A busy year gets even busier — and we've got lots in store for 2014

At some point earlier this year — probably back in February, between trips to  San Francisco, New York City and Barcelona — I made a conscious decision to not travel as much this year. Things haven't quite worked out as I planned, of course. That's a good problem to have. Being busy means business is good. And this is a great business to be in.

That was as apparent as ever last week in Miami, where I and the other Mobile Nations editors met up for a few days. Day 1 was spent cannonballing and hair-flipping and shooting a wrap-up video for Talk Mobile 2013. Believe it or not, it took about 11 months from inception to being damned near finished.

Days 2 and 3 last week were spent working on strategies to take us well into 2014. If you thought 2013 was ambitious, well, we're just getting warmed up. This is going to be fun — and extremely challenging. If we accomplish even just half of what we've been talking about internally, it'll be a great year.

And now I'm off to London for a few days' worth of meetings with some great folks. And chances are we'll have some Nexus-type news pretty quickly upon my return, to say nothing of any number of expected releases this fall. So we're not done yet.

As always, thanks for coming along for the ride. It makes all the travel and time away from home and family worth it.

A couple more quick thoughts on this fine Sunday:

  • Every single Android phone needs Photosphere. I'd forgotten how much I missed it. Glad to see Samsung added it in the Galaxy Note 3. I'm glad that LG's been adding in its implementation in non-Nexus phones. But how the hell is it not in the Moto X?
  • And to the folks working on third-party versions — please keep plugging away.
  • There's a whole bunch of good stuff in that Nexus 5 service manual leak. But make no mistake — it's nowhere near the same as actually getting your hands on a phone and using it. Remember that when folks start saying "we already know everything there is to know" about it.
  • And as much as I'm enjoying the Moto X — for its size and shape as much as the software — I'm getting excited for a new Nexus.
  • Damn, that Verizon HTC One Max looks huge.
  • Dunno about you folks, but I'm stoked that Jerry and Alex and Andrew started podcasting when I'm not available. 
  • Oh, and speaking of the busy travel season ... Andrew Martonik will be at the Big Android BBQ later this week in Dallas. I'm more than a little jealous that I can't make it.
  • And later this month, we'll be at the Samsung Developers Conference in San Francisco. More on that this week, probably. This will be fun. 

And with that, it's time to board. Let's get to work.


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From the Editor's Desk: Working hard? Or hardly working?


This year for android has been amazing. We, as android enthusiasts not only are fans of the most popular smartphone operating system but now have access to IMO the most powerful mobile devices in the world. The Note 3 is the most powerful phone I have ever seen and the Note 3 only sets the tone of what phones we will see in 2014. Its a good time to be a fan of android.

P.S. Phil, do you think the Moto X is going to be just as fast as the new nexus? I know Motorola has stepped it up when it comes to optimization. But will it be more optimized than a nexus device?

Posted via Droid Razr M on the Android Central App

The moto X is not even more optimized than the current nexus 4. z1, g2, kindle hdx, and a bunch of other phones are equally as powerful as the note 3 and without touchwiz which is junk.

Posted via Android Central App

Actually I think the level of software optimization is second to none on the Moto x.

Posted via Android Central App

AC, you really need to integrate G+ with the comments. I'm still searching the +1 button! ;-)

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I wholeheartedly agree with the third bullet point. Remember, real-life performance is not determined solely by specs. And this includes the battery.

Exactly, the bugs with Gs4 when it first came out can attest to that.

Posted via Droid Razr M on the Android Central App

Thanks for all the hard work boys and girls. This year was great and your app is amazing. So good it took over my Google Currents spot on my home screen. Keep up the great work.

Posted via Android Central App

Absolutely, you guys alongside with Flipboard and iMore power my tech news! You own one of the prime spots on my Nexus 7 next to Chrome and Flipboard!

Have an entire page on themer beta just for android central, read it a few times a day

Posted via Android central app on my LG Google Nexus 4

I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at your site and app all this year.....it has kept me interested and i never pass up one of your articles..and the comment section!haha!...looking forward to a great 2014....Keep u the good work guys!

posting while eating gummybears in your girlfriends bedroom

Looking forward to hearing about the Nexus 5. I had the Samsung Nexus and the data was not working most of the time even being 1.5 miles from an antenna, same for voice 0-2 bars max. VZW replaced with Razar MAXX. Just cancelled Note 3 waiting on Nexus 5 on VZW maybe. Thank you Pill and AC...

watch your health with all that travel. it's easy to eat like shit on the road. take care of yourself - your kids need you.

I'm not going to say I eat healthy on the road — trying to squeeze in a salad here and there — but, Jesus, how do people eat Popeye's in the airport at 9 a.m.?

That hurts just looking at it.

Haha that was funny. Reminds me of people that chew tobacco for breakfast :/

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Discipline yourself preacher.

Your condescending remarks veiled as concern are obnoxious Gekko!!!!!!!!

I'm excited too Phil. As awesome as you are my only real frustration with the podcast is that you guys seem to cancel so often (often on weeks I'm actually available to be there live). I'd love to see you podcast every week or nearly so with whomever is available. I also liked the idea of mini podcasts about specific top level phones (as long as they continue to get coverage in the regular podcast as well).

Posted via Android Central App

Love the AC app. It would be so much better with a mute button though :D

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I'm looking forward to the new devices and technology yet to be introduced during the remainder of this year, and to your coverage of it.

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I just want to say that I've been following you guys since spring and you do a great job.

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Keep up great work!
Sometimes working hard gives you the feeling that you hardly worked. Nothing feels better than being doing something creative.


It's simple uninstall. And then we don't have to put up with your GOD complex. :-)

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Good to hear there's even more good stuff coming our way. Thanks for the update :).

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It's an exciting time to own an Android, and it's great reading and hearing about it from all you guys. Phil, safe travels, and eat better! :-)

Posted via the awesomest of awesome Android Central App

I am excited about what is coming up in 2014! Safe travels for everyone hopefully, looking forward to hearing the latest news when it's completely (and properly) out.

Posted via Android Central App on my Motorola XT890 RAZR i