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Awwwwww, ain't that cute? When your producers "suggest" you do something, I suggest you do it. And that's how I ended up in that pose inside the Donut statue last week outside Building 44 on the Google campus.

We swung by the Googleplex last week to update our B-roll pictures of the statues. That's it. No secret Nexus meetings, folks. Just a quick, 20-minute (out-of-the-way) stop on the way back to our hotel in Palo Alto, where our real work was for the week. As for that that was ... well, you'll have to wait for that.

But if you're ever near Mountain View, you really should swing by and check out the statues. Just drive up, find a visitor's parking spot and snap away. Do try to remember that folks are working in the offices above, though.

A few other thoughts for this fine Sunday ...

  • I've been wearing the Qualcomm Toq smartwatch for the past few days. Price notwithstanding — this thing's another $50 above the Samsung Galaxy Gear — it's a surprisingly decent effort. 
  • I'm very much on the fence about the Mirasol display. Can't deny the battery life, though.
  • So we'll have more on the Toq in the next week or so. It's a pretty good smartwatch that fits somewhere between the Pebble and Galaxy Gear, I think, in terms of experience.
  • Speaking of smartwatches, now's the perfect time to bookmark Smartwatch Fans. You'll probably see some familiar faces there soon enough.
  • I'm really enjoying our "Through Glass" series. It's great to read about the experience others are having, and I loved getting MoDaCo's Paul O'Brien on board this week. We need to step out of our own little circle here more often. 
  • We got a rejection letter last week from Samsung regarding getting our app in the Samsung app store. Nothing we can't work though — but what was really interesting was that we got a short video showing our app in testing, and the technical thing they'd like us to fix. That was cool. So, we'll go back to work on that.
  • The feel-good hit of the holiday season, for sure.
  • I think the Nexus 5 camera update helped a little — but only so much is going to be fixed by software.

That's it for this week. Lots of fun stuff to come. Thanks for being a part of it!

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From the Editor's Donut: Back from the West Coast



More like on the cover of his first solo album I think :)

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So, what was wrong with the AC app? If it already works on Samsung devices, then there shouldn't be an issue with submitting it to Samsung's App Store. Right?

Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

The Sammie's ain't got nothing on us. To bad they have enough money to hire ninja assassins. I guess I'm ok for now. Damnit why is touch wiz so ugly? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. This conversation has gone way to long.

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Touchwiz is the most beautiful and professional looking UI I've ever used! And don't forget about the gorgeous metal body of the Galaxy S4.

#Samsung til' i die!!


Sent from my Nexus 5X via Android 5.0.1 Licorice

Merry Christmas!

I was at a football game in Pittsburgh and killed da got snowed in. With some other people so my Internet time got cut down.

That being said WARGARBBLE! IT'S ON NOW!

Nah, touchwiz is fugly. I cannot defend it. If you want to pick on features, we can throw down, but not on looks.

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

Lol, For the life of me, I can't find what's ugly about it. Granted, the only Touchwiz phone I had was the S3. But, I actually liked/didn't mind the look of it.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

I think the icons are a bit too... Colorful. And I still have the stink of the look of Touchwiz from the DROID charge on me.
Look up how ugly that beast was.

Honestly, I just ditch it so fast for my Apex setup that I couldn't point t all the ugly anymore. The bloop sounds were pretty annoying to, but they can always be changed

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

Oh, I know how terrible the Droid Charge was. I couldn't believe Samsung actually released such a terrible device.

It IS colorful, I will give you that. I didn't mind the "drip" noise. I ended up silencing it, because it drove my friends crazy, lol.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

Its also confusing. The features (some) may be useful but there's so many that it gets overwhelming and confusing especially for the average consumer.

Merry Christmas! Posted From My Wonderful (but defective) N7 2013

What exactly is the benefit of putting the AC app in anything other than the Google play store?

Posted via my Nexus 7

For devices that don't have access to the play store. Which is why they submitted it to amazon too. Or people who prefer Samsung's ecosystem and use their app store.

Posted via Android Central App

"People who prefer Samsung's ecosystem" --- I'll take "things no one has ever preferred" Alex.

Seriously though, this is the start of Samsung separating itself from Android. A slow acclimation of releasing more product accessories to Samsung phones that won't have Play access withe the Gear as the start. I don't know if I can blame them since Google did say that they'd keep Android open till 2015, a year away, and announced back in 2012. And no word if they close it up to keep competition from copying their design or features or Google just wanting to make money off their own ideas and work, even though they make billions from the data to give us ads tailor made for us and our browsing habits.

Phil, not flaming here. Honestly, in your opinion, should I keep my Moto X or get a Nexus 5? I am actually *loving* the updated camera on the X and take a few pics!

But, the screen kinda sucks (being honest) & that 1080p LCD looks gorgeous. At least in Buy More.

The screen is gorgeous, but the battery life could be better. I haven't gotten the camera update yet, so I can't comment on that, right now.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

Battery life is actually pretty strong, only devices that outperform it are the scant few phones w/larger batteries (G2, Droid MAXX, Note 3). Anandtech's tests kinda flew in the face of everyone claiming that the Moto X got SO much better battery life, worth checking out.

Stuck on VZW but had to have the Nexus 5. Put in an AT&T Sim (so you understand my experience). My 5 is in my left pocket and the X is in my right. Not an easy decision. The X camera is definitely better, I've posted pics to my G+ account and others seem to agree. Video as a different story. OIS really makes a difference for the 5. Yes, the X has the edge on battery life. The screen on the 5 is a bit brighter but not sure if I'd say it's more vibrant. Colors seem more vibrant on the X.. Actually, I'll just say this. I love the Nexus 5. It's a Nexus and while I'll never get rid of it, I think I'd pick the X if I had to choose just one. Fit in hand, camera, active notifications (I've yet to find custom ROMs that can accurately replicate it), battery, updates (so far), style and I have at least one device that I've no inclination to flash ROMs on. The X rooted with LMT and Gravity Box is perfect for me. Even if I didn't have the 5 I'd have my tablets to get my flash fix. This my opinion and I can easily see how someone could prefer the 5. Not an easy choose but a great one. You'll be happy either way.

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Hello,I have downloaded Papyrus on my 8 inch Samsung Tab 3. can an S pen be used with Papyrus?is there any upgrades that can be suggested to use an S pen with the Tab 3.
Please advice.

Posted via Android Central App

Kind of a strange place to post this, but I'll try to answer anyway. Yes, an S-pen can be used with Papyrus. I use Papyrus on my Note 8. The Tab 3 doesn't have a digitizer so the S-pen won't work with it. That's what makes the Note series unique.

Why would Samsung deny your app in their store? This is a place where we go to read the latest Samsung news.

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