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An 8GB Nexus 4 for $299 sounds great. But you know what's better? Not running out of space for all your crap.

When you click on the LG Nexus 4 in the Google Play devices store, you're taken to the 16GB version by default. There's a reason for that. The cheaper 8GB model is a loss leader, something to grab headlines, but not a product Google wants you to buy. And in our opinion, it's not something you should buy if you care about getting the most out of your next phone.

The Nexus 4 is a technological beast. With a quad-core Snapdragon S4 inside, 2GB of RAM, a 1280x768 IPS display and the latest version of Android, the fact that you can pick one up for under $300 is just a little mind-blowing. But Google had to skimp somewhere, and like the $200 Nexus 7, Nexus 4's internal storage was sacrificed in order to keep costs down.

Read on to find out why you should stump up the extra fifty bucks for the 16GB model.

Shipping a Nexus 4 with 8GB onboard allows Google to splash an attractive price tag on the front of the Play Store, in TV ads and blog posts -- but let's be clear, it's the more expensive 16GB model that it wants you to buy. There's no way Google is making any money on the 8GB Nexus 4. At best it's breaking even; more likely, it's making a small loss. So after the $299 figure has lured you onto the Nexus 4 device page, it's the 16GB model that's selected by default.

But it's not just Google that wins if you opt for the 16GB model, it's also you -- yes, you! If you've owned an 8GB Nexus 7, you know just how quickly that storage space gets eaten up by music, apps and games. Of your total 8GB, a couple of gigs are taken up by the OS. That leaves you with somewhere in the region of 6GB, and that's just not very much of anything. We're willing to bet you've got more than 6GB of music knocking around. If you want to take advantage of the 8MP Sony BSI camera on-board, those shots will set you back around 1.5MB a piece. And who knows how large those crazy photo sphere shots will end up being.

That's before you get to gaming -- high-performance games, of the kind you're going to want to try on that speedy Snapdragon CPU, regularly weigh in at several gigabytes a piece. There are arguments that say the Nexus 4 is a cloud-storage-centric device, but not everyone is fully invested in Google's content ecosystem, and in some countries services like Play Movies and Play Music are still unavailable.

For an extra $50 (£40 in the UK), you can more than double your storage, and with it give yourself a bit of breathing room. Sure, the 16GB Nexus 4 isn't the most spacious smartphone either. The new HTC One X+ ships with 64GB on-board, and of course there's a 64GB iPhone too. But it's enough that the average user won't have to worry about running out of space.

People hate to miss out on a bargain, but a Nexus 4-level smartphone, with 16GB of storage, for $350 (or £279 in the UK) is still insanely good value. There's no way you'd get that kind of technology for that price anywhere else -- Google is the only organization crazy enough to sell its flagship smartphone at or near cost. So take the company's advice on this one, and spend the extra few notes on a 16GB Nexus 4. You'll thank us when you don't run out of space.


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Don't buy the 8GB Nexus 4


Hopefully Google will see their errors, and do what they did with Nexus 7, drop the 8 GB and move the 16 GB down w/ newer 32GB model. The 8 GB vs 16 GB memory chip can't be a difference of $50, esp with their massive volume purchasing power.

I really hope they dont play me for a fool like they did with the n7. Knowing my luck I'm going to drop 350 for the 16gb and they'll release a 32gb version for the holidays.

That's probably what will happen to me, too. As someone who bought a launch 16GB N7, I'm sure I'll get jacked again. Grrr.

Ah no, it's got nothing to do with luck. It has do do with patience and memory. Google waited about 4 months to update the Nexus 7. So don't buy this phone for at least four or five months after it's released.

If you do and they update it, it was your decision, knowing full well Google's history.

Well... Cry Me a River and Sing Me a SAD SONG! .....the only reason the price of memory comes down is people like us 1st movers, bought the dam things in the first place. But... personally that doesn't move me to tears because I jumped when I did and buy anything at it's original launch price. It's called Supply and Demand and the FREE MARKET has worked that way for ages.

It's always going to cost less and less to produce what's sold for more in the past, if enough people buy it in the first place. Otherwise if greater volume sales would result in always continually paying more not less, life would truly suck. Google saw the competition putting greater memory on their devices and responded appropriately by raising the amount of disc space w/o raising the prices. Tough shizt if you have a hard time dealing with that! ;-P

Go jump to the Dark Side with all the iCrAppleholics living with fixed drive space and no additional SD cards everzzzz... lol.. I'm sure they won't complain, because they're used to paying more for less of everything.... Including FREEDOM of CHOICE!

