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On second thought, perhaps the week before Christmas — which this year is two weeks before the New Year's holiday week, and three weeks before CES — wasn't the best time to uproot things when it comes to the daily workflow, but what the hell. What's done is done. After four years of working from home — in my bedroom, no less, losing my office once we had our second daughter — I've found a new office to call home. 

It's funny how it can take a while to get moved in, though. This is a job that can be done anywhere. I've done it from too many airplanes. From a train from Los Angeles to San Diego. A racetrack in the Detroit suburbs. Outside the U.S., from such faraway lands as Spain and England. Canada. Germany. France. The Netherlands. South Korea. Minnesota. 

So what is it about these bare white walls that makes it all feel so different? I dunno. But I do know that I'm in an interesting place — the top floor will be dominated by the University of West Florida Innovation Institute — and am among the first third of private tenants to be working in the DeVilliers Square building, which is still undergoing its $1.25 million rehab. And it's located in the historic Belmont-DeVilliers area of Pensacola, which is seeing a pretty major revival. Plus there's an awesome burger joint across the street, as well as the Five Sisters Blues Cafe. So there's that. Maybe will have to set up a local meet-up at some point.

It's going to be a fun 2014.

Other thoughts on the week that was:

  • This Christmas week weather is ridiculous. High of 75 (and 100 percent humidity) on Sunday. Low of 35 (or lower) mid-week.
  • It's funny how many folks think smartphones are a zero-sum game. There's something for everyone, and this year has seen more excellent high-end devices than ever before. Just because we believe the Moto X is the best Android smartphone you can buy doesn't mean the likes of the Nexus 5 or LG G2 or HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4 are bad phones that you shouldn't shell out for. Quite the contrary.
  • And the more I think about it, the more I think the LG G2 didn't get anywhere near enough love this year.
  • Glad to see ROM Manager quickly restored to Google Play, with all its stats intact. But it was disappointing to see such a public hanging of Google with only one side of the story told. (Though I certainly can understand the initial freak-out. I probably would have done the same thing.)
  • Bad Religion's "Christmas Songs" album is what Google Play Music All Access was made for.
  • Should have more info on our CES coverage coming up this week — but this is shaping out to be really interesting. It'll be nice to do something different, an not just run around like madmen trying to cover everything.
  • I'm thoroughly enjoying our "Through Glass" series. Makes me feel like a "normal" reader when editing folks from outside our normal circle. If you haven't checked out Jen McEwen's piece from this weekend, do so. And next Saturday's should equally great.
  • I don't know how long it will continue — but we'll keep it going until it's no longer interesting, I reckon.

Hope everybody has a good holiday break. But for now, let's get back to work.


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From the editor's (new) desk: Moving day


I really miss our family's yearly vacations to Pensacola on the beautiful 'Redneck Riviera.' I need to make another trip down there soon....beautiful beaches and a great little community.

You had until a brotha saw the word Redneck,I'll pass. Lol!!!

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lol. It's just an old nickname. That's one of the things I love about this town — it really is a melting pot. Look up the Belmont-DeVilliers neighborhood I'm working in. I might be the most "redneck" person there, if ya get me — and I'm hardly redneck by local standards. :)

I just looked it up and the Five Sisters Blues Café seems to be a nice place to listen too some blues.I would love to check this place out.

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The downside for Phil is now he has to cummute and He can't wear his Jammies and Slippers. :p

A that would be a BIG Yes to a meetup down there. Maybe give a lil tour of the office. I could use a few days in the Sun and Sand.

I agree that the G2 didn't get nearly enough love that it deserved. I do wish that LG had made the G2 into a GPE instead of the G Pad 8.3

I think LG is doing really interesting things.... Perhaps too cutting edge or "different" with the buttons on the G2.

However, they are producing a solid track record and I hope they continue it. My Nexus 4 is a great phone. I wish I could use it without a case but the glass back is too fragile.. great looking but fragile.. and I can't afford a replacement at this time.

The G Pad is a solid product and the Nexus 5 is very compelling but less leading than the 4. The flex is umm interesting but perhaps too on the edge to be a consumer success. I hope they don't continue with experiments to be on the edge and forget they need to increase adoption rates for their products.

Good luck with your new office and I look forward to more reviews.

Android Central is my #1 most viewed site for tech these days.

Hope you properly settle in your new office swiftly and find enough inspiration there with some to spare. Thought Sony had some interesting phones/tablets too - they are great if someone is looking for an amazing camera (although HTC are good as well).

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These "from the editor's desk" posts are always great.

I like my HTC one, but I'd trade it for a g2 or a moto x in a heartbeat. Now that the highlight videos were changed (and not for the better) and Google+ does something similar it's just not as special. I wish I had the crazy G2 camera or the ability to talk to my phone like with the moto x.

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The LG g2 doesn't get love not because of the phone itself, but the company.

March or april at the latest for kit kat? Most of the others will be done in January.

A tablet for gpe but no phone?

Good hardware is commonplace this year, you need more

Happy Holiday's from my phone to yours...

Kit Kat is not even a slight concern for me. It is the most lackluster of all the updates to get a name by about a light year. I have it on my Nexus 10, all it has done is leave with boring white system color. The previous blue was way more appealing.

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Your right, but it is continuing a trend with them. HTC is trying buck it.

Perception is everything

Happy Holiday's from my phone to yours...

