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We're headed to sunny San Diego this week -- one of my new favorite cities -- for the fall CTIA event. The past several years it's been called CTIA "Enterprise and Applications," which pretty much was exactly what it sounded like. Put it this way -- it's no CES or MWC, that's for sure.

The fall event has been rebranded "MobileCON," which basically can mean anything the wireless industry organization wants it to. On the other hand, with bullet points like "Enterprise Industry Spotlight" and a keynote address from the BlackBerry CIO and a U.S. Air Force IT type, it's pretty safe to say we're still knee-deep in enterprise here.

Anyhoo, we'll be bringing it all to you this week.

A few other thoughts to get things going:

  • Speaking of CTIA, that means the Samsung Stratosphere turns 1. And it's having growing pains.
  • Nexus rumors sure are exciting, aren't they! Know what really excites me, though? What really tickles my fancy? Facts. I'm funny like that.
  • Even less exciting is seeing rumor reports hedged to within the last inch of their life. Either own the rumor, or don't publish it. Hedging is such sweet bullshit.
  • Is there a dearth of actual devices to cover or something? Did I miss the memo?
  • How much of these next-Android-version rumors are simply rehashed from what Google told us was coming at Google IO developer conference this summer? I've got some videos to watch again.
  • Why do we act like it's so surprising to see a new version of Android starting to peek out? It's not like work suddenly stopped and nobody was told, was it?
  • I'm all about getting a 32- or 64-gigabyte Nexus 7 tablet. (Or any other device for that matter.) That's not to say there's not a place in this world for cloud-storage-centric devices. I think it comes down to personal usage. I'm in airplanes a lot. I need local storage. I need both, actually, but I need the choice.
  • It was nice to actually podcast two weeks in a row. Forgot how much fun that can be. We don't make money on them. Hell, they cost money, and they're time-consuming. But they're also a lot of fun. And we're about to pass 2.5 million downloads, which just floors me.
  • And if you didn't catch the end of this past week's podcast ...
  • Plague Inc. is fun, and I'm surprised the prospect of ending all human life on Earth didn't bother me in the slightest. But it seems to be another one of those games that's trying just a little too hard for the in-app purchases. This sucker's tough.

That's it for today. See ya'll from San Diego.


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From the Editor's Desk: Some quick thoughts ahead of MobileCON


I didn't miss it here in St.Louis, avg temp was 106 this summer, drought conditions, and never seen the mississippi this low in all my life. Average depth is 20-25' normally and looked barely 10' at the deepest points in the channels.

It's getting pretty late in the year, if any new Nexus device, or devices were coming, I'd assume they'd have to be coming soon no?

were not going to get any new nexus device this year. as far as key lime pie i still think it should be put off, google needs to slow down the release cycle.

No they do not. My Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 and Xoom are ready and willing to get the update as soon as Google can/wants. Don't try to put a stop to progress just because your device sucks or it is slow to update

sorry to burst your bubble but google needs to slow down the new os upgrades to one release per year. give the current phones time to play catch up. this has been the biggest gripe with me with android. also i wouldn't call my galaxy s 3 slow to update either.

that's the great thing about having an opinion. my thoughts on this have been said on the podcast before too by phil & jerry. people bitch & moan about all of the new devices with "minor" spec bumps and the constant delays in OTA's. if google would get their act together like microsoft & apple maybe we wouldn't have all of these issues on android. as far as im concerned the onex+ and the note2 "bigger gs3 with jb" is unnecessary. update the current line of devices before releasing more.

I agree with you to some extent but remember this is all business and that means money is the bottom line. Updates to current phones don't sell phones. New phones with spec bumps sell phones.

People like myself will upgrade less if there's no upgrades to the OS in the pipeline. But the OEM'S, and carriers are the ones that need to push updates faster. Every handset should be a nexus, Jelly Bean is good enough on it's own, to not need a skin.

Google announced the first of the nexus devices this October, I believe it will be the LG Nexus, based on the Optimus G design, suppose to be a beast. I want a Moto nexus hopefully, he hardware is durable and great, HTC Sony and Samsung should be having nexus too. Samsung will be the "Galaxy Nexus 2"

Phil, the podcasts are fantastic! You guys do a great job of sorting through different pieces of information- fun and informative. Love the Nexus season and hope we soon get factual details as well(still holding out hope for HTC Nexus). I was going to upgrade from my GS2 to the GS3 then news of the HOX+ hit and I think I am leaning HTC. Love that screen and design. Keep up the great work!

Phil - on the topic of needing storage options, is there any hope that F2FS will rescue us from the trend away from expandable storage?

Hope to see Nexus by HTC, i know rumours point against it. But HTC's Nexus would be awesome. I'm a fan of HTC, so being biased but latest awesome Android deserves an awsome phone.. Aint it..??

rumor has it several oem's will be releasing a nexus. i just hope the lg rumors are untrue because the lg line pretty much sucks.

And i sure do hope that Google slows down a bit, giving devices time to catch up with it. I loved ICS, and now i'm waiting for JB update on OneX, feel kinda outdated.. :(

if you want the newest OS you've got to buy a nexus device. They shouldn't slow down progress due to carriers & oems not caring

i had 2 nexus devices " nexus s - gnexus" and they both sucked. that age old argument of "if you want the current os, get a nexus" is a load of BS. google & the oem's needs to get their priorities straight.

Nexus's release date in my part of the world(India) is very late. Imagine Nexus7 would be released here in November, while evryone else is toying with their own. And now even new nexus is in line. :(

That makes no sense at all. The truth is and everyone knows it that nexus devices update first out of all android devices (except the verizon nexus).

I am not sure why you think the gnex sucks but the takju gsm version I have is pretty smooth.

I agree that the OEM's need to streamline the update proses. But I doubt very seriously that it will happen. As long as folks want Sense,Touch wiz ect,ect on there devices it is going to take time to get them to play nice with Goggles software. I do not think you will see Google slowing down to wait for them. But of course I could be wrong.

Not sure if this will be a popular opinion, but I'd be more than happy to deal with you guys reading an advertisement or two if it helps make the podcast profitable. You guys give way too much info and are way too helpful to have to pay to give us the great AC podcast.