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Verizon is officially pushing the Android 2.3 updates out to the Droid Pro and the Droid 2 Global over-the-air today.  Besides the features you would expect from Gingerbread, the Droid 2 Global update includes the following fixes and enhancements:

  • Improvements in stability prevent lockups, resets and force
  • close errors.
  • Bluetooth devices will now select the correct audio recording level for optimal voice capture and alert you when your audio level is too low.
  • Improved battery life while using Bluetooth.
  • Access My Verizon without any force close errors.
  • Reset Backup Assistant under Manage Applications menu.
  • Enhanced connectivity when roaming in GSM/UMTS networks
  • (Europe and India).
  • Improved battery life during Wifi use.
  • Exchange ActiveSync encryption fails after OTA update.
  • Google Books added
  • Accuweather added
  • Amazon MP3 Store added
  • Blockbuster added
  • Adobe Flash Player 10.2 added

Not to be left out in the cold, the Droid Pro also see some much needed fixes and enhancements:

  • Improved contact syncing from multiple email accounts.
  • Improved battery life while using Wifi and/or Bluetooth.
  • Correct contact name is displayed when receiving SMS messages.
  • Forward SMS message conversations correctly.
  • Mobile Hotspot status is displayed accurately.
  • Clock widget updates time correctly.
  • GPS apps and programs no longer cause unnecessary device resets.
  • V CAST Media Manager now comes preloaded.

For more information about the updates, and download and installation instructions, visit the Droid Pro update page and the Droid 2 Global update page.


Reader comments

Droid 2 Global and Droid Pro Android 2.3 updates pushing now


There is a difference between hoping & just being delusional though. LOL!

People say the exact same thing when any new Android version is released but it's never going to happen for a device to completely skip an update & go to the newest.

NO ONE is going to get ICS (officially) before the Galaxy Nexus is released & only a few weeks or month after will the Nexus S (& possibly the Nexus One) get it. No other device will get it for probably a few months. It's been that way since before Eclair (2.1).

Yeah same here. I got that update months ago, I did it manually. I wonder if its the same version. If its a different one, will we get the update?

Well if it's the same version that my mom got weeks ago for her Droid Pro it's 2.3.3. I checked her phone today after I read this and it says there is no new updates.