Sandisk 32GB microSD card

We must say, there's something kind of cool -- and, yes, very nerdy -- about holding this much memory on your fingertip. But there it is, the recently announced 32GB microSD card from Sandisk. Interesting story: It's manufactured by taking a wafer of 4GBs of memory, shaving it down -- it's made thicker than necessary, otherwise it'd be too flimsy initially -- and then stacking them eight high to get to the 32GB. MSRP is $200 for now, but that will drop in time.


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Finger-on with the 32GB Sandisk microSD card


I feel like linking to that xkcd comic about micro SD cards. It's even more appropriate when we get down to these sizes.

This just makes the 16 GB cards go down so woohoo! Time to upgrade my 8gb card before I get my new phone.

shit i just bought a 16gb card 2 days ago. now the price will drop 50% and i'll be punching myself for being an idiot.

I too will be buying a 16gb now in preperation for dumping the Pre for the EVO. Any thoughts on what class card would be good? I assume class 4 or higher but, class 2 cards are around $45 for 16gb.

Depends on the speed of the phone sometimes. HTC states for the Hero (I realize the EVO is a totally different beast... and I can't wait for that beast to come out.) all that is recommended is class 2 cause the phone's limitation of read speed, not the card. Technically, a class 2 and class 4 should run relatively same numbers in the Hero. Have I test this, god no. I have a class 4, but thats because I got it before the phone to give to my mom since it was on sale at the time... she hadn't even used 1MB other than system data on her BB, so I swapped it out with the stock 2GB card. It pulls up video playback just fine for me.

I never buy anything other than class 6 (will do class 10 when they come out) but I only purchase online and wait for good deals.

It would be nice if it were not a Class 2 card. It will be super slow when it comes to things like video recording/playback and music playback can also be affected. YMMV

Sounds like Class 6 is the way to go then at this point. Thanks for the help. They run around $70-$75 a pop. Maybe I'll watch and wait until the phone actually gets released. Don't really need the card just yet anyways.

Maybe a 64GB will come out soon and drop the price of the 32. I definitely need more storage.

Not possible, 32 will be the max for the microSD line. There is another form of card coming out expected to be able to hold MUCH MUCH more in relatively the same size.

There's a seller on eBay who sells the 16gb micro sd's for about $20. I just got one for 20.50, free shipping and it was in my hands in 3 days after auction ended. Looks like they have some setup where they get them from blackberries, but they sell a lot of them. My functions fine so far but I doubt its a high class one, feels no faster than the one that came with the Eris.

Could be the phone. Eris and Hero are very similar and HTC recommends class 2 due to a phone limitation. Good to see they don't recommend you spending uneccesary money.

Since this is just four 8GB Sd cards stacked ontop of one another why not just stack four class 6 or 4 micro SDHC chips together?

After waiting this F***ing long Ill be dammed if I'm going to waste $200 on a class 2 card.