How is the GPe phone a concern. They manufacture the Nexus. It would give Google no benefit to have a second stock phone ~ 5 inches. Google gets greater product coverage with the gpad.

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LG still makes money, Google foots the bill.

Happy Holiday's from my phone to yours...

Phil, why do you think that "Christmas Songs" is what All Access is meant for? I probably would have bought the album if I didn't already have All Access.

Phil, good luck settling into the new office. Shots you've posted so far look way too sterile for a creative environment (or even an inviting one). Spend some time decorating or adding some touches from home. Make it a family project and it will probably feel much better.

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Couldn't agree more... and as another poster suggested, you're more productive if you're out of the house (and wearing pants.) And I'm sure the wife is glad you're out!

A meetup at the nearby blues club would bring me down from New Jersey!

Happy holidaze!!!

I'm from Minnesota. I didn't know we were outside the U.S.. And I didn't think I was going to learn anything today.

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Haha, I'm so glad someone else caught that. I'm from Wisconsin, right on the Mississippi. We are kind of excluded from the tech world way up here in the Midwest.

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Phil we need some #throughglass at the Five Sisters so we can check out the blues action!

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Congrats on the new space.

I do development and could do it in my home office, but actually prefer to maintain an office a few miles away. Perhaps it is just me, but there is something to be said for getting up, getting dressed and leaving home to go to work each day. It creates a separation from home life and work life that I find very nice.

When I am home if I am on a computer I feel that I can "play around", surf the web, read Titter feeds, etc. At the office, it is all work. Also, when I am home I try to minimize the work related activities. This re-enforced by having the data and other assets I need located 5 minutes away. It also means my family gets more of my attention when I am home.


Totally agree. I could sit on the deck and work, but I am better motivated by going to an office

Happy Holiday's from my phone to yours...

Y U NO Get High Speed Internet for $24.99??!!!??!!

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Question. Refurbished Htc one at $400 or nexus 5 new at $350? Not an easy one!

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Nexus 5. Not even a hard decision

Happy Holiday's from my phone to yours...

I would say Nexus 5 and I'm not a nexus person. Its newer and will get longer support as a result.

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Refurbished, expensive, old phone that won't get much support for too much longer or new, less expensive, less dated phone that will get the best support for probably at least two years?

This is a hard question?

I hate when people say a phone won't get support. Phones get support from places other than their manufacturers, and the One has a huge dev community, if you're willing to try things out. If you like the One's build better, then by all means, get it. It was such a popular phone that I'm sure it will get the next two years worth of android updates in the form of custom ROMs.

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You have to go with official since many people could care less about custom roms, including many people that post on here

Sent from my wifes phone. Typos are because I hate her keyboard choices. Her bad

I had the Nexus 5 and went back to the One. So my answer is get the One. Or even better, the Moto X at 350 or 400 which beats them both, IMO.

it's interesting how things that seem like small changes can make us feel so off balance, I'm sure as the daily grind really settles in you'll be back in the groove! grats on the new office space and I look forward to what 2014 has to offer the Android, no, the smartphone world! :)

So, are you kind of diagonally across the street from the glass blowing, ceramics etc. arts place over there?

Absolutely believe you should keep the glass series going. It is very insightful for all new explorers. Great job!

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Here in Pensacola, so I'd love a local meet up. Android geek and a foodie, definitely not the usual red neck fare for this area!

Congrats on the new digs! I'm about an hour west of you, so an AC meetup would be great!

Granted, I'd probably be the only person in the space with a stock S II, but...there's room for everyone, right?

Totally agree that the G2 didn't get near the love it deserves. I've grown to love the rear buttons and the camera is great. I'm really loving it along side my new Grad 8.3!!

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Don't forget to keep your "office" at home. This will allow you to claim mileage traveling from one office location to the other.

Part of that atmosphere is because the Navy owns the town, almost lock, stock and barrel. I was stationed there for four years in the seventies, at what was then NAS (now NOLF) Saufley Field.

I don't know why I am always annoyed at the retarded looks Phil always has on his face in pictures. Phil, there is no need to look as though you have down syndrome my friend.

Congrats on new digs. That's a cool area of Pensacola. Have to check out the burger joint next trip down.

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Pretty stoked you guys are based out of my town! It would be great to do a local meet one day or see what goes on at the AC office!

Congratulations on the new office space! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Phil and the whole AC team. You guys are great!

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I guess marketing and the buttons in the back had something to do with the G2's low sales, but myself and many others agree that it's definitely the best phone of 2013.

Thumbs up from a fellow Floridian!

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Given Bad Religion's appearance at the Reason Rally, I'm confused. That's all I'll say on that. :lol:

Can't deny the quality of the arrangements and recordings, though. Like they took Reliant K's Christmas tunes and then turned them into what they should have been all along. Beat the Christian punk band at their own game by a wide margin.

Bought the G2 and promptly sold it for a slight loss. (We can't return goods here as easily as the US). It couldn't connect to my work's Exchange Server to get my work emails. DOA as far as I am concerned.

Tried everything. LG has done something screwy with Activesync connections.

I just got back from Pensacola Beach... Peg Leg Pete's is far and away the best seafood restaurant ever, Rodizio Grill is also superb, your office is in such a great place, I can't wait for kid year to move back!

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Despite the criticism, Phil sure does have a great avi.

Anyway, enjoy the new location!

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