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Evernote, possibly the best thing to ever happen for disorganized people with multiple smartphones and computers, has announced a beta release of version 2.0.  I've been using Evernote a while, and this looks like it's going to be good!  Currently changed in the beta:

  • A new user interface that makes thing easier to sort, search and browse
  • Easier note creation
  • Multiple attachments
  • Dramatic speed increase (and they aren't blowing smoke with this one, it's fast now)
  • Offline notebook sync for premium users

They also have a laundry list of other changes to come, including more work on the above changes.  You can read the full change log, and download the beta at the source link.  You'll probably want to sync and uninstall your current version of Evernote first; they warn that you might need to and I had to uninstall/reinstall to get things running smoothly.  We've got some pics of the new UI and features after the break. Get the download at the source link. [Evernote] Thanks hertzi for the tip!

main interface all notes

notebooks tags

settings widget



Reader comments

Evernote's new beta brings UI changes, speed improvements


I'm pretty new to android and never used any other method to download an app besides the Market. I know you can sideload .apk apps but the link is a .zip file. Can anyone help me out? EVO 4g

I looked at Springpad a while back. I'm interested in giving it a try, but I need two things:

1. Import from Evernote.
2. A desktop application.

Do you happen to know if either of these features have been added?

These comments are for the desktop version. I stopped using 3.5, reverted to 3.0, and use Evernote as a good single place on my workstation to store stuff. I won't use it as intended (network mode) because:

Notes are not stored nor transmitted in a secure manner.

You can encrypt a note but it is time consuming and I think intentionally made difficult.

I reverted to 3.0 because Evernote destroyed the desktop clipper - probably one of the most useful tools I've seen in some time - and replaced it with an awful implementation that ruined most of the functionality.

Evernote got a huge funding round recently and I hoped they would use it to address these flaws, but I see instead the money has been basically wasted.

While I like the attempts Evernote is making to appease the Android community...

...Yes there are attempts to add new features, and I'm sure it will evolve somewhat more rapidly than in the past. However I can't believe they released this current version as a 'Beta' app. At best it's in Alpha stage. There are so many bugs and design flaws it's not funny. Yes it's still in testing, but the bugs are so obvious that I cannot conceivably believe they expect it to be public tested.

I see where they're going, and am really stoked to see progress... however SpringPad is now offering simple features free that Evernote charges premium.