Facebook update

Android's official Facebook app just got a sizable update this evening. Here's a look at what's new:

  • Navigate anywhere, fast: Get to your groups, apps, pages, and settings with a single press
  • Search and you will discover: Look through friends, subscribers, apps, and pages
  • See your friends tags on pictures and zoom: New photo viewing experience
  • Faster notifications: Get alerted in real time with new push notifications
  • Games & Apps: Play games and access your favorite apps on the go
  • Access to mobile timeline (If you already have a timeline)
  • Access to friend lists and subscriptions

Update: Erm, or that was a changelog from a previous fix that came through? Seriously, Android Market. Enough of this. 

Anyway. There's a new version, 1.8.3 (up from 1.8.2), dated Feb. 16. Something's new. Go download it.


Reader comments

Facebook for Android gets an update - might have updated stuff


Seems like a good update. Now All it needs is for the application to seem more like an Android app, than iOS. Hopefully it gets updated to fit the new ICS guidelines.

Is this app going to make things actually, you know, load...instead of just infinitely saying "loading"? Or is it going to stop turning on my GPS every time I open it and adding my location to all my status updates without my permission? If not Facebook can go do some things that would get this post deleted if I said them here.

I don't have any loading issues with facebook on my amaze 4g or tab 10.1. The gps on the other hand does turn on everytime i open up the app. It posts my location too. (but half the time doesn't actually use the right city. I can't tell you how often it posts the name of a township that hasn't existed in 30 years here in Illinois!)

Ha, I know what you mean. I'm in Illinois too, and when I lived out in the country it was always posting the township.

Brian Kurtz already said it, but yeah... Facebook's not doing anything without your permission, you just forgot to look under SETTINGS. Granted, the app made the option of posting your location with every status update its default setting, but you can always turn that off. It's got nothing to do with updates or the app malfunctioning, it's just an option you're not turning off.

it still looks for your gps location EVERY single time you open the app regardless of whether or not you have that unchecked or not. personally, I'm so tired of apps pinging my location that i just turn off gps all the time. Use it when I'm in the car and that's about it. Little more than a bother but oh well.

It really doesn't look like the ios version as mush as both apps just resemble the mobile web page. And u can turn off locations in a little thing called settings. Check into it next time before you blast on a public forum.

Two basic Facebook App 101 questions:

1. Is there a way to tag photos without using the "with John Doe" feature? ie tagging after the fact.

2. There was a time you could tag people within statuses using "@John Doe" instead of using the "with John Doe" feature. It works with tagging people in comments but not statuses. Is that ability taken away?

A little off topic but I appreciate the guidance.

PS Just go to the location icon when making statuses and press the X next to the "town/city" location at the bottom to remove it from the post.

Mine started to after i turned off the refresh and enabled notifications. I had mine set to refresh every 30 minutes. Turning it off fixed it for me.

Yep... stopped working for me aswell!!! :(
I've uninstalled and re-installed trying to fix it but still doesn't work...

I logged into my girlfriend's ios Facebook app to fix my Android notifications. Log out of both. Log into ios. Log out of ios. Log in to Android... then notifications work for Android. Silly I know.

One thing I noticed...

PRE UPDATE: If someone posted a picture, and it had comments, if you clicked on the word "comments" to see what people said, you were instead taken to the picture and saw nothing. You'd have to use longer ways to get to the comments (such as clicking on the + and pretending you want to leave a comment, the one I used the most.)

POST UPDATE: You can click on the word "comments" and go to reading the comments, like it should be.

The 'Facebook for Android' page on Facebook says this:
We just released Facebook for Android 1.8.2 with better memory management, and all kinds of bug fixes. Please download it and post your feedback!

"Update: Erm, or that was a changelog from a previous fix that came through? Seriously, Android Market. Enough of this."

Are you sure that's the fault of the Market and not whoever posted the updated APK?

And here just today I uninstalled Facebook. I decided since the mobile web version and the app version was so similar I didn't need both.

It's still a POS compared to the iOS/WP7 versions. All those billions and Facebook can't hire an intern to develop a halfway decent app for the biggest mobile OS in the world.

Post update: If you choose to view "Most Recent" first, when you close the app and then come back, you stay on "Most Recent". Before, it would default to "Top Stories".

That was already in the last update,at least for me... the only thing that for some weird, f'd up reason if you happened to log into the Facebook web page it would then default back to top stories sometimes... (that still happens btw, and the setting is global, so if you change it in the app, it reflects in the web page... if the web page changes it back to Top Stories, the app changes too)

This app completely sucks on my Rezound. Screws the contact syncing all up. Pics don't wanna load. Total POS.

Ever since I updated my facebook app it no longer posts my location, example: via Danville, Va. When I go to write a status it will automatically have my location on the bottom right hand corner but doesn't show up on my post. Before the update it always did it. I'm not talking about the left hand bottom corner. I know how that works. I just want it back like it use to be before I updated it. Can't find anyone to help me with this. Please help!!