Android's Facebook app got an update yesterday, bringing it to Version 1.2 and bringing native inbox support along with it. In exchange, you lose the option to take and upload a picture from within the main page you see above, but that's not really a big deal given how easy it is to do from the native Android or Sense (or Motoblur or whatever) camera apps, and you can do it from the news page. We'd still like to see Facebook chat, and maybe less reliance on the mobile site, but it's still a welcome update.

If you haven't updated yet, take a gander in the Android Market downloads section. Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

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anthonyzul says:

I still like bookmarking the Touch site on my homescreen better then using the app. Once one of them has chat enabled, it will become my go to Facebook option, but until then I will just bookmark the Touch site, and use ebuddy for chatting.

elemental says:

Still a shitty iteration when compared to the iPhone app or even the touch site.

RizNette says:

Good news, but agree with people above. Even my Fiance's Palm Pre has a better Facebook app than ours or iPhones.

zer0future says:

You can also view pictures within the app instead of being taken to the mobile/touch site. The update makes the app significantly more useful for me but I think it won't be complete until there is parity with the iphone app.

JoshH1 says:

It's a step in the right direction.

njeske says:

The update also displays photos in the app rather than opening them in the browser. That's a big step forward.

li2327 says:

It was a pretty good update. I like it better than the touch site. The touch site doesn't show the feed in order. For now, this update will do the trick.

Gardogg03 says:

You do lose the ability to take and upload a pic from the main page. However, if you hit news feed or profile their is a camera icon next to the status field. You can take a pic and upload by hitting that.

oak25 says:

Yes guys this new update gives you the RECENT feed rather than that boring news feed. Like the integration with the inbox and the new layout format for commenting on pictures.

cj100570 says:

It would be great if the inbox, notifications, and news feed icons within the app would show how many unread items there are. Honestly, it seems to me that the devs for this are just lazy! There's no excuse for not including the most basic of features. Hell, even the Myspace android app lets you do everything within the app that you can do on the actual site. When I left my Blackberry Storm for the Droid I was shocked at the disparity between the parity of the 2 apps.

calizae74 says:

I like it so far. Always room for improvement

JamesAkersJr says:

STILL does NOT work on the MyTouch 3g 3.5mm...... when I try to view friends I get a force close for process com.facebook.katana

tealturboser says:

What are you guys talking about? The touch site sucks! It shows stuff that are 5-8 hours old, the time zone is always off, when you click on a photo it brings up the whole album minus you being about to read or add comments.

I think this is a good next step but yes it doesnt compare to the other platforms.

tberman333 says:

Is anyone else having a problem with the widget after this update... mine does not work (I have a Droid)

slagg3r says:

I don't think the widget worked before the update.

SirvonRohr says:

Mine worked before and now it just says problem loading widget. I also have a Droid.

qst4 says:

I had the same problem on my Nexus. I restarted the phone and it loaded correctly.

chadmd23 says:

I use the native AIM app for Facebook Chat.

chtoya22#AC says:

I don't understand why it is so hard to have real time updates like blackberry and Iphone. This app is still far behind the rest =( . . . Only things I miss about my blackberry

I still think Android Facebook needs to get on iPhone Facebook's level...The iPhone Facebook is so hot!!!