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Flights are booked, bags are packed and passports are in hand. February inevitably becomes one wild tech ride, and 2013's not disappointing. Consider:

  • Feb. 19: HTC events in New York and London, and something in Sydney as well. The consensus is that we'll see the fabled "M7," possibly called the "HTC One."
  • Feb. 20: Not strictly Android-related, but Sony's got something going on -- most likely the next-generation PlayStation. Kind of a big deal.
  • Feb. 23-27: Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The show doesn't actually open until Feb. 25. But as is the trend these days, we've got meetings and events as early as two days before doors open. We'll have a full MWC preview later this week, but expect news from Sony, ASUS, Huawei, ZTE, Mozilla, Ubuntu and LG, among others.

And that's just the stuff we can tell you about. Things are happening off the books and behind the scenes, as they always do. So you'll forgive me if I keep this kind of short this week. Gotta run, but not before a few other thoughts ...

  • Our Valentine's Day contest was far more awesome than I could have possibly imagined. Hundreds of entries. It's so cool to get a look at our readers. Putting faces to usernames makes all the difference in the world, and it means a lot to me as an editor that so many people were willing to share even just a little bit of their lives with us. For that, I thank you.
  • So where are the winners? My wife was intrigued by this contest. She was checking new entries regularly. So, I let her pick the winners. Only, she had a hard time doing so. So many good pictures. So what we're going to do is this: Three grand-prize winners of one Nexus 4 and one Nexus 7, along with some Android Central T-Shirts. And there are going to be a whole bunch of other entries that win T-shirts. Not just five, as I'd initially intended. Look for an announcement on the winners soon.
  • Keep an eye on A lot of good stuff coming out that camp. They're absolutely crushing it on the Z10 coverage. I should have one fairly soon. Never used a BlackBerry before (believe it or not), so this will be ... interesting.
  • There's also a huge (and long overdue) redesign coming to CB. That's important because we're up next. And we're talking front-facing design as well as back-end features that will make all of our sites better for you as readers, and us as editors. Exciting times are ahead.
  • I'm definitely talking about DashClock Widget too much, but I don't care. It's that good, and that much of an improvement on the lock screen experience for Android 4.2. Now we just need to see some non-Nexus devices get upgrades.
  • So cool to see the Preservation Hall Jazz Band playing with the Black Keys and Dr. John at the Grammy's last week. Got to see the New Orleans staple play at an AT&T thing last year. Always a treat.
  • Pro tip: If the only comment you intend to leave on a post is "Why is the editor of an Android site using a Mac?!?!?", save yourself the trouble and don't do it. I don't care. I use what works for me, and I use all sort of platforms. Don't be a dick.

And now to end on a completely disturbing note, this gem, from our look at the Nexus 4 wireless charger. Just can't keep my hands off the Nexus Q.



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From the Editor's Desk: Ready for a wild couple weeks


So...why IS the editor of an Android site using a Mac?


I really dig reading these editor's posts; gives me a glimpse into what's on the horizon for Android. Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing the Note 8, because it will probably end up being my first pure Android tablet. Either that, or I'll just get a Nexus 4 and keep using my rooted Kindle Fire. Haven't quite decided yet.

And, keep writing about DashClock Widget. It's an awesome app, and it deserves all the praise it's getting.

the note 8 isn't a pure android tablet either, because it's going to have touchwiz, if your looking for pure android try a nexus, or stick with the note 8 it should be pretty cool!

Samsung's new Revamped Nexus 10, with a better processor rumored is one to be looking for tablet wise, perfect 10 inch tablet with crazy screen and ports, that's what I'm waiting for to be my first Tablet. I did by the N 7 for my parents, and liked it a lot.

Also the clock widget is great, but only .8%-2% of Android products are running 4.2 and 4.2+ so until OEM's and carriers are forced to update their hardware, which they don't care about updating, it's hard to hype the features when the masses can't have them. I think Google needs to step up and lay down the Update Pimp Hand to the OEM's. And the Android OEM's need to ban together and show who has the power to the carriers. The carriers act like they have the power when all they do is a service. Also the FCC should step in since the spectrum is technically owned by U.S. citizens and leased to the carriers via the FCC, we should do our part by reporting our issues of the carriers to the FCC, delaying and hindering updates is hindering and delaying innovation and services to us the consumers.

The next playstation needs some kind of tie-in to a mobile phone. Even if it's something as simple as an app that lets you see who is online, what they are playing, and send them a message.

If Sony wants to compete with netflix, they need an app that lets me stream movies I bought from the PS store on my phone as well.

Honestly, I'm more excited about what Sony is going to show than anything that is going to be at MWC. If HTC puts the Tegra 4 in the new phone then they might have something.

