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The Falcon Pro for Twitter updates continue to come thick and fast, as today the developers have pushed another one out the door. The headline new features this time around are a "brand new sexy light theme" -- their words, not ours -- and multi window support on compatible Samsung Galaxy devices such as the Note 2. The light theme won't be for everyone, but multi window is a nice touch if you're rocking a device that has it. 

That's not all though, theres a bunch of other fixes and improvements that reads like this:

  • Better Retweet system, with 3 RT options
  • Better image upload, faster and more stable
  • Better double tap
  • Fixed character count with URL's
  • Fixed new tweet button not appearing on search
  • Fixed the FC on new tweet while on followers list
  • Fixed rotation issue on new DM
  • Little UI changes

Falcon Pro has quickly become one of the favorite Twitter clients around these parts, and the developers of the application are among some of the most pro-active we've seen when it comes to updates and new features. Grab a copy of the latest version for yourselves from the link above. 

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S_C_B says:

Hot damn! I'll go download it on my Note 2.

Qbancelli says:

Still can't change the ugly fonts.

Hott Dogg says:

Push notifications are missing, still on official Twitter app

SpookDroid says:

Plume has been my Twitter client of choice for quite some time now... is there a way you could pit these two out in a review? I've read about Falcon Pro and how much people seem to like it, but it just seems to do the same as what Plume already does. Does it warrant a purchase (hey, a buck is a buck, right?)?

ba_hamilton says:

I have the premium versions of both. I use Falcon Pro now. They are pretty much the same. I like the way FP shows images in the timeline better than Plume. Some people find it easier to manage mutes and hashtags in Plume.

You are not missing out on anything by using Plume.

If the official Twitter app displayed images in the timeline I would not use anything else.

ReggieTee says:

Falcon aka Carbon

dylan808 says:

really liking Falcon Pro. got it a few weeks back and it's worth that buck. i'm not one who needs multiple account support or push notifications, but at this rate i'm sure they're working on adding those features soon.

wilfreb says:

The multi Window works awesome on my global GS3

Ace829 says:

Does anyone know if Falcon Pro has a widget of it's own or do I have to download the Falcon widget as well. If it's the latter, are they compatible, or do they work separately from each other. (Meaning if I click on the widget it directs me to Falcon Pro.)

Deke218 says:

Downloaded it to my Note 2 a week or 2 ago. Love the way it displays pictures and plays video in the time line and how you can check out a link without leaving the app.