Frankly I think this story only has it half right. Sure Google wants to sell you the more expensive 16GB version. Why not? It's only common sense.... after they learned last go around on Nexus 7 most people chose 16GB and then Play Store was defaulting to 8GB from the start. So call it a learning curve they are most likely a lot better prepared for selling more of the 16GB version now.

But..... to say the average buyer will even fill up half a 16GB drive is just ridiculous. With the future of synchronized off device shared file storage locally and in the clouds becoming the norm. Where storage redundancy can be carried way too far by the Pack Rats saving their whole life history on every device they own. Is that the most Intelligent use of PC and Cloud Storage available to us today? I don't think so!

Unless of course, you're a Pack Rat still in denial of the fact that the whole entire Etherworld (Internet) has no physical place in space and time. Ignoring the fact that the Cloud is really only virtual, and only limited by our own CHOICE NOT to use it to it's full potential. Apparently this writer is one of those Pack Rats and doesn't yet know how to stream every bit of music, pics and video files he's ever owned from up in the clouds for FREE.... If not for a nominal fee of $5 per 100GB on Google Drive alone. That's if you people can't fathom the fact that if you included every Free Storage Site Available Today... you could theoretically take that Available Cloud storage to over a Terabyte! ...but personally I don't just stream from the cloud, I stream music, pics and videos from my terabytes of local drive space too.

Along with Videos from YouTube (virtually unlimited to me now) 20GB of music from Google Music, 8GB of music from Amazon and the list goes on. I never keep more than 20 songs stored on my mobile devices, used only when I don't have some way to stream content from local drive space or the Cloud Drives in Ether-space! ...when I finish a game or get tired of playing it, I delete it and download or transfer backups of other games from my PC drive via MicroUSB connection. With the right tools and setup I'm right back where I started or left off with Google and Android storing my settings in the Clouds! Syncing?'s this marvelous little feature available in Google Android first w/ everybody else following in Google's Foot Steps Across the Virtual Cloud-verse! ^_* ...that's just progress and LIFE in ACTION!

I guess you have unlimited data, I can and know how to stream everything from the cloud, but limited data caps prevents that from being feasible for a lot of users.

Spectrum is limited, data caps exists and storing all of my music on my phone is more cost effective, I love google products, but stop drinking the google kool aid and thinking that streaming is always the way to go.

Local storage is incredibily effective and a much cheaper option for stuff that you access frequently, like music, photos and video.

im just going to buy it and start enjoying it as soon as possible. so the use i get out of it is worth a lot more than any money saved waiting another 5 months.

Thanks to the N7, I've learned NOT to early-adopt Google devices. You know that in a couple months, they'll slash the price and add a higher memory option. I'm patient, I can wait.

Be patient don't buy in another 2 or 3 months google will
sell a 16 or 32 GB version for the same price.just look
what they did with the nexus 7. 3 months after introducing it
They reduce the price of the 16 . I think What Google did it is some kind of cheating for all thE early buyers of the nexus 7. I even didn't get the 25$ for Google play I am not living
In USA. So be patient and you will get it for less price and more storage.

Soooo....Google "cheated" you for sellig you a lower memory device DIRT CHEAP and they resold the same old device MONTHS later with more memory? Interesting logic. How else to you expect them to freshen up an old device and sell them? I advise you never venture into business for yourself.

I would just like to say I love the subheading of this article. Also, this is a fail to not be 16 and 32.

No late doesn't mean a thing cause you don't got unlimited and if you do you aren't getting a lte phone for 350 get real people this s is a great deal

LTE is not an open standard (yet). Google will never again tie themselves up like they did with the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Google doesn't want the carriers involved with updates, and having a say in what they do. By the way, this is why the nexus is so appealing, cause carriers suck. :P

Yep. Any time the Carriers get involved like Verizon and Sprint did with the Gnex. Updates have to be aproved by the Carrier. And that takes quite a bit of time.

So Verizon, Sprint et Al will get the Nexus 4 and their CDMA binaries will not hold up OS updates because there is no LTE?

Are you sure LTE was the sole culprit? What about Verizon's bloatware?

Great read. I have been telling this to everybody I can lol. It's a great reason for everybody to leave Verizon and Sprint and join an open network (AT&T or T-Mobile). That would really send them a message.

