Evo 3D

We've always been under the impression that the "Evo" moniker was hung only on phones destined for Sprint, so we were a bit surprised to see the HTC Evo 3D listed at HTC's website with GSM radio bands.  Everything else is the same, we just see an addition of HSPA/WCDMA: Europe/Asia: 900/AWS/2100 MHz, and Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz frequencies listed for the new 4.3-inch 3D monster.

Coincidence?  Error? Or is it really going to be available with a quad-band GSM radio?  We're reaching out to HTC for an answer. [HTCThanks for the tip wongtonsoup!

Update: We reached out to HTC directly -- this is just a mistake, and will soon be corrected.  No GSM Evo 3D after all.


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Evo 3D listed at HTC site with GSM radio [update]


I think it is great that HTC has made a stronger phone than the Evo finally. The list of features on the device are amazing-- making me want it over the Evo I already own. But 3D? I dunno about that. How is this going to be implemented? Can the apps in the market go into 3D or will devs have to cook extra versions for this device? Also, if you record in 1080 and are able to actually use the HDMI port to a T.V. will the picture be weird or back to flat 2D? Honestly, if this was just called the Evo 2, not Evo 3D, I would be way more interested in this. Also, the battery they have for this phone, I wonder if it will be able to work in the Evo that is out now...? That would be a great boost to the amazing battery life I'm getting already with my custom ROM and kernel. But I will just see when I check it out in stores for my own review of it. It may be my next phone, after all I'm ready for an upgrade in June!! :-)

Well, at least it isn't a dual screen phone, HTC knew better than to do that... lol.

oh, this goes to HTC, when are the phones that are out now getting the latest Sense UI?


Based on how poor the OEM battery performs on the EVO (even with tweeks) and HTC's complete lack of offering an decent extended battery, I would not rush into another HTC phone anytime soon. Even more resources (battery) must be needed for 3D right?

My friend with a Motorola DroidX reports about the same battery life as the Evo. There is nothing wrong with the Evo- large, fast smart phones just use a lot of power.

It absolutely does not need a GSM radio. It is a completely different technology than GSM.

Verizon has a LTE network but they don't have a GSM one.

In case you guys haven't realized, Sprint, in order to stay with the curve of ATT/TMo/VRZW, is rumored to be implementing LTE, which needs a SIM card to function. So, until WiMAX loses its steam all carriers are going to be CDMA/WiMAX and LTE/GSM or something along those lines. That's my understanding of it.

You're making this comment assuming GSM is necessary for LTE to function. It is not. The thunderbolt for instance, CDMA/LTE device. No compatibility with gsm networks like umts, gprs, hspa, edge, etc. you're ill informed.

No WiMax? That surprises me. I guess I assumed that the Evo 3D would be an upgrade to the Evo 4G.

If you bothered looking at the EVO 3D specs it doesn't mention WiMax or 4G. Go look for yourself. As of the time I posted this comment there was no mention of WiMax in the specs. I love people like you who are quick to flame everybody without even trying to understand why they might be making a comment or asking a question.

You are right that it doesn't say "4G", but it clearly indicates 14Mb/s download speeds. That is not CDMA 3G.

The Evo 3D DOES have 4G.

Which means it IS capable of 4G speeds.

Where did you get that it wasnt 4G capable?

I think the phones that are able to be viewed in 3D is very interesting. If you think about, almost every android phone pretty much does the same thing. Thats why we are all salivating over dual processors and RAM instead of the actual phone, because we all know the android os. Atleast 3D would be something else developers can use to enhance the android experience. I already have my money saved up for the LG Thrill 4G but IF this Evo 3D comes to at&t, im getting it for sure. :-)

doesnt qualcomms msm8660 processor (the one in the evo 3d) already support all those radios? or already has them as part of the SoC (system on a chip).
or am i completely wrong here?

Also notice no sprint branding compared to the one showed today.

Maybe an international phone? There is no mention of sprint anywhere on the site

This phone was presented by Sprint today. The rumor about Sprint going to LTE, and the post yesterday..... Well, maybe it has the WiMax, and they are going to use GSM for their LTE carrier subcontracts. Nothing says they have to stick with CDMA with the spectrum that Sprint has.


a lot of the specs aren't even correct in the first place;
Android? with HTC Sense?"

question marks? come one

"Internal phone storage: 1 GB" im pretty sure it has 4gb internal.

