TweetDeck for Android

We're still waiting for the official beta period to begin for the Tweetdeck Twitter client for Android. But in the meantime, a Version 1 build has leaked out. It's an early build, CEO Iain Dodsworth says (update: it's coming Thursday), so we're going to give Tweetdeck the benefit of the doubt and not post the file link. (It's found easily enough.) But we are, however, going to take it for a spin, with the understanding that some features might not be complete. So keep that in mind.

But let's take a look, after the break.

Again, to reiterate, this is an unofficial build. Features and performance may well change (and improve) in future builds. 

So Tweetdeck is the popular aggregation app that pulls in social networking sites. In the Android app, we have access to Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz and Foursquare. It compiles all of the posts and updates into a single stream, which you can then read through in one giant waterfall. And if you're signed in to multiple accounts -- I've got two Twitter accounts, Facebook, Foursquare and Buzz all logged in at the moment -- it's pretty unmanageable. If there's a way to sort by account, I haven't found it yet.

Tweetdeck for AndroidTweetdeck for Android
The full stream, left, and replies, right.

Swipe right on the screen and you'll get only your @replies. Swipe one more time for direct messages. You can delete any and all of these columns, but I've yet to find a way to add them back without reinstalling the app. Beta, ya know.

At the bottom are four buttons -- post, profiles (which includes your profiles and any favorite friends you want to add, as well as a Twitter profile search), a Twitter search query, and a "lookup on map" function for items that have location info attached.

Tweetdeck for AndroidTweetdeck for Android
Composing a tweet, left, and the actual tweet, with options, right.

Tap on an individual tweet, and you have the option to reply, retweet, star as a favorite, and what appears to be an inactive "more" button.

Notifications are on by default, which, again, get's pretty ridiculous if you're signed into several accounts. You can choose to turn them off, however. There's also a manual refresh button, and a quit button, which is a nice touch. Another nice touch: The top bar shows what time the tweets came in as you scroll through them. Tap it to jump to the top.

Tweetdeck for AndroidTweetdeck for Android
Profiles and the search query.

The user interface is attractive, with rather large text that's easy to read. But you don't get as many items without scrolling as you might in other apps. To each his own. But otherwise, it's pretty intuitive.

Tweetdeck for AndroidTweetdeck for Android

It's definitely still in pre-release form, as it can be a tad laggy. That's not a knock, however. And the inability to view items by account rather than one giant waterfall is a deal-breaker for me, and something I hope is added by the beta, or in early release. But it's easily going to become one of the top Twitter and social networking applications, and we expect good things from it in the future.


Reader comments

Early Tweetdeck build leaks out; we take it for a spin


I hope the Beta includes a way to add columns, otherwise it's completely worthless. It looks really pretty though.

I agree - I want to view by account not all together. I really want it to be similar to how I have my desktop client, so that I can easily switch between one and the other and have the same feeling. Now if you add in full syncing of column setup and read/unread status between desktop and Android version - you'd have me in a heart beat. Based on what I see here, I have no need for TweekDeck for Android. (Hopefully by the official release they'll fix lots of these things.)

You can access individual streams. You have to click on the button with the 9 dots. Then just select which account you want to look at. The only Huge bug I found was when trying to access location or do anything with that.

The iPhone version includes a way to add columns, but I do not believe it lets you sync your desktop set up automatically. (I have it on my iPod Touch.) HOWEVER, it was said in the past that this was going to be better than the iPhone version. ...

If you set TweetDeck up on your computer the columns you add there will also go to the mobile version, making it much more manageable.

The LARGE font is rather annoying IMHO. Actually, I am hoping Seesmic can get Facebook integrated ASAP so I don't have to use this for updated both at the same time!

Also, I prefer the ONE column view. I have never understood why people want to switch back and forth between columns.

Its cool on my battery life. I dont see a way to add or delete an account without reinstalling the app. Also you cant set the notification sound. Guess it dont really matter the bugs with this one since its not official.

You can add columns. for instance click on the grid button at the bottom choose yourself or a friend it doesn't matter then click on one of the items which it will load and give you the option to add a column based off of whatever you loaded.

For instance I clicked on my twitter account it came up with my lists loaded at the bottom I selected one of my lists which it loaded and had a button to add a column at the bottom.