Most people actually consider network quality to be more important than being able to buy one particular phone. In parts of the neighborhood where I work, you have to go to the sidewalk or into the street to make phone calls on t-mo. At a friend's house where I spend a lot of time, only VZW gets coverage. So, if it comes down to changing networks to get a nexus, I'm just going with a different phone instead.

Agreed, and really, really, really wish there was a 32GB model. But I still plan on getting a 16GB on launch day.

Grudgingly agree, I would rather pay more for AT&T LTE and 32GB, but I'm in need of a new phone badly and I can't bring myself to get really excited about anything else after dealing with a carrier beholden phone for nearly 2 years.

Exactly my thoughts when I purchased my Nexus 7.... Well... when I sent my wife the link and said "HINT!" for my birthday!

I totally agree Alex. Like the Nexus 7 it would be foolish to get an 8GB model. 8GB at this day an age is useless and OTG and cloud storage isn't an option for the majority of people. You cant run an app from the cloud and you shouldn't shell out extra money to make up for a devices 8GB short comings. In actuality right out of the box all you get is a little more than 5GB with an 8GB device. For a mere $50 it's a no brainer and there is absolutely no justification in getting an 8GB model. For those who still choose to get the cheaper 8GB model, don't complain when you run out of storage almost right away. I'm sure in time there will be a 32GB model for $349 and a 16GB for $299 while the 8GB model will be phased out. Early adopters should expect this.

I'm perfectly fine with the 8GB model. I don't game on my phone and generally try to keep apps to a the 5ish GB that would be left after the OS would be plenty for me.

indeed. its a phone not a tablet, i have the 16gb gnex and still have almost 10gb available. i like to keep it at a minimum on my phones with very few games for those few boring moments. but i don't find it necessary for to much space as i utalize google music and cloud for all my files/music. 8gb is plenty, hope tmobile offers the 8gb for even cheaper because they have the 16gb listed at 199, woot!

Edit: Was meant as a reply to jhotmann. Don't know why it broke.

I can echo that sentiment. While I have some games installed from my initial foray into smartphone gaming, I can honestly say that they've gone largely unused at this point. I have a Samsung Captivate and only use 4.5GB, which includes the aforementioned games, some Google Play Music I've decided to store locally, photos, miscellaneous apps (banking, productivity, etc.) and a ton of carrier/manufacturer bloat. I honestly find myself streaming more than anything else between Google Play Music, Amazon MP3, Watch ESPN, ESPN Radio, and HBO Go. Throw in Instant Upload for photos, strip out the unused apps, and I fail to see how 8GB isn't feasible. I'm not saying 16GB wouldn't give you an added layer of security, but if you're largely cloud based you can certainly get by with only 8GB.

I find it comical how this Website just a short time ago was raving about this same 8gb Nexus and Jerry saying the Google Experience is all in the software not the hardware. My point is this, everyone was complaining about the lack of int storage was ridiculous and the few lousy bucks it takes to add say 32gb is just pennies, that alone can make or brake a quality device. So why doesn't the writers get their typewriters out and blast Google for their lack of int storage. Instead no matter what Google puts out no one complains and say what should be said. Now that the same device is pushing out a 16gb version the 8gb version is just made for show. This phone would be a knock out beast if it just had adequate internal memory. Let's just say it, 16gb is not enough for today's modern phone that needs to do so much. It may be just fine for the writers who own every device out there and can just switch as needed but when the average Joe buys a device they want it to have all the bells and whistles and int storage is not an extra it is mandatory in a smartphone. I can not say this any more clearer, I want to see at least 32gb of int storage if there is no sd card. Anything less than that is just bull shit. They throw a very expensive processor in the phone but can not for just a few cents install adequate int storage. I am all done talking about this subject.

A) The 8gb was made to hit a sub-300 price point.

B) Most people can live within 8GB or 16GB and manage their storage better. Theres a reason why the 16GB iphone is the highest selling unit and its because 32GB is overkill for a majority who don't need to carry their entire music collection with them at all times.

C) Jerry and Alex wrote two articles with opposing viewpoints because there are arguments for both.

D) Wait a few months for a larger storage option, use USB OTG+USB drives, or buy a different phone. Google needed to hit this price point just like they did with the Nexus 7 and if its as successful then 32GB will follow once production scales.

E) I find it comical to talk in lettered bullet points.