Chill folks...

this phone was released EXCLUSIVE TO SPRINT.

It's called placeholder information... I highly doubt this will be a "world phone"

They may mock it up and release it elsewhere in the future(like close to 2012) but thats not the case now.


Well, I'll be damned....

It would really blow if it was quickly released elsewhere too...

Exclusivity makes Sprint folks feel special.

I looked at the link provided and it is posted on the worldwide version of HTC's page. :/

OMG here we go with the haterz, if u guys want one just switch to sprint...other wise just let us enjoy our moment cuz we will have the best phone once again

I advise you not to be that guy that calls everyone who desires this phone on a better network than sprint's "drop-a-call every six seconds piece of trash" a hater. I'd reeeeally appreciate that, thanks.

That's your opinion and you have a right to it. However, I have had EVERY carrier in the Orlando FL area and sprint has the best coverage I've ever got. Go out of town often too. Never had a problem. Took me 18 months to drop my first call. Turns out the Guy I was talking with went into an elevator. Haven't had one since.

I said good day!

Sprint drops calls constantly!! I live in Columbus Ohio, I switched to sprint just after the EVO came out, and I had the EVO and loved it but it was ridiculous that they charged me for 4g service I couldn't use, and their 3g coverage here is pathetic, you have better luck making a call with a tracfone. So, I returned it and switched to Verizon. I haven't dropped a call yet.

Sorry, I have had maybe one dropped call in over a year on the Evo. Could just be your immediate area or even a defective phone.

And they are not charging for 4G service, they are charging for high-end smartphone.

I don't know where you've used you Sprint phone, but where I live, I can go from 4 or 5 bars to nothing; causing my calls to drop. Funny thing is, when I do get a signal back, it's on Verizon because the phones decided to roam. I can replicate it without a hitch because it always happens, 10 to 15 mins into a call, when I'm home.

BTW, it's not just my phone. Anyone that comes over and uses Sprint has the same issue where I am.

Verizon had better get their own version of this, and i don't mean a revamped version a year after the damned thing originally released i mean the real deal within the next two to five months or i'm leaving their asses high and dry.

Qualcom Snapdragon MSM8660 has internally a wireless network controler providing World-coverage Multi-Band 2G & 3G+ up to HSPA+ 14Mbps, working both on European GSM/UMTS/HSPA+ as well as US CDMA/EVO/HSPA+. But it has neither WiMax nor LTE inside.
Since this is the proc used by new HTC EVO 3D for Sprint I supposed they added an external chip for the WiMax, but then THE question is did they CUT the other networking supports that are inside the proc ? This would be a CRIME. Means Sprint EVO 3D customers could not travel outside of the US with their phone. Like for EVO 4G that was only WiMax + CDMA/EVO if I got it right, hence limited to "baby-americans" never travelling outside the US. May be time for Sprint and HTC to authorize FREEDOM to their customers, so they can travel outside the US with a working phone, assuming World Rooming is permitted within their subscription and dataplan.
In the same time this would allow the rest of the World to get a version of this EVO 3D, not like the former EVO 4G that remained US-only forever, frustrating the rest of the world against HTC, who only announced pale copies with multiple missing things elesewhere (Missing HDMI port, missing Front Facing Camera, missing Kickstand...etc).

No world-roaming on Sprint. It caters exclusively to what you would call 'baby-americans,' a term I don't quite know how to feel about.

Forget my "baby american" quote, was not meant to offence anybody. I work with americans who travel the world and would never buy a phone that does not work at least in Europe as well as in the US. To understand how critical this can be, you need to experience landing into another country capital and switching you phone on, asking it to search for networks and figure out it can find NONE. If these features are truely desabled one way or another, it will not be that you could see the networks but couldn't connect to them (As when you don't have world roaming enabled), you would not even see them at all, so even with world roaming enabled you could do nothing with your phone there,.. other than playing Angry Birds on your own. Not acceptable on best Smartphone for me, anywhere.

Excuse me I guess im just a "baby-american" because I dont have the money or the time to be jet-setting around the world like f'n james bond...

Standby: 39 hours
In Call: 2:12
Angry Birds: :59
Recording 1080 video while streaming inTunes and using as a WiFi hotspot with 4G: :04