Droid Incredible Gingerbread update

Been wondering where the Gingerbread update for the original Droid Incredible is, since it's been "coming soon" for a few days now? We'd originally heard that the update was supposed to push to 10,000 people on Aug. 16, with another 50,000 today, and everybody else on Friday.

Looks like that's been delayed. A post in Verizon's DInc support forums breaks the bad news:

Everyone, I apologize for the inconvenience, but the update has been delayed. Our product team is going through more testing. Once we know for sure when the update is coming, we will post more info.

Whoops. And, so, we wait. Again.

Source: Verizon; Thanks, rompskee
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Droid Incredible Gingerbread update delayed


Even if I was still rocking a stock Inc, I don't think I'd bother with stock, bloated GB at this point. 512MB of RAM was a lot at one point in time, it isn't now. No thank you.

I can understand delaying an update to confirm that it is right for the release, but VZW constantly delays updates and in the end it it is not right and needs a patch to be released, ex. Droid X.

If you are going to post about the update then just release it and worry about a fix afterwards. Do not tell people that you are going to release an update and constantly delay them.

It gives off the impression that for a large company they can not get anything right or different departments do not communicate with each other.

Be patient with it. My Droid X was completely screwed up by the GB update in June, and it took them until yesterday to (supposedly) release an update to fix all the bugs. Battery pulls every 24-72 hours, random resets, inability to send sms messages or outgoing calls...the list goes on. If they're taking their sweet time with it, I would hope they're actually TESTING it this time, for longer than a couple days.

Verizon has to be one of the most immature companies on the field. "Hey I have something for you! Oh no I dont! YES I DO! No I dont. Hey... hey.. I'm gonna have something for you at a future date which I dont know yet that was supposed to already be done." Either Verizon thinks its customers are dogs they can lead around with a bone or have the most incompetent project directors to date. As a company I dont think Verizon would graduate 8th grade. /EndRant

To my knowledge, Verizon hasn't officially officially announced anything as "Here is your Gingerbread update". I don't think it counts when someone goes digging through Verizon's website and comes up with a pdf.

I really wish people would quit being so whiny about carriers. I have been running 2.3 in one iteration or another since the first leaks came about on my Droid Incredible, and I can tell you, other than the little things and the '2.3' on the About page.. not much changed. It's kinda not a huge deal, but you'll whine anyways. Because that is exactly what you do.

Yes, they had a whole page showing improvements and saying the update will roll out. Even if they did not make a commercial about it announcing it to the world they still had it planned then recalled. I understand a project can catch snags but its seems to happen to them with many of their projects.

I never said it would be a life altering update, I dont even have the Inc, but I do take notice to their frequent setbacks.

i have both the Tbolt and the original Dinc. Give me 2.3 for the Tbolt first. Not too concern with the dinc 1. But a delay is still a delay and bad all around.

US carriers are so bad with updates.

2.3 has been out since dec 2010 yet 2.3 is just now starting to come out for a lot of phones. wtf

the nexus 1 and nexus S were the first phones to get it, but, then again, those are the flagship devices for the android OS

You do know most if not all Android phones have some form of bloatware. Get use to it. As long as their is some company wanting to give exposure to an app and they are willing to pay for it, then you will see it.

It didn't....unless.... she's rooted.... OR she has a different phone that You think is the incredible. Point. Blank. Period.

Here's a thought: each time a new version of Android comes out, developers of "bloatware" apps should be required to make their app compatible with that version within a month of the version being released or else face the axe. This includes VZW apps. The same should follow for UIs (touchwiz, sense, etc) that are being used on phones that should receive that version. Shouldn't that speed up the update speeds? One would think so.

doh, this really stinks! only because i haven't been following the news about gingerbread and have not been expecting it! now that i KNOW it's coming out "soon," i'll be all sorts of impatient!

I flashed the rooted version of the ota available from xda. First off, if the ota hasn't gone out how did it get rooted? Is it just a rooted leaked test? That said the only real difference I've seen is the flip down clock and that it sways 2.3.4 on software info. No gb keyboard, dialer, or lockscreen. I think cm7 is far more customizable. It was nice to see sense for a day but I am going back to cm or I might try nils business gingersense.