Xbox has that, I love it. I can see who's online, what they're playing, what games they have, and even send them messages. I can also use my phone as a wireless keyboard or the Xbox through the app!

Haha Phil you crack me up! I laughed so hard reading the last comment about you using an Apple. While I had no idea you used one, and I don't prefer Apple, I'm not gonna throw a hissy fit. Like you said, it works for you, and you use all differnt platforms. Done. End of story.

Then the icing on the cake for this post was the looped animated image of you caressing the Nexus Q. Hilarious. Rock on Phil, you're the Chief Android Celebrity!

Phil you NEVER had a BlackBerry?!?!?!?! Well, what did you use before Android? You can't leave us wondering like that!

When was Mobile Nations founded exactly? Or I suppose more specifically, How old (or young) is each component/site of the Mobile Nations family?

Man. Good question ... All started with Visor Central/Treo Central, which spawned WMExperts (which is where I came in alongside those guys). About the same time we acquired The iPhoneBlog, which became TiPB and now iMore. Somewhere in the mix we picked up CrackBerry (I think a little before iMore ...) Then Android Central came along, I hopped on board at the end of 2009. Then PreCentral/webOS Nation. 

That's the really tl;dr version. :p

I remember PreCentral. I got the Pre with Sprint right after it came out, immediately went looking for how to root it, because I heard it was a really cool thing to do, landed on PreCentral, and been rooting/jailbreaking ever since.

Thanks for the reply and an little insight there :) sounds like a great community and a great family of sites that have evolved nicely over time.

Last time I checked, there were no Android laptops and computers available. So the fact of you using a Mac and people getting bent out of shape, over said fact, is a bit odd.

There is no way I would want to type up app and device reviews on a tablet even if I had a bluetooth keyboard.

A lot of people love and use an Asus Transformer/Infinity/(insert name this week) with the detachable keyboard as a laptop.

I used to do some things "off the books" with my small business as well. The IRS doesn't like it, but I'm kind of a rebel, so yeah.

Also, I found this little gem going through your link to the HTC Australia event:

Apparently the HTC One IS the name of the new HTC One.

And finally, I can't tell you how disturbing that GIF is.

Yeah, we saw the HTC One thing ... Only, that name's been around for a year now as the umbrella brand. I took this picture in Spain last year.

Phil, it is NEVER disturbing to fondle the Nexus Q, we all know that is what it was REALLY designed for ;-P

On the upcoming topics though I am very excited to see what Sony has instore for the PS4 (if they do indeed announce it) and it will be interesting to see if they mention PlayStation Mobile at all at the conference (being that should tie into Android somewhat).

I hope HTC get enough success with the HTC One/M7 as I don't want HTC to bite the dust, we need as many OEM manufacturers around to push innovation/competition and above all else really; provide jobs to people. (Edit: well they'd probably be around with WindowsPhone if they ditch Android but I hope they don't ditch Android any time soon)

I've ordered my Nexus 4 and I am selling the Samsung GS3, love stock android so much on my Nexus 7 that I've decided to go all Nexus with my Android devices (that's not to say I haven't loved the GS3 just decided to got for my first Nexus phone now). So what ever happens at MWC will just be for tech enjoyment rather than scouting a possible future device for me.

Finally...............Bring on Google I/O 2013!

Agreed. As a diehard iPhone fan for years I never thought I'd say this, but I REALLY love my GSIII. However, I'm really pulling for HTC hewre, and will be watching this closely, as it could be my next phone.

With All Due Respect Phil.....
FYI...There is Absolutely No Need To Utilize an Inappropriate Comment Like...
"Don't Be a D..k"....
Your Reporting is Excellent~To~Stellar...&..Usually Very Professional....
& a Reporting Journal, Like Android Central Has Been a Leader in The Field For Quite Some Time....
I'm Sure This Was an Oversight, Unedited, Given You Were Stretched For Time...

Respectfully...E. Patrick Miller...

E. Patrick Miller M.A., M.A.C.
Health & Wellness Coach & Coordinator
Clinical Sports Psychologist For Ur
Back to Back, NBA Champions~The LA Lakers &
The LA Clippers....
Corporate Coach & Consultant & Clinical Associate, with Dr. Andrea Barthwell,
Former Drug Czar of the United States of America

And an equal number of periods, to boot... Now, if only the periods and capital letters coincided with the ends and beginnings of sentences...

Got some exciting stuff coming up. I am excited for what HTC in particular has in store. As for the mac comments, I never get those. I am the type of person that needs options, tries lots of stuff, and uses what works for me. I like to be capable in multiple platforms. I use both mac and pc at work and mac at home and stick with android for mobile. I like Phil because he has a broad view, he doesn't write with tunnel vision.