Say goodbye to the flood of meme pictures in your feed

Facebook is always actively tweaking its algorithms to display just the right content in your News Feed, and the latest change is to a focus on articles and news. Interaction with news-based articles suggested and shared in the News Feed has almost tripled in the last year according to Facebook, and new changes are going to go a step further.

Our surveys show that on average people prefer links to high quality articles about current events, their favorite sports team or shared interests, to the latest meme.

Focusing primarily on getting additional clicks through mobile apps, the upcoming changes will put more emphasis on articles shared from reputable sources and less on "the latest meme" that your friends share. After clicking through to read an article from Facebook, you'll now often see up to three related articles in your News Feed nested under the original as well.

It's a step towards more "legitimate" news and high-quality content being shared on Facebook, and one that Google+ and Twitter have already moved towards recently. It's no secret that no matter what you do to filter your News Feed it's generally going to get overrun with some pretty useless content — let's hope Facebook can strike the right balance with its latest algorithm tweaks.

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Facebook changing News Feed algorithms to surface posts with articles


Wonder what exactly qualifies as "high quality content" my guess it's stuff that is innocuous and no one finds offensive (political content will be deep sixed in favor of celebrity gossip and such)

no surprises here. to me facebook has become an alternative to flipboard - with a messaging system. i just like those news sources i am interested to read and those are what appear on my newsfeed. that and whatever nonsense my friends are posting on their walls of course.

It is the first part as well. What does a job scam site have to do with Android?

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

you are advertising your website and/or services.


1. "irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients.
2. "unwanted or intrusive advertising on the Internet".

your post falls on the second definition since it has nothing to do with this news article and it serves solely to promote your agenda.

Hopefully this is a good change. I do get tired of all the memes. The shares to linked content are sometimes just as bad especially if the person doesn't put additional content with them. Sometimes when other news sources aren't available though those shares can be very valuable.

HeyFeed.com handles it better. HeyFeed shows user the most relevant, hot articles, trending topics (tag)... Users can also read news feed ordering in which they're posted - 'Recent News' - and figure out what are the most useful for them. "Trending" articles on HeyFeed.com are not ridiculously spammy. http://heyfeed.com

I agree! Most recent makes sense, or be able to toggle between news related posts and friends posts.

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What's wrong with just showing posts in reverse chronological order? I think we can take it from there.

But if Facebook feels the need to "improve" things, then let us have a setting to automatically not show app requests. For the hundredth time, I DO NOT WANT TO PLAY PET RESCUE SAGA!!!

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Ugh! Facebook, LEAVE MY DAMN FEED ALONE! I know what I want to read far better than any algorithm you could ever develop. If I am friends with someone, I want to see ALL of their posts. If I don't want to see someone's posts, I unfriendly them. Simple as that. I don’t need you to think for me. I already do that well enough.

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I'm thinking this will be used to drive traffic to partner sites. Either Facebook will want payments to promote certain sites, or they'll encourage them to display Facebook-related buttons, images, etc. on them. Whatever the game, it's all about money for Facebook.

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How about no, let us manage our feeds the way we want them, stop telling us what we want to see. When I don't care for a post I just hide it.

Am I the only one that has noticed in the past few months that pages you've liked no longer show in your feed? I have even tried Liking then Unliking a feed and they still won't reload. What gives?

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Every time I see a new article about the latest crap Facebook is tinkering with, it just makes me appreciate G+ that much more.

It's too bad they keep coming up with algorithms to display a "most recent" timeline instead of just allowing me to view my news feed in chronological order. If I thought Facebook did a good job of showing me relevant posts I would choose to view the Top Stories timeline instead. I'm tired of having a filtered news feed that forces me to look through each friend list to see what I want to see.

And then there are the random posts from friends on non-friend walls that have started showing up in the news feeds... WTF?

Hey Facebook, here is a unique idea: How about letting the user decide what they want to see first?

Facebook is dying as a social network in comparison to Instagram or Twitter. There's not much to do now to regain their fan base.

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