Re: 16 vs 32GB iPhones, let's not forget Apple charges $100 for $8 worth of flash. So the reason the 16GB iPhone is the biggest seller is more like people can't justify an extra 16GB for $100.

$199 vs $299 is a pretty huge difference. I know tons of people who could make use of the extra space, not for music but also because alot of "normal" people don't really bother syncing and managing their pictures or recorded videos. They just end up having thousands of pics and videos on their devices after a year or two.

I've owned 3 gens of the iPhone and 4 different android phones and have never put more than 4gb's on any of them. I think an 8Gb Nexus 4 will work just fine for me.

No LTE, only 16GB for a ridiculous $350, no SD expansion. Major fail. I guess they just don't want it to sell in the USA. Have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus now. Was going to get this, but it would be a major downgrade dispite the quad-core processor.

For a ridiculous $350? Are you out of your mind?!! Show me another phone that comes anywhere near these specs for under $600! No, I am not talking about a carrier-subsidized on-contract price either. The REAL price of the phone, off-contract. A GS3 off-contract starts at $700. This is the price range of the Galaxy Exhibit 4G and MyTouch 4G: it's a flat out steal, and nothing comes close for the price.

specs cellular wise it's old technology. so yea clean the shelves and sell the old crap. it's plain and simple Google has no balls and doesn't really care about selling. iPhone Windows 8 and BB spank these specs. he's the real reason no lte it doesn't want to compete against its manufactures. and that's the cold hard truth. you want unlocked phone deal with a inferior networks

Can you people not have a 100 apps on your phone and why do you need 20000 songs and picture on your phone I have 11.3 of 13.3 on my gnexus and go without nothing

It seems to me that the folks doing all of the complaining about there being no LTE on this phone are really upset because it won't be available on their network (Verizon & Sprint). Tell your networks to get their heads out of their behinds and stop interfering with updates and maybe Google would have a case for making an LTE version for CDMA carriers.

No one should be surprised about it not having removable storage, as the Galaxy Nexus didn't either, and no Nexus will in the future.

16GB should be the minimum for any smart phone. But I would rather have 32GB's even if I have to pay extra for it.

Don't buy the 16 gb either. It's insane to put everything in the god almighty cloud when unlimited data is being phased out. And with no LTE, we'd be forced to sub par carriers that would leaving anyone traveling constantly unable to access the cloud anyway. This phone is a huge disappointment!

Bingo. I won't be getting any N4 because the cloud is crap. Even on the best carriers it's crap. Local storage is not expensive and there's no good reason to forgo it for expensive and unreliable cloud storage.

I would never buy a phone or tablet without sd card extensibility. If the device dies, I don't want to lose my data. Why do I have to know how much data I will need in even a few month from now. If google keeps sd cards out of nexus devices, I might never get a nexus device...

Yeah, exactly. Plus when switching or upgrading devices an SD card makes it incredibly easy to just move all my music/pics/videos/etc to my new device. Sigh that we can't get good devices and fast Android OS upgrades.

I'd happily snatch up a Nexus 4 if there were a 32G or larger model for sale. I use my phone a lot for music while hiking and other things and even when I have a good data connection, wasting battery and limited bandwidth to download the same songs over and over seems so pointless. And all to save a few dollars on the cost of a slightly larger memory chip.

And even if the bandwidth and battery weren't ever a concern, I still prefer to keep my music local where I can more easily manage the tags and info properly. I may be odd that way, but again, we're talking a few dollars for another 16G of storage. A 32G for $400 is still ridiculously reasonable for a Nexus phone with these specs.

I said the same thing a couple weeks ago. The specs are tremendous. 16GB should be the minimum. It's like when LTE brought tiered data on Verizon soonafter. Why would you only want to have 2GB of data a month when there's all these video streaming high bandwidth applications coming. It doesn't make sense to me but clearly with the N4 and N7 these 8GB models are serving duty for market penetration. These are beast phones, we need lots of space. That's why I'm still leaning towards the Note because at least i can throw in a 64GB card if i want.

For the love of God people. If won't be happy with your 8 or 16 Gig when something better comes. DON'T BUY THE DAMN PHONE!!!!!

32gb storage should be the bare minimum for any high powered device, especially for a nexus device. The Nexus phones are developer's phones, and developers should never be worried about running out of space. 8gb isn't enough for even an mp3 player, much less a smartphone. That's complete crap to spend $300 on a phone that can only store a of couple games, a standard definition movie, and just a couple of full albums. WTH LG? WTH Google? Come on guys, storage is dirt cheap these days. I expect more.

