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It's been a busy few months for the UK's first -- and only -- LTE carrier, EE. Swiftly following the launch of their LTE network, the company made up of the merged Orange UK and T-Mobile carriers embarked upon a complete rebranding of their retail operation. In many locations this meant going from having an Orange store, and a T-Mobile store, to having 2 EE branded stores. However, this won't last for too much longer, with todays announcement that the carrier is to close 78 of its retail stores in locations it deems unsuitable for multiple presence. 

However, thankfully for the majority of the staff, jobs are to be retained. Unlike some British High Street retailers who have recently found themselves on hard times, this move from EE isn't down to floundering finances. It almost seemed inevitable from the outset. For instance, in the town I call home, there are now 2 EE branded stores within 50 yards of each other, and anyone can see that isn't the best way to spend money. Sales staff will be transferred from closing stores to their sibling store, however management positions are reportedly under consultation. 

In addition to the closures, 4 new EE Stores will be opened at currently undisclosed locations. By the time the closures have gone through at the end of April, EE will be left with 626 stores, easily leaving them with the most retail presence of any UK carrier. And the only UK carrier with any LTE for the foreseeable future. 

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573W1E says:

The T-Mobile store in Newport closed almost as soon as the Orange shop was re branded EE a few months ago. There's barely anything left there!

Floss82 says:

Sad news for you guys in the UK

GMMan says:

How is this sad? It's not like they're downsizing. This is for efficiency.

JonJJon says:

This is good, I think there are now 4 (or maybe 5 actually) EE stores in Croydon atm, it's ridiculous lol

Daf L says:

I think the EE rebranding is a big mistake, the stores are hard to spot, the colours are weak, the logo is small and non-distinct. You could spot an Orange store from down the street.

Even on your phone when it says which network you are on it's difficult to miss EE.

See here for an how the stores now look:->