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Low-end devices with constrained resources can keep using in-app messaging

Facebook is working on transitioning users somewhat forcefully to using their dedicated Messenger app. Warning messages have been sent out to some European users that in about two weeks time, they wouldn’t be able to use the core Facebook app to do their chatting. Though this change will be rolling out globally, there will be exceptions in place for lower-powered Android devices that apparently can’t handle the Pure Awesome of the Facebook Messenger standalone app, and for Facebook’s relatively fresh news app, Paper.

Though this means you’ll need to install and manage two apps, hopefully it will result in greater performance individually. What do you guys think of the change? Do you already have Facebook Messenger installed, or would you rather keep your Facebook chats bundled in the core experience?

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Facebook to kill in-app messaging in favor of using dedicated Facebook Messenger app



I won't be installing FB Messenger. If FB Messaging stops working on my phone, that's just fine by me. I guess I'll see the FB messages when I happen to get on FB on my PC. I'd rather people use email for most of the things they use FB Messaging for, anyway.

Yeah... I have to use one for work, so I do kill some time upon occasion by going to FB in my browser...

Same here, no way I could run my business from a phone or tablet. Some people just want to pretend that pc's are gone. They're still very much alive.

There's a lot I'd still rather do on a PC with a 24" monitor, like an Excel document or a longer Word document. We must be old fashioned.

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What the hell are you talking about Jay? Seriously, you just don't make sense sometimes...

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Why? Most people use only Messenger ( they don't like facebook) to get in touch with their friends and family.. I use my Messenger 20 times more than FB app..

I was skeptical about the standalone app at first, too, until I realized that this means I can ditch the regular FB app. Because, as you said, I only use it to receive messages from people anyway. I hate the rest of FB.

Bad idea! Having two poorly performing apps to do the function that one app could easily handle when properly coded is silly!

There is no reason that this couldn't continue to be done in the main Facebook app.

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No. It doesnt. I had to uninstall it because it kept freezing and crashing on me. Why can't FB provide an app that actually works?! My phone isnt THAT old, it's the Sammy Note2.

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Works great on my N5 and worked great on my creaky old Vivid. So my anecdotal evidence cancels out yours.

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I can only speak to my own experience, but Facebook Messenger is the best messaging app I have on my phone. It runs brilliantly on my Moto X. Chat heads are fantastic.

The new fb alpha actually is a vast improvement over the old app... Hopefully it makes it to the release version soon

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It actually makes sense to do this. Since what is included in the main app is just chat, separating it out gives better options for group chat, voice, and maybe other communication features. Since voice calls are now an option in the Messenger app, this might make it so more people will have the voice call option.

Guess I'll no longer get messages. I refuse to have an app for JUST Facebook messages.

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Welp, your loss. If Facebook messages aren't that important to you, then why is it such a statement to not install a second app?

Because it's pointless. Just keep it in one app. I never felt the messenger app was a good idea in the first place.

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I agree. I don't use facebook daily but I have family/cowkers that message me on there because they are on the site everyday.

I hate Facebook messages. I refuse to use their messaging. I will not install a dedicated app for something that I hate and don't use.

Feel pretty strongly about this one, aye? Most of the comments in this section could generally be disregarding with "then don't buy/get/install it" lol

I would like to just ingore it but every time I open my FB app I get a NAG screen telling me to install it. Anyone have ideas about how to disable this screen?

You blog on a site that makes money through page views. Many of those page views come from people having back and forth discussions about the things posted on your site. Why would you think it's a good idea to respond to someone like that?

But you WILL take the time to comment on an article about it? That's awesome.

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I never used the Facebook mobile app, so maybe this isn't as apparent to me as it should be. But how does Facebook benefit from separating messaging into a standalone app?

The standalone app, at least as of late, offers a drastically better experience. It can do better notifications and chats when its separate than being baked in with everything else in the main app.

Horrible change....they could just direct FB app notifications to the messenger. Two apps is dumb. I won't be installing FB messenger. If people can't reach me any longer on my phone, then guess they should text me or hit me up on hang outs.

This is good, it will give me a way to stop fb from retrieving old, already viewed messages on my lesser used tablet and give me tonnes of notifications all at once when I connect to wifi. I don't know why it doesn't recognize that I have already read the messages, why does it have to send a notification after being read to the alternate device?

Dumb. They will probably count each user twice when negotiating advertising prices now.

Facebook has user numbers based on accounts and people actually using Facebook. Advertisers aren't stupid, they're not going to rely on download numbers.

They are not BlackBerry

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Good move. Hopefully this means we'll get a good fb app relatively soon.

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Thank you for taking the time to read lol .The current one is ok. It's certainly been worse. Much worse. But it could certainly be better and at the very least could use a visual redesign.

How to be able to read and comprehend, I think that there is an app for that.

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

since I don't use fb messaging I won't have to install the app. win win for me.

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I think this is a dumb move! Why would they do that? That's so stupid! I like the convenience of going into one Facebook app and being able to swipe the messenger from and seeing who's on. This complicates things! Now people have to download two separate apps to get full functionality from one service, and that's beyond stupid! If anything, the improvement would have been to give users the option to turn off messaging from within the app for those who don't want the messaging service. Instead they made the dumbest of all moves
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I like the Messenger App, but I do regret that they're doing this unless they ALSO make the Messenger app MultiWindow-compatible with Samsung phones (Facebook app is, but Messenger is not ¬¬')

I don't use messaging enough to warrant a second app sitting in the background sucking down resources.

This is a BS move on their part, but just about everything they've done in the realm of messaging for the past 4 years has been BS.

