is what I mean, it's pure aesthetics. That is why my OP said The HTC phones are all starting to look the same. I also noted that if I was on Sprint, I'd be rocking one. I just don't like the circles. I just prefer the ones that meld with the screen ala Nexus One, and Droid Eris.

(yes, this new phone is a gsm Evo, essentially).

I find the arrangement of the buttons on the Evo to be fine, I just wish there was a software change to make it a little less easy to accidentally press them. I would absolutely trade them for physical buttons in a heartbeat.

looks ok but seems to be exactly like the evo but for the european market i think ill stick to my Desire still it's interesting that's running 2.2 off the bat

Still not worthy for an upgrade. I would wait until the better snapdragon processors are out for better graphics.


So, the Evo 4G is getting a GSM version at last. Bit too late for me, though - just got a Galaxy S, which beats this on CPU/GPU, if not screen size/sharpness.

Seems pretty much an Evo for the European market. Hopefully this is not restricted to 30fps like the US one.

I know it can be fixed by rooting the phone but I would like people to experience Android at it's best out of the box. Average users will not be interested in rooting but they will perceive lag when comparing them to rivals. Anyway, glad that HTC are looking to add to their European offering.

And when NOT comparing benchmarks, nobody will EVER really notice the cap. Yes, I still think putting a cap on it was stupid, but it really is no big deal.

Haha iPhone 4 camera FTW!!

I own both a Nexus One and a iPhone 4...I hope this phone comes to the states! I was going to get an EVO but if this comes I'll wait for it!

I've got an active Nexus One, an iPhone 4 and a Galaxy S i9000. I also recently tested an EVo 4G for a month. Of all those, the iPhone 4's camera is my favorite of the bunch. The Galaxy is too slow to snap the pictures, the Nexus One has horrible pink blurry circles in the middle, the iPhone gives the best pics, imho, right out of the phone.

It's popular to hate iPhone in the Android community, but give the product the props it deserves, and with its better sensors than the typical smartphone, despite fewer megapixels, it's one of the better camera phones out there, in my experience.

Im not sure how the picture is like compared to Android phone, but i must agree, Iphone have a good camera/program. Most of the pictures come out quite nice, despite the lower megapixels

HTC Camera compresses the crap out of a picture.

Get another camera app like Vignette (which costs) or pretty much any other one that doesn't compress the photo as much as the HTC camera.

Fair enough, and thanks for the alternate camera software tip, but the iPhone 4 uses backside illumination and some other camera tech tricks to give it an edge in certain conditions over other phone cameras. YMMV, but like I said, for me, the iPhone spits out point and shoot pictures that I prefer over not just the Nexus One, but the EVO 4G and Samsung Galaxy S as well.

This link might interest you:

Can HTC ever come out with anything original ?? Every single phone they make seems just like the last with minor tweaks here and there , then they give it a new name and its " All New" Come on I am tired of HTC and thee battery draining crap

This makes me a bit sad :( I got the desire in may, and now this comes out. Almost the same specs, but i want the big screen.

If i was you I would be happy you got an AMOLED screen to me the screen may be bigger but comared to my nexus one and captivate that screen just doesn't compare hopefully this "HD" phone will.get a bump in resolution 480x800 on a 4.3" screen is not enough.

I disagree and think 480x800 on a 4.3" screen is just fine. The Evo is 217DPI! My pretty standard computer monitor is 94DPI.

Yes, but you can't call it the "Desire HD" if it has the same screen resolution as the original Desire. Yes, 800x480 is ok, but as these phones get bigger they need a higher resolution (at least in my opinion).

A GSM EVO would be interesting, but I found that the 4.3" of the EVO 4G wasn't too big to handle, but it was not as pleasurable an overall experience as I am getting with the 4" Galaxy S i9000. 4" is big enough to have a fantastic screen size, but the overall size just seems better suited than the larger phones.

It's too bad Samsung's hogging all the Super AMOLED screens for the Galaxy S line. AMAZING screens, even in daylight.

I think the perfect looking phone would be the Nexus One retooled to have the 4" display and touch panel of the Galaxy S, with a bump in processor and GPU to the faster stuff we're seeing from HTC & Samsung. LOL, maybe what I'm really saying is I'd like a Galaxy S with the Nexus One's hackability, and chasis. The N1 just looks so good and feels great in the hand. Best phone I've ever owned in that regard.

+1 sir you took the words out of my mouth. I wish everyday that my nexus one had the 4" super AMOLED, 1ghz hummingbird with PowerVR, and especially the maxtouch sensor. All those with the developer community behind the nexus one would be by far the best phone out in my opinion. God, Google needs to make another phone. Something about Vanilla Android, fast updates, and unlocked makes it the king of Android like i said just wish i could take my captivate and nexus one apart and make a super phone ha ha

Hummm. Having a N1, the only other phone that I would consider would be the desire because of its physical appearance. I don't know why all these big phones look so ugly to me. Maybe the final version will have a nice aluminum design? Is it just me??

HTCs phones are begining to all look the same.
What ever happened to their creativity?
Also not liking that HTC just continues to move away from physical buttons. Not a fan of the touch buttons.

I am not a fan of these "buttons" either. It is FAR too easy to accidentally activate them when holding the phone. ESPECIALLY in landscape mode.

I wonder if Telus will get this Phone. This is the Phone I have been waiting for. I need to leave my BlackBerry but just can't for the Desire. This Desire HD would be perfect for me. Please Telus bring us this phone!

I agree with most of the above comments, although they are cranking phones out left and right, they all look the same now. the basic look of the droid x, evo, and now this all seem the same! that could be why i like my captivate, looks a little different. I still like the others, but they need to make a bigger version of the N1 as was stated earlier, that would be pimp.

I already have serious problems with my Desires size, so I would be totally screwed with the HD.

Dude with small hands.

Am I missing something, or is this a slider, roughly the size of the Evo, that is also only about as thick as the Evo? A slider with little if any thickness penalty? That might be interesting. Give it Gingerbread, front facing camera, dual core processor, and LTE and this may be THE phone!

And the choir chanted, "Ahhhhhhhhh."