You know, the iHerds are a pack of arrogant elitist jackwagons, but you NEVER hear them whine about *only* having 16GB or memory or the lack of a removable battery. The manage to cope without losing their fudge, so perhaps the Android users show a little sack and tone down the whinging.

Except, um, people are "whinging" about the 8GB version; did you happen to notice there is no 8GB iPhone 5 offering?

That's the difference between Android users and iOS users. Apple users HAVE NO CHOICE in the matter so they take what they can get.

Android users chose Android because they want more choices. Only to be told by Google, here's what you get, take it or leave it.

8 gigs of space wasn't even enough on my old ipod touch 2G and Google did anger a lot of people with the recent switcharoo that they just pulled with the Nexus 7 which they really could have avoided if the device would have had a micro sd card to begin with.

Say what you want about the cloud but in most cases it's fairly useless as far as reliability and speed as compared to local storage when you need it most...traveling.

I hope that we can all agree that it would be better to have the options even if you never use them vs just not having them at all. If there is one thing that Samsung has shown, it's that you can have a thin phone and yet still have generous built in storage, micro sd, and a large capacity battery.

If I can't have a new Nexus on my carrier I guess I'd have to get the newest G-Note or GSX. Prob G-Note.

SD card storage is much slower and less secure than internal. If you want an SD slot Google supports it via Android and lots of hardware partners. Lots of freedom and choice out there for you - unlike Apple.

I have the 8GB Nexus problems whatsoever. I have the Galaxy Nexus and haven't even filled 2GB yet. As someone who doesn't play games on his phone/tablet and doesn't have music files (I use Spotify/Pandora/iHeartRadio), I see no reason to up my storage to 16GB. your headline...there are people who should get the 8GB. We exist we exist we exist!

I have a 8GB nokia lumia 710. I keep less than 8GB in most of my phones. I used to use the same 8GB card in my nexus one and a blackberry 9700. I have unlimited data on tmobile so I just stream Pandora and datpiff. I am too lazy to keep loading and unloading music from my desktop everyday. I barely use the camera on my phones to make sense of needing the extra space. It would have been a great idea to have expandable micro sd slot. I think there are some people that use companies like tmobile that just stream everything. If not they might be lucky and be on wifi all day. If not they may only use their handsets to do web browsing and social networking.

I'll wait - til next fall when they announce the new Nexus. This phone doesn't entice me enough to replace my Galaxy Nexus. I would LOVE at least 32GB of storage.

I already was in the store, holding the 16gb in one hand and cash in the other. Then I saw the news about 3G, 32GB model, and decided to wait... I have so much more use with 3G and of course the 32gb storage is a plus :)

I seriously learn the lessons the hard way, far too many times I rushed to get newly released gadgets. Now, no matter how much I want a new device, I will wait for few months, for the first (often problematic) batch to fade away, giving way to problem fixed or better versions with higher specs.

8gb microsd: $6
16gb microsd: $11
Price difference: $5

Price difference on a phone: $50

When will they stop this shit?

Not exactly, but close enough. There isn't a $50 difference in the cost of the hardware for LG, or even a $40, $30, or $20 difference.

It's flash memory, it's dirt cheap, it's a joke. If Sandisk can sell it at $6 and $11 retail then I'm sure LG can buy a similar product wholesale for at least that cheap and probably cheaper.

Let me know when you build your own factory to manufacture your own phone with included sd card. Do you think they are buying storage from amazon???

I would have liked to see a larger storage option also but this still proves nothing. The costs shown above implies that anyone could buy these parts and put their own phone together. The cost of a smartphone is not just a sum of the parts, there's r&d, marketing, labor and a million other expenses that go into manufacturing a phone so the real cost of memory in a phone isn't "just 10" there's all the other stuff we don't see that adds to that

All of those extra costs will be there regardless. We're only talking about cost difference in this particular part. The costs shown above are costs of a company buying huge amounts, which would be similar to any other manufacturer.

