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Firefox fans listen out, the latest version of Mozillas popular mobile browser, version 8.0, is now live in the Android Market. 

The update promises improved performance, along with the ability to add bookmarked sites to the home screen, and their master password function. This basically allows you to encrypt all your saved passwords with one master password for increased security.

Check the download links after the break.

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There are 15 comments

PoLaRBe4r says:

No Flash support still, really mozilla? I am really dissapointed.

Glenuendo says:


gksmithlcw says:

+1 million...

BobbyPhoenix says:

Flash support will be available in version 10. If you follow their nightly builds you can see for yourself. Two more major releases and you will have it.

moosc says:

Still no flash support?

xemtra says:

... this browser is a broken record of phail. moving along...

drPheta says:

Sorry, Dolphin Browser >>> Firefox Mobile

kandekilla says:

Only reason I have this browser is for NTLM support. HC/ICS have NTLM built into the stock browser. Right now GB and lower don't. Only Android browser to support NTLM unless the OEM/ODM built it in special.

pDoG says:

I don't get why they just don't add flash support? That's something Android has a leg up on and this just defeats the purpose of surfing on a Android phone. Sigh. I'd like to use it if it had it!

bladerunn3r says:

No flash, no go . . .

liquid64 says:

Hey guys, the nightly builds do support Flash to a degree. They ARE working on it:

kingtz says:

Why did I even click this? No flash support...moving on.

DenverRalphy says:

Why even bicker about Flash support? The browser is a resource hog and a turtle without it.

Firefox has gone by the wayside even on desktop machines. It's built nothing like it was originally intended to be back in its Firebird/Phoenix days.

sremick says:

You know, every time Firefox releases a new Android version, 99% of the posts are people complaining about lack of Flash.

And whenever I mention that Flash on mobile sucks, and Flash in-general is a bad idea for the internet, I get flamed.

Well, seems Adobe agrees with me:

Once again: Flash is a bad idea that needs to GO AWAY.

bolski says:

14mb? Wow. I'll stick with Dolphin which is 3.22mb, is fast, has tabbed browsing and is all-around the best browser out there for Android. Plus, with Flash support from Adobe being nixed, who cares about Flash support?