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One of the visual changes we were 'treated' to in Android 4.2 when it first dropped, was a re-designed digital clock widget. I say 'treated' because its design is a point of contention for many. Personally, I don't mind it, but many others have a vastly differing opinion. The mixture of bold and regular font doesn't cut it for some people, especially when compared to the relative simplicity of the light Roboto font we've all come to know and love. 

But, this is Android, so there's usually a way to change these things. This ones called Fixed 4.2 Clock Widget, and is available for free in the Google Play Store. And, it does exactly what it says on the tin. You can alter the font to your liking, and you can go all bold if that's your thing. But, it gives us a simple way to bring back the clock widget of old, and it's also compatible with the Android 4.2 lockscreen. Tapping on the clock widget also takes you into the stock clock app as you would hope. 

And, aside from mentioning that it also displays your alarm times -- as the stock widget also does -- that's about it. If you like it enough, there's a donate version also available, but all the features are available in the free version. 


Reader comments

Don't like the Android 4.2 clock widget? Fixed 4.2 Clock Widget can help


I personally like the mixture of bold and regular. I love simplicity, but a little variation is, in my opinion, a good thing. Things now days are too simple and sterile, and symmetry is way overplayed. A simple thing like a bold hour and regular minutes add just enough variation to make it more interesting without getting crazy.

Same here. But I think Google should has put in the options for us to customize it. I don't like having to install app(s) just for basic things like this.

I don't mind the 4.2 clock design, but I would prefer it without the bold hour. In fact, all regular thickness with that font would make me like it more than the 4.1 clock.

I like the more squat font of 4.1, but with the bold hour of 4.2. My sense of aesthetics tend to be way off from the norm though. The beauty of Android though, is the ability to change it how you want, especially if you're rooted. So to each their own.

It doesn't need to be symmetrical, but it does need asymmetrical balance... in it's current state, it's less aesthetic.

Didn't care for the bolded hour digit. This puts it back to the elegant 4.0/4.1 look. Thanks!

I think you may be exagerating a little. You could get electrocuted in the eyes every time you unlock the phone and it would still be better than having a comic sans clock.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think the mixed fonts are a little weird but they look better on my Nexus 7 than the plain Robot did. They fill the space and stand out more without me having to expand the widget to an unwieldy size. I'm good with the stock style on the tablet. I'd probably use this app on a Nexus 4 though...


If it ain't broke don't fix it, Google. The change visually irked me. Thanks for the suggestion, Rich!

After playing with Android 4.2 on Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7, I went back to 4.1. More specifically, AOKP JB Milestone 1. That clock, and the whole lockscreen changes overall is one of the things that annoyed me about 4.2. The second, and biggest complaint I had with the new update was the split notification bar!

I preferred having my owner info fully displayed.

But... HD WIDGETS' text clock is much nicer, and more informative IMHO.

Does this let you put the date the right way around? I'm more bothered by the month, day format than I am by the bold! (this is despite it being d/m/y in system settings)

Thanks for this widget!!!
So relieved to download a widget that doesn't ask for needless permissions to my android device. Why can't more widgets on Google Play be like this?!