Motorola Droid 2 commercia script

Good news for all you Motorola Droid fans who have had to keep repeating over and over that "processor speed isn't everything." You're getting a 1GHz processor in the Droid 2, if this leaked commercial script is any indication. That still doesn't really change the fact that processor speed isn't everything, but you'll be able to wave the 1GHz flag like everybody else.

A second script focuses on the Droid X. The commercials apparently are a mix between "The Matrix" and "Gattaca," and the Droid X is said to do "live streaming NFL games on a 720 dpi screen so big ..." We're pretty sure the screen's not actually 720 dots (or pixels) per inch, but you see where they're going -- TV out. Plus, there's an NFL app, and you'll be able to watch games live. Peep the Droid X script after the break. [Droid Life]


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Droid 2 has 1GHz processor, according to commercial script


man i thought i was set on getting the DroidX and that i would just put up with the hugeness of it...but now that the D2 is running at 1ghz i may be leaning twords getting that one

Yeah, that 720dpi claim has to be BS. Perfect human vision can only see about 450dpi. (That 300 number Jobs pulled out was just for 20/20 vision.)

Does that mean the Droid X will probably have the same processor? I can't imagine the X not be up to par with the Droid 2 as its poised to be Verizon's flagship device (for a few months anyway) with its obvious moto take on the evo. Hope we find out soon.

So to verify something I read recently does moto run a dedicated gpu in this thing or is it shared processor speed?

DROID 2 is going to be awesome. I really wanted the DX, when I thought it was 4.1" screen. Now that it is confirmed 4.3 and is actually bigger than the way is that for me. All I need now is for the D2 to have a Front Facing Camera and it's definitely a go. Might not need/use the keyboard, but always nice to have the option.

Wow... I know the previous Droid commercials used some spotty grammar, but I hope this goes through another re-write. Also, "Email Exchange"? WTF does that mean? Exchange Email? Why would you phrase it like that?

I believe they are referring to the ability to have hotmail, yahoo and the sorts. Thats what email exchange usually refers to.

I'm also hoping for a front facing camera. I'm willing to go from a 4.1"/4.3" screen to a 3.7" with a physical keyboard, but if the droid X has a front facing camera it might win out over the practicality of the Droid 2...

Since when was there talk about the Droid X having a front facing camera? Did I miss a big piece of news?

differn't phones....the Droid X is like the evo. and the Droid 2 is the successor to the original Droid

Ok, can anyone tell me if they both have motoblur (the DX and D2) or just one of them (and which on in that case). I'm getting a new phone once I have the money and if it has blur I'll just get the Incredible.

Isn't Froyo supposed to pimp out the current processors on some Android devices anyway? Not to go off topic but my Incredible is silly fast in stock mode; Froyo is supposed make it 2-5x faster? I like the idea of new Android devices but I'm super happy with my Dinc.

I'm just stoke that Verizon is finally going to feature an advertisement that has a girl. And wow do I hope she's cute and badass. These Bare Knuckled Bucket of Does our phones are designed for dudes on steroids commercials were starting to get real old real fast.

Does the DROID X have a a physical keyboard or not?

I'm assuming NO because Moto would have leaked a pic of it by now.

Moto gives choice! Oh yeah, it's gonna be a sweet phone buying Summer!

Droid will always do what iPhone can't!

Maybe they will actually show the device in the first commercial unlike the let's keep them guessing first incredible commercial.