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The Olympic Games kicks off in London in just a few days, and popular keyboard replacement SwiftKey is getting in the mood by launching updated language packs for the Olympics, while making sure not to directly refer to the games so as not to anger the London 2012 brand police. Y'see, organizations not officially sponsoring the games are forbidden from using a number of words in their promotional materials, including Olympics, London, 2012, Olympic Games, or simply 'the games.'

So understand that it's merely our own interpretation of SwiftKey's latest announcement that leads us to believe it's launching language pack updates with a variety of new words associated with the London 2012 Olympic Games. Really, the statement below could apply to any major athletic event occurring in London the nation's capital in the summer of 2012 the present calendar year.

Over the next several weeks this summer, we’re pretty sure many of you will mention One Thing in particular. To give you a clue, we’re based in the UK’s capital, where that One Thing is hard to ignore because it’s taking place here.

So, we’ve created a special and entirely coincidental update for our two most-used language packs, UK English and US English. It contains a whole host of important names and terms that may be useful when you’re sitting on your sofa shouting at the TV, wanting to mention something to do with that One Thing in a text or tweet.

SwiftKey users can update to the latest version of the language pack by finding "SwiftKey" in the app drawer, and heading to "Languages and layouts," where updates for UK and US English should be available. If you're a SwiftKey user, be sure to let us know how you're getting on with this latest update, using the only the IOC-approved remainder of the English language, down in the comments.

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Don't mention the Olympics, but SwiftKey has language pack updates for the Olympics


Based on an article i read recently, there is an other keyboard which is coming out with not just language packs but also something more for all keyboard lovers !!!!

keep yourself updated with Play store.!!!!!

The the agreements Britain had to sign to waste billions on this lunacy were insane. Please warn the next victim. The last time rules this stringent were being applied, Hitler was running the nation concerned!

Added Uk English but I don't see any difference between it and US english. The $ sign is still a main symbol, and the £ is on page 2 of the symbols...

You know, I've read actually they can't stop people from mentioning these big events (super bowl, Olympics). They just can't claim to be "the keyboard of thr Olympics," and such. But these organizations are so big even if they went to trial, the would go bankrupt before they could prove its allowable.

Was it just me or did everybody get a notification about the language packs being available in the notification area of their device?
I was taken aback when I saw my notification are get a notification from swiftkey