This is ridiculously uniformed. They do not shove store bought micro-sd cards in as storage. For storage, high quality NAND-Flash is used, which is no where near as cheap as you want to say-and it does not compare in quality either. They wanted to keep prices down, and they offer plenty of alternative solutions--which you are obviously just unwilling to try.The idea is your collection is accessible everywhere, and before you leave home, you "pin" a few albums to your storage and use those on the go. When you get home, you can unpin those, and before you go somewhere next time, you pin others. Its very flexible, and does not require unlimited carrier data--you don't even need carrier data at all to do this.
One thing further about how cheap you say things are. We'll say for a second that internal memory is even *cheaper* than you claim. OK, so let's say Google wants to produce 5 million initial phones; and let's say that an extra 8GBs of NAND-flash is $1(which it is NOT--not even close). That's an extra 5 million dollars to now invest in producing a phone which only tends to be popular with a niche market at the moment. 5 million..
If you dare say that is nothing, then you obviously know nothing about business strategy, and are only whining about how you want everything to be. Enough people have echoed this, but it looks like people need a constant reminder: you do not have to buy this phone. You may have *wanted* to, but you don't *have* to. No one has made any decisions for you; nobody is shoving anything down your throat. Some of you think that *you* decide what a Nexus "experience" is--but you don't. Google-the company that actually *created* the Nexus decides that.
So go on- get mad, start petitions, punch walls, whatever. Google will survive without you, and there will be plenty of other consumers right behind you who are actually greatful to get a great price on what looks to be a quality handset.
There was an 8GB iPhone 4S..guess how much that cost people off-contract?
Get over guys. Sorry.

Using your pricing example, if they spent the extra $1 on the upgrade, and charge $50 more for the higher storage model:

+$5,000,000 Cost -> +$250,000,000 Revenue

That's a business move any manufacturer will make.

If you look up, I posted actual flash memory costs (albeit Apple's, but close enough for an approximate example)

$10 increase from 16GB -> 32GB So, using your 5M phone run, assume $100 price bump (double the current $50 rate since double the storage)

+ $50,000,000 Cost -> + $500,000,000 Revenue

That one part generates 90% profit. There is no way parts cost is the deterrent here.

Part of my point was that there are no guarantees in selling Nexus devices. People choose other "Android-powered" handsets by a large margin. The Nexus 7 was an experiment in some ways. They had never tried selling a device at that low of a price before. The idea was(and still is) to get people immersed in Google's ecosystem. It could of gone either way. Google would have been in a terrible position if the tablets had hardly sold, yet they still had all kinds of people to pay who were involved in the distribution, manufacturing, marketing, market-research, and whatever else. I know what you're trying to say, but the fact is, there is much more that goes into these decisions than you're willing to admit. Again, it doesn't really matter, except to a bunch of people with nothing better to do than moan and curse at blog posts. How empty your lives must be to get *this* upset is too sad for me to even ponder.

Just like I chose a 16GB N7 over the 8GB version, I'll do the same for the N4. While I could easily get by with an 8GB version, the 16G is out there so I'd prefer having the extra room since I can afford it.

I currently use an Atrix 2 with 1GB RAM and 8GB storage (and a 2GB sd card), 4.3" display at 960x540, and ICS is the last OS upgrade I can get. The Nexus 4 16GB represents a massive upgrade to my current phone with 2GB RAM, and 4.7" 1280x768 display, and puts me in line with the latest Android OS when they come down the pipe.

I don't even use SD cards, and I connect my Atrix 2 and N7 to my home PC when I get home, or to my workstation PC at work, so I never really have problems with moving data around, or running out of power.

I don't feel that this post is useful to the majority of smartphone users today. You are assuming that most people are music maniacs with giant libraries on their phones. I've got the 8GB Nexus 7 and still have most of the storage free. You power users who hoard everything on their device do not represent the average user.

I love music -just not mp3 so much. However loading satnav maps for western Europe uses a lot of space. Loading films for travel (for my son) uses a lot of space. you don't have to have masses of music to need space.

I can't believe that at the end of 2012 people are still trying to defend an 8GB Nexus phone. This is just crazy. No other high end phone is sold with such a small amount of non-expandable storage. I just shake my head at this...

My 16GB N7 still has over 10GB free. Between Google Music and removing apps we don't use, storage space is simply not an issue.

I agree Alex. Great post. For all the people that claim that 8gb is ok for most, why is it that no other high end phone offers that size. Not even apple anymore.

Hey Alex! Wait a minute! You skimmed over a huge comment in your article! 8MP Sony BSI camera on-board!!! I could live with 16 gb, but another mediocre camera was really bothering me. Is this a real camera?!! The real deal? Iphone 4S/5 quality? I'm also hoping that it is available for Verizon in a couple of months.

how about google do a u-turn, accept that the price of data and current battery technology makes cloud based media streaming a pipe dream for now and use expandable memory (only for media obviously)
the way it is, folk are gona buy an ipod for their other pocket (like Phil hehe)

8gb is not bad you can add O.T.G. cable and have all the storage you want and way cheaper than 50 dollars just sayin.$299 I am all in yeah boy.

