Droid Ultra and Maxx

Following a soak test last week, non-soak test users of the Droid Ultra, Maxx and Mini are seeing a small update that brings a few fixes but keeps the phones on Android 4.4. The big visual change is the move to white status bar icons, which were still blue on the last update even though the system was based on KitKat. The three notable changes, according to the Motorola support site:

  • Enhanced security and restyled Status Bar: Added enhancements including improved security and restyled Status Bar.
  • Fixed Canada roaming issue: Fixed a rare issue which could lead to connectivity problems while switching from a Canadian UMTS network back to a Verizon CDMA/LTE network.
  • Fixed Microsoft Exchange SD card Encryption issue: Fixed a bug that caused issues while configuring a Microsoft Exchange account because of an encrypted SD card requirement (Ultra, Mini and Maxx do not support an SD card).

Droid Ultra update

Several folks in the forums have started to pull down the update on their own devices, so even if you weren't in the soak test be sure to head into your settings and check for an update. Drop into the forums and let others know how things are going after you're finished.

Source: Motorola; More: Droid Ultra Forums; Droid Maxx Forums; Thanks, Pat!


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Droid Ultra, Maxx and Mini OTA now rolling out to non-soak testers, still isn't Android 4.4.2


Wait, tdizzle told me this was out before the note 3 got it. I am shocked, shocked I tell you that he could be wrong.

Anyway, glad to see the kk love still going strong. Next up the m7 and the s3,n2

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@NoNexus I told you that the Maxx, Ultra and Mini got an update that changed the status bar to white icons and fixed the Canada roaming issue before the Note 3 did? I think you need to get your brain checked my friend. it seems to have failed you.

We were talking about 4.4.2. Nothing about the status bar. You said they already had it, I knew they didn't. I was just waiting for something like this.

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A)We were talking about Kit Kat, not 4.4.2 specifically
2)I said Moto, not specifically the Droids, so even if we were talking 4.4.2, I was still right because the X has 4.4.2
d)You're very fond of posting links. If we were specifically talking Droids and specifically talking 4.4.2, you would've posted a link to one of the numerous webpages showing exactly what version the Droids are on(which i know perfectly well what version they're on since I have an Ultra and would never be so stupid to think they had a version they didn't) so quit trying to act like I was saying things that you know I wasn't saying. It kinda makes you look foolish.

Yes, i am cute, thank you.
Kinda sad to see what you've become though. You make things up and then argue with yourself. I'd ask you what i said that was wrong but you'd probably go on and on about how aliens hid your rainbows.
You're clearly not well and I'm sorry to see that.

Posted from the Avengers: Age of Droid Ultra

I got the update. I don't like that the 4GLTE is so dark in the status bar. The bars are white but you can barely see the 4GLTE

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That's because if you're on WiFi the data is inactive, you don't need to see it that brightly, just letting you know it's there.

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Maxx HD isn't on the list of devices that received this update. The HD received a different update that brought them to 4.2.2 My brother is crowing about (at least temporarily) being one build ahead of my MAXX ;-)
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I'm not sure of the size, but the download and installation took less than 5 minutes. The application optimization was the lengthiest part of the process. I have quite a few apps installed, so that obviously will vary. Everything was smooth.

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Updated to 4.4.2 at 4:45am this morning,, been researching launchers and notification bar themes ever since

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Only thing that keeps me still owing this Droid maxx phone is the battery, status bar color change PUKE blue was way better...

I also liked the blue icons better. I suppose I will get used to it. This is one of the things I miss about my Nexus.

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The fix for roaming in Canada is fail. My Droid Maxx had no roaming issues last fall... Post update I had to re enter my Google password frequently in Canada... While using Google navigation... So irritating!!! Try again please. K thanks.