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The Motorola MB710 (which looks and sounds a lot like the Motoroi) has been cleared by the FCC, and it appears headed to T-Mobile.  The FCC documents include a user manual mockup that shows us MyFaves, and the radio bands (1700 MHz AWS) pretty much scream that T-Mobile is where it's headed.  Wonder which device on the leaked roadmap it could be?

What we know about specs: MOTOBLUR, 3.5 mm headset jack, GPS, WiFi, bluetooth, microSD card support, 8 megapixel camera, and a xenon flash.  If this is really a Motoroi variant, we can expect Android 2.1, and the familiar 3.7 480x854 LCD display.  Of course, not a peep from Motorola or T-Mobile about the handset, so educated guesses are the rule of the day. [FCC via Phonescoop]


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FCC approves Moto MB710; looks like the Motoroi, and headed for T-Mobile


This looks like a very good phone, why motorola didnt put on it 512 of RAM memory?

First Xenon Android phone, and looks like a real multimedia device.

T-Mobile needs a phone like the EVO cause I am getting jealous of big-screen goodness... Any idea if the HD2 will be "Androided" anytime soon?

There is a hack to make the HD2 run Android. You know the Vibrant has a 4" screen right? The Galaxy S phones all look pretty good. I prefer the Epic just because of the keyboard and 4G.

Wasn't this phone rumored to be going to Cincinnati Bell? They use the same 3g bands as T-mobile. You guys may have this wrong...or it could be for both.