Notes seamlessly switch from handwriting to other inputs, work with stylus or finger

Notes can be made up for more than just inserted images and printed text, and that's why Evernote announced today that it is integrating full-blown handwriting input in the latest release of its app. Evernote points out that this isn't just another input method, but complete handwriting integration that makes it fit in with the rest of the content in your notes. You can switch quickly from typing to add in written commentary, annotations or equations and go right back to typing with a couple taps. Multiple colors and line thicknesses are available as well, and handwritten words are searchable just like printed text.

In its promotional materials Evernote shows off an awful lot of people using Galaxy Note phones and tablets with fine stylus input, but you'll be able to give a quick scrawl into your notes with your finger (or a capacitive stylus) on any device you'd like. Notes aren't saved any different when they have handwriting in them — everything is right in-line with the other text, images and audio of the note.

The latest update also improves the editing of notes that were created on other platforms, and makes the camera capture time quicker across the board. You can grab the latest Evernote app with these new features from the Play Store link at the top of this post.

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Evernote introduces seamless handwriting integration on Android


Nice edition. I still don't use it though.

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This is a big deal for Note devices. When I used OG Note, I wanted to like Evernote but couldn't get into any notes app without pen support.

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Finally!!! Loving this new update on my Note 2!

And it works well with the new annotation feature they added to evernote for the desktop!

This is a nice addition of features. Makes me want a Note or something with a good stylus.

Noticed that editing of lists with checkboxes from the PC Evernote app is now supported in the Android app, which is welcome.

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This is absolutely fantastic! It just helped make my already useful Note 10.1 even more useful.

Way to go Evernote team!

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I just got the Note 3, glad they finally added it. They upgraded my account to premium for 12 months for buying the Note 3!

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Nice enough, doesn't take the pressure sensitivity of the s-pen into account though. That aside, this will now make me use evernote as my standard note taking app. It was a race between OneNote and Evernote to provide handwriting support, and Evernote takes it.

Hadn't used Evernote for years but for some reason the hand writing function alone has persuaded me back, (Galaxy Note 2)

I'll have to give it a try then. Will make transferring note easy since now S notes can be saved on an Evernote account.

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Is there any way to make the "removal of the S-Pen" result in an immediate launch of Evernote?

As it stands now, the removal launches S-note. I only use S-note for momentary instances when I need to write a number that someone is saying while on the phone. With Evernote, a whole new world opens up!

If only pen-removal launched it, that would be very convenient. Usually, I am standing in front of someone who is in a rush just when I am taking the note... I like to be quick when I need to note something.

Yes, there is an app called spen launcher that will allow you to either launch a particular app or a launcher upon removal of the s pen.

Do you have to have a premium account to access this feature? I downloaded it last night and couldn't get the feature to work on my Tegra Note 7.

About 5 hours late, but when you are making or editing a note, tap on the paper clip next to the camera and you should see the option in a drop down menu

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Didnt really find any need for this app until now. have been using Keep till now and there was no reason to use evernote too. Lately I have been feeling the need to get a handwriting input app. Back to evernote now.

When, oh when are they going to add the feature to record and sync audio with handwritten or typed notes as audio bookmarks????

For a quick note, too many clicks to access the option and Evernote needs a widget to get user to there, too.

Oh Penultimate, how I miss you...

There is an "Evernote Widget" in the app store. If you scroll right down to the bottom it should be there as a suggested download, just switch to widgets in your app drawer and you can add it onto your homescreens.

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Weird. Installed, but not showing up in my Widgets window in KitKat on Nexus 7 (2012). Icon in apps list tells me to go to the missing widget icon to add to home screen.
Meanwhile, I'm not sure, even if installed, the widget has a shortcut to the new handwriting screen in Evernote. Needs update?