From the Editor's Desk: Recharging

No patents. No petitions. No bootloaders. No multitasking. No customs delays. See y'all next week.

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SprintFun says:


dreedy01 says:

Enjoy it, have a great vaca Phil!

kitchin says:

Very nice, enjoy yourself

AdamOutler says:

Hey, how did you put this picture online without multitasking or a bootloader???

aledelcastle says:

Looks like rough waters from the early tropical depression... Enjoy!

IceDree says:

Good one Phil.
Kick back, relax & enjoy your day

That's a nice picture ! Reminds me of Jen Hackman in the end of Enemy Of The State

wilso850 says:

Makes me miss Florida, I find it funny, I used to live in Panama City, then found out you guys were a little over an hour away. Now of course, I have already moved 1,000 miles away. Anyways, enjoy your short break!

dancing-bass says:

Enjoy the well-deserved time off Phil. Wish I could buy you a beer or something (doesn't work so well to email them. I tried sending it as an attachment but it just made a mess of the scanner).

firebirder says:

I wish I was at the beach!

Derek_B says:

Enjoy your time off, Phil. Thank you for all your hard work editing this amazing site, it's by far my favorite place to get android information!

Ha! I actually thought this was an article about recharging your phone. Lol. Great weather down here on the Emerald Coast this week. Firing up the Harley and headed to the Hangout Music festival today. Enjoy the beach.

jhonjjj says:

Have a very nice and cheerful holidays Phil.

moosc says:

wrong weekend for mancation. i also thought cool recharging 101

anthony2558 says:

Be in Clearwater on Thursday. Would love for it to be that nice when we get there. "I said no salt, no salt"

sirheck says:

Put the margarita down and get back to work Mr.

I'm not on vacation. Just the column. :)

was that pic taken with the new evo 4g lte?

Hand_O_Death says:

I thought everyday was a vacation for the AC crew?

sirheck says:

Ah ok then, BTW hows the review of that portable battery booster/charger thingy?

Droid Brick says:

Hey, everybody deserves a break. Enjoy it!

aaronaaron says:

Man! I remember the beaches of Pensacola so well, I was there every weekend when I was stationed at NAS Pensacola. Great way to relax!

I too remember & miss the white sands of Pensacola Beach & Navarre Beach.
And the Blue Angels shows. What I don't miss are those damned hurricanes.

If you are at the beach Phil, have a great time, you deserve it! :-)

icebike says:

And Phil at the beach is all it took to clear those Customs Delays.

Apparently the HTC One X is cleared.

Ok, Jerry!
Pack the car and head to the beach, and maybe we'll get a multitasking fix. ;-)

DrDoppio says:

Thanks for the good news, icebike!

rockymelboa says:

Pensacola Beach Phil? I'm from Navarre and that sand looks awful familiar.

Dirtman16 says:

Right down the beach from you in PCB. It's nice today. Have fun!

Mobius360 says:

Nice I so need a recharge myself. Enjoy the time away.

MattMJB0188 says:

Those are some CHUBBY feet!!!

That looks amazing.

NateBoii says:

im in clearwater, nothing like that soft white sand man. clearwater beach be packed on a hot sunny day like today, enjoy your vacation. its like 85-90 degrees here now.

Hey Phil, looks just like what I an looking at.. Except the beaches of Ft Lauderdale..., beautiful weather, beautiful women, beautiful ocean... What else can we ask for?

jerrod6 says:

I hope those are not Phils real feet. Now every time I see him I'm gonna think of those feet.

dcreed says:

This week's photo contest: bikinis.