LG Optimus 2X

The other day it leaked out that Fido was going to be adding a few new Android devices to their lineup, one of which was the LG Optimus 2X. At the time, no pricing details were available for any of the devices but that's starting to change with the LG Optimus 2X pricing now available. When released on Fido, you'll be looking at $425 no-term, $375 on a two-year and only $100 with a new three-year contract. You will have to deal with Android 2.2 but the documentation assures us Android 2.3 is coming soon.

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Fido LG Optimus 2X gets priced at $425 outright


So for only $50 over the 2 year price, you can get it without a renewal. Should be a no brainer for the people that shy away from 3 year contracts.

Three years for $100? That is NOT saving anything. However, $425 outright, no contract, is a pretty nice price.

But you have to deal with Fido, an excellent organization before Rogers stuck their noses in and screwed up the works.

Even Bell is better than Rogers.