Eric Schmidt has been out on tour doing his best door-to-door salesman act. The Google Chairman appeared at the Allen & Company conference in Sun Valley, Idaho, armed with a new Nexus 7 and a Nexus Q, and proceeded to demonstrate the both of them. He even went so far as to describe the Q as "cute." Well, it sort of is.

Perhaps more interestingly, Schmidt spoke out about Google's long standing intentions to be in the hardware business, but without describing them as a hardware company.

Saying during his presentation, of the acquisition of Motorola Mobility last year; “We always wanted to be in the hardware business. Larry and Sergey have always wanted to do hardware in one form or another. This was a way to get into it quickly.”

He was otherwise pretty quiet on the Motorola front, although he did promise that a new batch of products were almost ready to go. 

And Sergey Brin got a mention too. He wasn't at the conference, as Schmidt would declare he was on his way to the airport to tend to important Google Glass business. Either that, or he's got some more skydiving in store. Apparently too, Brin isn't seen without his prototype Google Glasses anymore around Mountain View. Something that we find incredibly easy to believe. 

Source: New York Times

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I would love to see Motorola hardware with pure Vanilla Android on board.

Masheen says:




Verizon pays better.

Duffin says:

I'm almost certain I remember reading an article where one of the higher-ups at Google said they /didn't/ want to get involved in hardware...

We've always been at war with Eastasia

Duffin says:

Huh? I honestly don't understand your reply.

It's a line from 1984. They switch sides in the middle of the war, and they say that Oceania has "always been at war with Eastasia"

boochrisboo says:

you reply was spot on and very clever indeed. I always hate when a great reply is not understood but i guess we cant expect everyone to be well read.

M15 says:

Well read sounds like a bit of judgement. If someone hasn't read the same books as you, don't assume that they aren't "well read". We are all here to learn.

icebike says:

You can, however expect anyone intelligent enough to read AC to know how to use

False_Aesop says:

Companies saying one thong and meaning another? I'm shocked. SHOCKED! Well... Maybe not that shocked.

briankurtz79 says:


Mikey47 says:

Eric Schmidt in thong?!? You're sick. :P

False_Aesop says:

Damn auto correct... Alright scratch what I said... I am that shocked.

False_Aesop says:

Double post.

keithz says:

If they want to be in the hardware business, they better learn how to support their customers for real.

This launch has just shown how amateur Google's sales and service support actually is.

Joelist says:

If Google REALLY wants to be in the hardware business then they have to change some things. For example:

- Take advantage of owning Motorola and use them to make Nexus devices.

- Get all the carriers on board for pure Nexus; as of now VZW isn't. Then you have the additional marketing point of faster updates for all.

- Either buy a company that has a proven track record in large scale distribution and order fulfillment or make a strategic alliance with one and have them run the launches under the Google umbrella. The Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus launches both have had bad rough spots that a more proficient fulfillment house would have anticipated and addressed.

icebike says:

The stated "Hands off" approach to Motorola doesn't make sense in terms of Eric's quote.

Saying during his presentation, of the acquisition of Motorola Mobility last year; “We always wanted to be in the hardware business. Larry and Sergey have always wanted to do hardware in one form or another. This was a way to get into it quickly.”

You have to understand that if Google doesn't keep its dealings with Moto above board, and starts taking significant sales away from HTC and Samsung, the Android Alliance comes to a screeching halt.

And as soon as Moto offers ONLY unlocked pure Android phones, their carrier sales are killed.

Google is in a tough spot with moto.

I have never particularly cared for Motorola hardware. I've always been a bigger fan of what HTC is doing. All of their hardware just seems really clean and minimalist (except for the EVO LTE, which in my opinion is awful).

I would love to see vanilla Android on HTC. But i know I'm dreaming.

I just hope Google replaces some of the Motorola designers with their own designers. They've been doing a really great job lately in my opinion.

Man, I just have to disagree with you. HTC is my least favorite manufacturer of Android. Samsung seems the most progressive and unbloated in their software (sadly Motorola is the worst), /but/ Motorola has some the best, durable phone designs on the market. They have the most variety too. So vanilla android + motorola phone = my dream nexus.

icebike says:

Touchwiz is unbloated?
Who knew?

JayND says:

Funny, I was linking people to an article expressing this same idea months ago before any official statements were made. People were insisting up and down that Google only wanted Motorola for their patents...I wonder how that crow tastes?
In any case I imagine the hardware they're thinking of isn't phones necessarily but new Google TV equipment and things like that. Any change in the Nexus program would probably piss other OEMs off...although it's not like they're going anywhere, what's their next best bet, Microsoft? LOL
Oh wait there is that whole Tizen thing...

M15 says:

I'm looking forward to them creating some android hardware that finds its way into the education system. Pre-college.