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Users of the Motorola Droid RAZR HD and Droid RAZR M won't have to wait much longer to update to Android 4.4 KitKat. Motorola has been making progress on the 4.4 update for both devices, both of which were originally released in September 2012. The update should be available in a few weeks, according to Motorola Mobility's Senior Director of Software Product Management David Schuster. He wrote on Google+:

A number of people have been asking me about that status of the KitKat upgrade for the 2012 DROID family (HD and M). I am happy to report that we have made great progress and it should only be a few more weeks until you guys can enjoy it. So stay tuned.....

Have you been anxiously awaiting the KitKat update for your RAZR HD or RAZR M? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: David Schuster


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Droid RAZR HD and Droid RAZR M expected to get Android 4.4 KitKat in a few weeks


Too late. You didn't keep your promise of updating these two phones as soon as possible Motorola. What took you so long.

Who still has a 2012 Droid in 2014?
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Probably a very large number a people would be my guess. Most are still in contract with theirs, and its a very descent phone with capable hardware and build quality.

Your not joking there bud. I've got a unlocked RAZR M and it works fabulously! I haves brand new Motorola mini and the M's performance is just as good

*raises hand* Still have a RAZR HD. I got it on release date, and I my current contract is not up yet (2 years), so I am still with this device. I like it for the most part, but I am ready to upgrade as soon as I can to a faster phone. I am not a Samsung fan, so I will be looking at something else instead of hoping on that bandwagon. Unless they offer the Galaxy S5 Nexus Edition (or whatever it'll be called) by the time I am ready, then I might jump on that.

I do and I find the number of good roms running 4.4 to really be lacking so if it came down to having 4.4 stock then I'd be more than willing to do that

I am still using (and enjoying) my Razor MAXX HD because I have not found a better all-round device.I just hope that this promised upgrade includes the "MAXX" flavor or Razor HD's

Can't imagine they would, especially since MAXX variants are the same as the Razr/HD just with the super sized battery.

Motorola did confirm that the Razr HD, HD Maxx and Razr M would be getting the KitKat upgrade. the Razr HD and HD Maxx are essentially the same hardware. As far as I know, the only difference besides the battery is the Razr HD Maxx has twice as much internal flash storage.

I bought my Razr HD in November 2012 when my Moto X contract was up and I wasn't thrilled by the Nexus 4 because I wanted to stick with Verizon at the time. When my contract runs out in November I plan to get a new phone but I would love to have KitKat between now and then.

I do, cause it is still bad ass device compared to others in the 4.7in arena

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I have a RAZR M that I got in November 2012, still on contract until this November. Plus the fact that it seems like getting a new phone that is the same footprint as the RAZR M is getting harder, most of the new phones are huge. Who the hell wants to carry a tablet in their pocket?

My sister for one. Got it for her as her first smartphone and her contract isn't up until October. She still absolutely loves it and 4.4 should just make it better (until she can upgrade).

My Wife has a RAZR M and I a RAZR HD MAXX. So looking forward to this update!! They are both excellent phones for their age and hold up really well spec wise. Only thing that was missing is KitKat.

I have a Razr HD Maxx. Not everyone constantly updates their phone. Once you get to a certain level of hardware performance, you get diminshing returns with each upgrade as more and more people get to a level that's "good enough". Sure, one of the newer models would be fun, but I won't be *needing* an upgrade anytime soon, my current phone is still doing everything I need my phone for just fine.

That being said, Motorola still deserves a kick in the nether regions for taking so long getting this update ready. I would very much like to hear at least the broad strokes of an explanation why the Q1-2014 target was missed. And I *do* appreciate this new response actually giving us a slightly more specific estimate than "soon". Vagueness is nearly as annoying as radio silence.

I rather they have that update working right then rushing a half baked one out the door like they did with the update for the newer Droids.

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Of course, but that doesn't change the fact that they missed their announced release window, failed to provide any updated info until it was already past due, and have given no explanation for the delay. I don't need detailed copies of their internal bug reports, but SOME kind of information from them about what's holding things up would be nice.

Ziggy. Your math is off. A two year contract means the earliest anyone can get a new phone is November 2014. Unless you are buying. LOL

I bought a second hand one about a month ago now and love it. I have had a galaxy s1 s2 s3 s4, moto atrix defy atrix 4g, nexus 4, blackberry z10 z30... and of all these devices probably the only one I liked better was the S3 ... ROM support I think but it was also faster... having said that I wouldn't go back cause I like the HDMI port.. so I'm very glad they are going kit kat since not many custom ROMs for this phone

and yet the Verizon Note 3 which is a whole year newer than this phone still waiting on the sidelines for its Kit Kat update. Could Verizon be any more infuriating?

Don't want to defend Big Red but the Note 3 Kit Kat update has been very buggy for a few users. This could be why Verizon hasn't updated the Note 3 yet.

Perhaps if they would keep their grubby paws off the code to begin with then it wouldn't' be buggy. I don't know, have other carriers experienced buggy kit kat updates as well for the N3?

No, the AT&T and T-Mobile ones seem to have gone well. If anything it was the original 4.3 rom that was more trouble.

My employer users razr m's for work phones. It has a couple small issues, I hope this fixes them as we can't use any other phone.

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Of all phones, why did your employer use that phone in particular? I'm very curious, because that is one solid device, to say the least.

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This is good! I am one of the lucky ones that bought mine just prior to the Dan Rosenberg exploit being published. There was such a short window to unlock the bootloader... All the Kitkat roms built from source are severely plagued by the screen light glitch to where it is annoying. I will be happy to have a decent working KK rom finally.

so essentially a two year old phone will be running kit Kat before the s4 and note 3.....

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That's totally untrue. The phones you mentioned have been running kit Kat for about 2 months now

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I don't think the difference matters for the RAZR. The new version number was mostly for camera bug fixes on the nexus 5.

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After Moto finishes testing, it will be eons longer before VZW passes this KK update along to users. You/we will have moved on to other devices by then.

Wow these phones are a couple years old and I still don't have it on my vzw note 3!?!?

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I'm disheartened that it didn't come sooner, but I'm glad Motorola hasn't reneged on their promise to update the 2012 droids to kitkat.

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Disappointed there is no mention of the Photon Q which is of the same generation of Moto phones. My wife has one and it is stuck on 4.1.2 with several bugs. I don't even care so much what version of Android she is on if only they would fix the issues - for example none of the headphone accessories work such as Square/Paypal readers. This bug was fixed on Moto X/G last year.

I have the Atrix HD, myself. I am hoping that since it came out at about the same time as these phones, that it means that Motorola will be updating it to KitKat fairly soon.

Not too late for me. I got a RAZR m about a yr. ago and I love this phone. It's the perfect size and not one of those ridiculously large other phones that look like something you'd have back in the late 80's. Its about time though were getting this update. Its taken way too long and its overdue. Can't wait to actually be using it.

That is great news. My wife is excited! Thanks.
Wish Samsdung would get it together for my note III...

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This is great news! I still have a RAZR HD and have been trying to figure out how to eliminate the performance lag. I even considered rooting so I could get access to FSTRIM to clean up my partitions (which is probably my biggest performance issue). Ultimately, I decided it's beyond my skill level to maintain a rooted phone. I can wait a few more weeks for 4.4, which runs FSTRIM about once a day. Suddenly it looks like my RAZR HD may get a new lease on life!

Just got 4.4.2 on my RAZR m this morning. Seems a little more responsive but can't tell much else. No problems so far anyway.

Me! Got it free and am under contract, it is perfect for me and just the right size. The newer phones are huge! I'm sure they are faster, etc., but I'll keep my Razr M