Dropbox has announced a new partnership with the wireless carrier Deutsche Telekom that will see the Android app for the cloud storage service pre-loaded on millions of smartphones in some central and eastern European countries.

The deal will begin in October when the Dropbox app will be pre-installed on Android smartphones that are sold by Deutsche Telekom in many countries, although the company's home country of Germany won't be one of them. In addition, Deutsche Telekom will promote the use of Dropbox for cloud storage to its existing Android and iOS customers.

Marc Sommer, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Deutsche Telekom, was quoted as saying:

We're dedicated to giving our customers the best-possible user experience so they can enjoy life and work on-the-go. That's why Dropbox, an industry-leading service, was an obvious addition to the services we offer. Dropbox's intuitive interface and global popularity make it easy for everyone to see, share, and work on the photos, videos, and documents that matter to them.

What do you think of this new partnership and will it serve to expand Dropbox's audience worldwide?

Source: Dropbox, Guardian


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Dropbox and Deutsche Telekom to pre-load app on lots of smartphones


Same thing happening with T-Mobile in Netherlands.

I advise people to never buy branded phones, who needs more pre-installed apps and bloatware?
If I want to use dropbox I can perfectly install it (and remove!) by myself...

Moved all of my data from Dropbox to Box & Mega because I only have 6 months left of Dropbox free storage.

Unlimited upload size = Dropbox, Mega, and Google Drive.
25 to 50 Gigabytes of free storage = Mega, Box, and Google Drive.
Encrypted Storage = Mega.

The things that I don't ever want to lose are in Mega.

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How is Dropbox making money if they offer their service for free (for the first 20GB)? Most people don't need that much space.

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