Just in case you skipped out on testing the recent experimental builds of Dropbox from their users forums, you can now head on over to the Android Market and grab the official release. As noted in the change log, they've addressed some bugs from the beta and added some new features as well:

  • Allows you to automatically uploads photos and videos in the background using Wi-Fi or data plan
  • Up to 3 GB of free space for uploading photos automatically (in 500 MB increments)
  • Upload files of any size
  • Various performance improvements & bug fixes
  • We now store your Dropbox credentials in Android’s secure Account Manager. This means Dropbox can’t be installed on your SD Card and requires the “Your Accounts” permissions. These permissions only allows us to access accounts we create.

If you're a Dropbox user and haven't grabbed the latest release, now is a good time to do so and take advantage of that free space they're offering. Download link is past that for you all.


Reader comments

Dropbox v2.1 now available in the Android Market, automatically upload photos and videos using WiFi


It still breaks Picasa Upload.

It did in all the betas and I reported it on each one and I guess they feel that you don't need picasa if you upload to Dropbox.

upload to picasa still works for me.
I just turned off the Dropbox upload because I don't want to fill my drop box with images.

Uploading to Picasa still works perfectly.

It does it on the Galaxy Nexus. Not sure about other devices. I should have specified there. It only does it after configuring the Dropbox photo upload the first time. Even if I disable it later, Picasa won't connect and won't show the upload folders. The only way to get it back is to uninstall Dropbox. This is stock 4.0.2 and various custom ROMs on 3 devices, so it is not just my device or ROM, either.

i love Dropbox but i wonder if Google Drive will kill them. the key questions about Google Drive will be -

1. how much free space?
2. how intuitive and flexible is the interface?

Free storage not working for me.
I uploaded my first pics and got nothing. I then uploaded 600mb of pics from my Phone and nothing.

I love options, but sometimes i'd just rather have one simple choice. So, what's really the best tool? Dropbox or Box? or is it not that simple?

box (can't get capital "b" to appear on this forum?) doesn't provide an data encryption in transit or storage, or PC syncing, unless you have an expensive Enterprise subscription. Dropbox claims to have encryption for both, and the sync feature has been working great for me.

Dropbox did have a flap last summer where data was exposed briefly, but they claim to have resolved that issue. based on that, I'm currently using box for public files and Dropbox for the others.

If I already have dropbox, do I need to dl the NEW dropbox. If so, do I need to do it on everything ie laptop, desktop, tablet, & phone?

It all works perfect for me. I really like dropbox
This new auto photo upload is a super nice feature
The app interface is also much better then the rest
I can create a folder, choose multiple files, hit upload
Then go on using my phone.

I'm a user of my own memory so i don't need tons of cloud space

To receive the bonus space you have to be using the Auto Camera Upload feature. Just dropping existing pics or videos into your upload folder will not do the trick... Make sure to enable this feature in settings

Yup, do that, take a picture or two, and as soon as they upload they show up in your computer's drop box directory, and your space is instantly upgraded by 500 Meg.

You don't have to leave the upload enabled, but it sure beats transferring pics to your computer manually. There is a check box which will cause it to upload all images. If you have a lot on the camera already, you might not want to have that checked.

I took just one pic and let it auto-upload and got an extra 500mb right away. Then I turned off auto-upload. No issues.