This isn't quite up there with overwriting my contacts real email address with some made-up @facebook.com address, but it's in the neighborhood.

Sucking down resources? I can't say I've ever seen on my own device or heard from anyone else of Facebook Messenger making any noticeable impact on battery of a phone or tablet.

If it's running, it's using resources.

It's ludicrous that Facebook would make people install an app just on the odd chance that I need to see if someone continued that conversation we were having that morning when they already have an app that provides that functionality.

Same here and I use FB messenger alot. The main app is what's using up alotta data so maybe they're just trying to lighten that up by separating the two functions.

I never wanted to load in the Facebook Messenger app because using the Facebook app itself works fine for me. I guess I won't be getting FB messages on my mobile devices once they change it. Hangouts is the only dedicated chat app I want to have. I'll just have to talk more people into getting Hangouts on their phones.

This is good. Now I won't keep getting banners asking me to invite my friends to use the messenger app. I have no issues with the messenger app on either my Moto X or iPhone. Not sure what everyone is complaining about. The chat heads thing on Android is pretty cool IMO.

They trying to force people to use the messenger app. Thank God I stop using Facebook a long time back.

That's gonna be a pain in the ass. I've purposely not installed the Messenger app because why would I want to have to use 2 apps for one service? It seems that while Google is going in the right direction (Combining Hangouts, SMS and eventually Voice into one app), FB is taking the opposite approach...

Google uses separate apps for Google+ and Hangouts. So how is this the opposite of what Google is doing?

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I've avoided using the second battery hog of an app for a long time now. Looks like I'm making the full switch to m.Facebook.com

I don't even use Facebook messenger because I don't more apps on my phone.

I barley use Facebook chat anyway why the hell would I want to install the app in case I need to receive one.

Bad move from Facebook filling peoples devices with more apps to do something it already did.

Another reason to slowly stop using facebook.

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Another app running in the background killing resources and battery. They add up quickly.

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Me thinks you know nothing about resource management in apps

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Great... The messaging app alone is already a resource hog. There is a reason I uninstalled it. Seriously go look at your running apps and watch as fb messenger is at the top.

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I wasn't a fan of the Messenger app last year, but from reading the comments it seems as if the app has been through a major overhaul since I uninstalled it. I used to hate those chat head things lol. I don't message on fb enough away. Anywho, currently downloading it

I don't care for this... Why do they need 2 applications when the core app takes care of their secondary applications function. I don't understand this.

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Dear Facebook,

I have uninstalled your messaging app, your pages manager app, and your main app. Now when I want to see who has left me a message or leave snarky comments on people's posts, I use Firefox in private mode. Works fine on mobile, too. Only, I think you should implement a fixed header, all that scrolling to get to the top makes me want to use the website even less.

BTW, since you've held Pages' fans hostage, I have stopped recommending Facebook as a platform to all but the most consumer focused clients.

Keep it up Myspa, er Facebook

People are over reacting because it's Facebook, as always.
The messenger app is actually fantastic. One of the better messaging apps I've used, and it has a lovely UI.

Facebook "chat" (through FB app) sucks. It's just like sending text back and forth. Doesn't feel like IM at all. It's actually a crappy experience IMO. Chat heads is great btw.

For people that use Facebook messaging often, I have no idea why you wouldn't get messenger, especially if you use "chat" for group projects at school. You'd be surprised, but many students across all universities use Facebook groups and messaging to coordinate, along with Google Drive/Docs. Messenger greatly facilitates the use of FB in these cases.
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Messages are the only notifications I have turned on in the Facebook app. Yes, I know it is not much more than simple SMS. Frankly, that is all I want out of it. I'm not giving 200 casual friends my email address or phone number. If they want me, message me. If that stops working, it's their problem.

You don't have to give out any of those. On some profiles I see phone numbers and emails, others I don't. It's all in Facebook's privacy settings.

And the calling feature is internet calls, thus phone number is not required.

As far as I can tell, this is how it is. Investigate further on your own if you're interested in solutions. If not, well...

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I'm on the Note2. I uninstalled messenger because I despise the intrusion of someone from Facebook messaging me and that silly chathead popping up over anything I was using. I aldo didn't feel like fighting with settings in my PC in order to sign on as invisible. The use of messenger automatically makes you visible as being online to your friends. Most times. I just want to log on Facebook and briefly check out what's going on and not have everyone I've friended knowing I was awake, available to chit chat or whatever. If I want to play Facebook and interact with the people I've friended, I'll open the app.

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Messages are the only notifications I have turned on in the Facebook app. I'm not installing another app. If it stops working, then no notifications for me at all. People will just have to email me or wait until I get around to opening the app. Bad move Facebook!

Messenger only v2.4.2, versions after having another icon in the text input field, limiting viewable text (that you write) even further. Why not put those stupid stickers in another tab in the smiley section? Why???
No regular FB app, i just need to stay in contact with some people, otherwise the messenger would be gone, too.

I prefer FB Messenger over regular texting. It's just faster and sending pics is easier. I absolutely HATE the new version they "updated" it to recently though! FB has a bad habit of removing functionality (features) for no reason at all. I can't even set my own ringtone for it anymore which is stupid.

Personally, I'm 100% okay with this. I actually like to have one quick app for just messaging, and one (slightly more clunky) app for my News Feed and all that.

I like the Messenger app. Fought getting it because I didn't see the point of having the app when I can already see my messages in the FB app. But finally started getting lots of messages due to my business (which I promote thru FB and get many customers through them) and find the app with the pop up heads is very convenient.

PS. You can turn the pop up heads off in the settings.