I have a 16 gig galaxy note and it is 100% full of space, i have an 8 gig card and its also completely full.

just photos from the 8mp camera take about 3.5mb each.

some android games take up 600mb per game and MANY take up 30-50mb.

16 gigs is barely enough.

8 gigs is just a joke.

Being an owner of a 16 GB galaxy s3 I can tell you this: 16 GB isn't enough. One of the things that made me buy the S3 over the One X is the storage (International versions, and that was among other reasons). I ran around with my S3 for a few weeks with no memory card before realizing this won't work in the long run, and then buying a 32 GB Toshiba SD card.

I don't use cloud storage, so 16 GB wouldn't have cut it. If possible get the Nexus 4 with a higher capacity.

Not everyone needs gigabytes of space for music... that's why they have Google Music. T-Mobile's unlimited 4G makes it easy to deal with only 8 GB of space. I am slightly frustrated with the lack of a MicroSD slot, but considering it's unlocked and I probably won't have the phone for more than a year or so, I'll live.

Why do we take it » The Nexus 4 is pretty amazing right? I was so excited for this phone that I called in sick for work, set up multiple browsers on auto refresh, and spent 6 hours with the most disappointing e-commerce experience of my life. It was all worth it in the end though, when I finally got through! Wrong! A couple days later I received an email letting me know that I canceled my order. Huh? When I contacted support, I was greeted by a friendly voice explaining that Google never makes mistakes, and it had to be my fault. I went back in forth with them for a day hoping that someone would help, or at least look into the issue. Well… I was met with more nice passive voices letting me know that I can definitely have a Nexus 4 in 6-7 weeks if I order it today. I am 27 years old, and I already miss the days when a company had to care about their customers.

A little venting...

It's plain and simple that this NEXUS 4 phone is the best deal even though 16gb is the max amount of memmory available and i am sure that this will be more than enough for the average user. I for one am placing my order today for the 16gb version forget waiting for 5 month's or more for a 32gb version. I say just go ahead and buy the 16gb version and enjoy it to it's full potential and beleive me it is FULL of potential, trust me you will not regret it. Seriously this phone is just too good to be true at this price point but thankfully it is TRUE. All i can say is that when i receive mine i will have a massive smile when switching it on for the first time and probably many other time's. JUST BUY THE DAMN BEUTIFULL THING AND ENJOY.

I got my N4 yesterday and already I'm dish to 3 gigs of space but that's where my Google drive account and my free 50Gb account comes in so the size of the phone storage isn't really a problem for me

I got my N4 yesterday and already I'm down to 3 gigs of space but that's where my Google drive account and my free 50Gb account comes in so the size of the phone storage isn't really a problem for me

This by far the dumbest shit I ever read. They made the 8gig to put Google drive. Technically its 13gigs since you get free 5gb of Google drive

The problem is basically that the 8GB model is tempting to buy but too cramped, and the 16GB model is too expensive compared to the 8GB model, which makes you feel like you get a bad deal if you do what Google planned you would do. I.e you feel you have been "had".The 16GB model should be 32GB, and the 16GB model should be priced between the two.

I do not understand why people are so lazy. that is right you are all lazy!
In the old days, you might have 100s of CDs but you did not try to bring EVERY CD owned on a trip.

What happened to selective editing? Do you really play all those games? Edit edit, delete, delete.

Why risk all your precious photos and video just sitting on your phone. Take them keep the most recent and off load the rest.

Be realistic, this his a PHONE, why store your entire life on it? What happens if it is stolen or Broken and you just left all those photos on the phone?

I just don't get it.... Go with the 8 save $50 bucks.

As to the USB OTG - Sure you can get this to work but you have to buy a $4 app, an external battery $25-40m, USB OTG Y cable )6-10 and must buy or own a USB Flash drive. You could spend $40 just in parts if you do no already own them. So I have to disagree that it would cost "much" less than the $50. Sure a little less and more flexible as it is unlimited storage but then clunky as you have to carry around the extra set up

What I'm hearing is if my wifi-only 8GB Nexus 7 has 2-3GB free, then 8GB will be plenty on a phone with an unlimited data plan.