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Sit around doodling a lot of pictures? If so, we have just the puzzle game for ya. Drawdle allows you to take your doodles, and turn them into awesome physics puzzles where you must solve the puzzles using your own doodles. The folks from One Side Software rolled by the Android Central forums to let us know the latest update is now currently available. In the latest version you get, HD graphics for tablets and new zooming and aiming features. If you're looking to have some fun with your doodles, give Drawdle a go -- you can thank us later. Download can be found past the break.

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PingaDulce says:


Nice app. I like it.

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Hey everyone,

A lite version is also available for free if you'd like to try before you buy. Check it out here:

Enjoy :)

jescobe82 says:


Also look at 'Space Physics'in the Market -- similar idea: objects drawn on screen become 'real' and help you solve the puzzle. (there is a lite version)

Thanks for the heads-up on Drawdle!