Droid Bionic

Android 4.1.2 will be pushed to devices in phases

Droid Bionic users can expect an OTA starting Monday, changing software build numbers to 98.72.22.XT875. This is Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, and comes with some nice goodies. Google Now with its predictive search and voice commands will be included. Expandable notifications will now be accessible, letting users control music, return calls and texts, and even manage email from the notification panel. The Jelly Bean keyboard brings better dictionaries, as well as voice typing that works without a data connection.

Some Motorola-specific enhancements include better Mobile Hotspot connectivity, an updated 'Back Up Assistant Plus' and new Visual Voicemail, along with improved voice and data reception quality. The OS also gets a little lighter, with Sling and MOG apps being removed by default.

As the OTA update starts hitting devices next week, things will be quite busy in the forums. Be sure to post your findings after you give Jelly Bean a spin.

Source: Verizon


Reader comments

Motorola Droid Bionic update to Jelly Bean coming Monday


LMAO...what a waste..My Bionic is sooo slow and sluggish these days, it was a no brainer to drop it and get a Nexus 4. Been in love with it ever since.

Ever since the ICS update my Bionic has been horribly slow! I can't wait to see how much worse it gets with this update! Good thing I'll be switching to the HTC One very soon!

Michael, My Bionic has been slow ever since ICS, but my update to JB yesterday seriously improved it. ICS was the problem.

install jelly bean, you won't regret it. It's like I have a new phone

Can't wait!

Hopefully the the connectivity does improve this time around.

Not that it is bad now, but my bionic originally had no problems with reception, and subsequent updates actually broke my phone. The ICS update brought it back pretty close to how it was out of the box. Here's hoping jelly bean makes it even more better.
And frankly I see nothing compelling enough coming out right now to make me upgrade. The s4 and the one are great, especially the one, but they offer nothing what I can't do with my old ass bionic. Sure it is old, but I am not ditching my 2012 car for a 2013 model.

I had to shut off 4G because of the battery tanking when using it.
I wonder if they'll address that?

Either way I'm stuck with this thing for a while, so I'm very very glad that it's being supported up to JB.

An excellent move.

Still waiting for ICS on my Atrix... The Bionic and the Atrix were both at CES 2011, yet somehow Atrix/Photon got the shaft... Hello, Moto?

My bionic updated this afternoon. I haven't "found" all the changes, but at least the headphone hiss is gone. That alone is worth it.

I just got update 98.72.22.en.US last night (Thursday 4/18/2013). I am currently installing it and will post findings in the next day or two!