Press RSS reader, among others, also updated to support new Feedly services

Feedly, one of the leading Google Reader replacement services, announced major restructuring of its services today with a new cloud infrastructure and web interface. Posted on its official blog, Feedly unveiled what it calls "Feedly Cloud", a scalable infrastructure it says is ready to replace Google Reader. The new Feedly Cloud provides several benefits, the first of which is one-click import from Google Reader -- new users to the service can now simply pull everything over seamlessly from their Google account and start using Feedly right away.

Existing users will simply have to make sure that they have the latest version of Feedly installed, and their accounts will be migrated to Feedly Cloud over the next few days. Additionally, the new service allowed Feedly to create a stand-alone web interface (found simply at cloud.feedly.com) that works in all major browsers without plugins or extensions.

The transition to Feedly Cloud has another benefit, and that is the ability for third-party apps to plug into the service simply as well. Feedly says that a total of 9 apps -- including our favorite, Press, found at the Play Store link above -- are integrating with the new Cloud service. Feedly currently has over 12 million users and is processing 25 million feeds daily. With these new features it seems ready to handle the crunch of millions more fleeing from Google Reader in the next week.

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Feedly launches 'Feedly Cloud' sync platform, new web interface


Google play link is to Press and not Feedly.

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The Feedly app didn't receive any update. If you read through the article you'd see that Press was updated for Feedly Cloud support today, and for that reason is linked to at the top.

>"Feedly says that a total of 9 apps -- including our favorite, Press, found at the Play Store link above -- are integrating with the new Cloud service."

The IFTTT recipes seem to work well -- at least as fast as Google Reader. Haven't tried gReader Pro yet, because Feedly hasn't migrated me to their servers yet.

Too bad it doesn't seem to support older version of IE. Many people would like to use Feedly Cloud at their places of work but often the only available browser is IE 8 or maybe even IE 7 without any way to install alternative or updated browsers.

The Feedly Cloud web interface isn't bad at all. The implementation via the supported android apps is poor right now. I tested gReader today and it's not good.

Just Reader, my favorite reader (which syncs with Google Reader) has requested since March info from Feedly so that it could also migrate to it. But according to Just Reader they never got a reply. Why would that be?

The sole reason I enrolled with Feedly was because Just Reader is/was going to move to it as well, but it looks like not. That's really too bad, because Just Reader is one of the few apps that aims on providing the content of articles offline and in a good manner, as opposed to many apps that focus on fancy visual layouts but don't keep content offline, and some don't even download the full articles.

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