ES File Explorer

One of the most popular file managers on Android steps up its design chops

File managers on Android usually fall into one of two camps -- they're either well-designed and less than functional, or packed full of features and left back in the Gingerbread design days. ES File Explorer is hoping to span the gap between the two with today's update to v3. The new interface makes better use of a bottom action bar to hold common items like creating new items, searching and refreshing. The entire UI itself went to a cleaner and more visually appealing grey, blue and white scheme.

The update also brings many back-end features, including multiple window support, Wifi file transfers, gestures for navigating and many new tools. The UI and features together make this feel like a great new update to an app that really needed it. You can grab a download of the new version from the Play Store link above.


Reader comments

ES File Explorer hits v3 with new UI, features


"File managers on Android usually fall into one of two camps -- they're either well-designed and less than functional, or packed full of features and left back in the Gingerbread design days"

You obviously haven't tried Solid Explorer... it's feature packed and looks much nicer than this application too.

"It's feature packed"

As someone who hasn't used Solid Explorer, what features does it have that ES File Explorer doesn't to justify Solid Explorer's $1.99 price tag?

This update seems to be a catch up to solid explorer. But ES is very awkward and not very smooth. Give the trial of solid explorer a go, you can see what works best for you.

I'll give it a go but Solid Explorer has already bridged this gap... Its just so intuitive and powerful and well put together.

Have to kindly disagree with you :-)

I've used both and I like both but ES Explorer makes it so easy to listen to music files from a LAN share. Simply select a shared file or folder and select "Play". If you select a folder, all files in the shared folder will be added to the playlist of the music player. Can't do this with Solid Explorer even if you save all of the files to the phone. Even if you manually select all of the files in the folder (local or shared), Solid Explorer only adds one file to the playlist.

"...looks much nicer than this application" is open to interpretation. After getting used to the new ES Explorer interface, I like it better than Solid Explorer's. Just my personal preference, though.

Can you tell me what Solid Explorer can do that ES Explorer cannot? I'm not being sarcastic or facetious. I just could not find anything.

I'm usually like features but as far as file explorers are concerned, I always come back to OI File Manager. Simple, clean, and fast.

I find the new UI fairly confusing compared to the simplicity of the old design.

I suppose in a couple days it will become second nature.

It is not just the new UI - i will get used to it...

But the translation, at least the german...

Sure, i am no native english speaking or writing one - as you already realised.
And i do not expect an 80% correct german translation. But the current one is bad, really bad. I can not imagine why, specially as the previous one was great!

Google/bing at it worsts...

X-plore is the best FREE one. hands down

Solid Explorer is pretty good too. It has the same features as X-plore (2 browsing panels) but it COSTS.

I think these 2 are the best atm

I like how everyone is complaining about a free app that caught up in design to a paid app.

Its still free and now it makes your paid purchase kinda questionable.

I've only used Astro for the last two years now. I'll check out Solid explorer but have a hard time seeing Astro as a "poorly developed" app.

I like and still using ES file explorer since few years ago. I am trying out Solid Explorer as per recommended. :) I chosen ES over Astro a few years ago because of the appearance and ad-free feature as a free app. Further, the features/functions in ES are suffice for me. Until today, ES is still ad-free. Loving the new UI too. But really it cannot be compared to a paid app because it's a quality free app. :D