Evernote for Android 

Hey, you. Evernote fan. (We'll wait while most of you out there raise your hands.) Know this: Your favorite note-taking and syncing app just got a big update. Actually, it's a HUGE update. That's what Evernote tells us, anyway.

"Today’s Evernote for Android update is, in a word, HUGE. This is the first time that we have crammed this many great features into a single release of any Evernote product. We’ve added sharing, organizational features, improved text editing, security options, new views, a revamped widget, and tons more."

See? We weren't making that up. For those of you who prefer bullet points, here they are:

  • Browse and edit shared notebooks
  • Sharing to Facebook and other apps
  • Search and create notes within notebooks
  • Create and edit notebooks
  • Better support for notebook stacks
  • Maps and other location-based features
  • PIN locking
  • New widget
  • Better user interface

And so on and so forth. There's video of the update and download links after the break.

Youtube link for mobile viewing
There are 9 comments

PaperMate3rd says:

I left evernote for springpad maybe I'll be back... I never hear anyone talk about springpad that app is very well done. Think I'll give evernote another shot though.

itch808 says:

still no free offline access

--> BACK TO Springpad!!

pa7tip says:

Is this upgrade for the free version too? I just checked for update and it said there were none available.

nttdemented says:

Woohoo!! :) This is one of those apps I can't pass a day without! Great update!

Tietherope says:


I'm with you. I switched to Springpad and don't regret it at all.

Dark_Blu says:

Evernote works for me. Will check on the update.

fareal says:

Once you go SpringPad, you won't look back. I made the switch not long ago.

hadesto says:

... but still no handwritten notes... meh :/

SamsungSucks says:

I never understood why Google got rid of their awesome notepad tool.
I used it all the time and it would have been perfect for the Android platform.

I have yet to find its match.