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Dropbox's last experimental build for Android brought some sweet new features, and free storage for anyone testing it out. Today they've gone and updated the build fixing some issues previously found, adding a couple of handy improvements in the process. 

Overall performance is improved in the camera upload feature. We also get bug fixes for issues where not all your photos and videos would be uploaded. Personally, I would appreciate the bug fixing that gave me 500MB of free storage, then took it away again -- hopefully I'm an isolated case. 

In any case, a useful feature that has been added is camera upload numbering. Photos taken in quick succession now get numbered properly and don't overwrite each other when uploading to your Dropbox account. 

As ever, this is an experimental build folks, so treat it with a degree of caution and shout out in their forums if you find any bugs. You can download a copy for yourself at the source link below. 

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Reader comments

Dropbox experimental build updated, improved camera upload function


i'd like to see the ability to choose which gallery folders can sync. when using 3rd party apps they usually make their own folders to store the images in (some you can choose to save to the regular camera folder however, but not all), it would be nice to back those up automatically too.

Same here.
I was given the space for all of the files that I uploaded with the beta build. But I also had a random 250MB appear last week, which disappeared a few days later.

Does it provide for moving files between folders?
Also needs a simple download / save to option for files or ability to set up a synchronized folder on device. Though it would be best to control what folders sync to avoid extra data use.

Hmm, I got a full 5 GB of extra space since using the beta build, and it has stuck. Now I'm rocking 10 GB of free space and I'm happy with the simple auto-upload functionality (but I do agree with brandon—I have a couple of camera apps that only save to their own folders).

I had 500mb taken away also. Sucks because I lost the pictures.(deleted off phone once they synced )
Now I don't know if they are backed up and will return or not. Only reply from dropbox is that they know about the bug and are working to fix it.

Other than that, worked like a charm.