Dolphin Browser HD v5.0 Beta1

For many folks out there, the stock web browsing experience on Android isn't the best -- luckily, there are a lot of third-party web browsers to choose from. One that appeals to many is Dolphin Browser HD. Previously only available to a closed beta testing group, Dolphin Browser HD v5.0 Beta 1 is now available for all and has plenty of changes to it as noted on their blog:

  • Innovative UI changes: fresh tab color; more elegant and more modern settings interface, fantastic fluorescein effect of context menu as well as sub folder support.
  • Speed dial style new tab: access your favorite site easily, undo your previously closed tabs, and tell your most visited sites history at a glance.
  • Powerful bookmarks sidebar: all bookmark folders, quick menu to access feature settings.
  • Faster browsing experience and more stable performance: We have to admit Dolphin Browser HD v5.0 private beta is very unstable. However, we have fixed many random crash problems in this public beta version. Also, both launching speed and browsing speed get  optimized in this public beta version.

Give it a run through if you're looking for a new way to browse from your Android device. You can find the download link past the break.

Source: Dolphin Browser Blog

Dolphin Browser HD v5.0 Beta1

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Dolphin Browser HD v5.0 Beta 1 goes public


Anybody know how this compares to Miren browser? I've had a great experience with Miren and never bothered to try dolphin or opera.

Always enjoyed Dolphin although eventually just went back to stock. I have tried them all and so far Dolphin and Miren were my favorites but stock still holds as the best for me

I can't imagine using anything else. Kind of like opera on the desktop. I myself attempting gestures when using other browsers. Dolphin's implementation of them is genius and makes one-handed browsing (including holding the phone) easy.

Dolphin browser is the best for me. I love the way you can change from desktop view to android view quickly. Also changing the text size is a snap too., thanks to the addons.

This version is super fast. I've always been a fan of Dolphin HD and this is a huge improvement in my opinion.

I am still waiting for a decent browser with plugins/extensions and something like Ad-Block Plus. Much of the web is so riddled with animated crap, it is hard to see any decent content anymore :(

Dolphin HD was my go-to browser until 2.2.1, when Samsung introduced a hardware-accelerated stock browser to the Galaxy S. Once you get used to perfectly smooth scrolling even on huge pages, other browsers are just frustrating.

This is the main reason I just went back to my iPhone 4 this week. Just bought a white nexus s on new egg on 5/16 and now posting on ebay on 5/17. Browsing on Android is god awful and now I realize how much I regret giving up my retina display and smooth ui on the iPhone 4. Google still has a ways to go with this os.

They fixed the zooming issue! You know, the one where if you zoom in a lot, suddenly you end up on a completely different part of the page? That's been my only complaint of the Dolphin Browser, and it's finally been fixed.

EDIT: Actually, no they didn't, I was just lucky a few times. Wtf Dolphin?

Dolphin is by far the best browser for Android at the moment. Thanks for the heads up! Loving it!

Dolphin is by far the best browser for Android at the moment. Thanks for the heads up! Loving it!

I'm sorry but Opera Mobile STILL destroys this and every other browser. Until they start implementing hardware acceleration like Opera Mobile, no other browser for Android will come close to Safari's smoothness.

Finally Dolphin can sign in to Sharepoint on our corporate network! Firefox allows it but has a weird sizing bug on the Xoom but Dolphin renders beautifully. The stock browser doesn't support the right type of authentication. Thanks Dolphin!

...awesome. I get a (process has stopped unexpectedly force close window every time i try and load the apk after download. Im on my Xperia x10 runnin Freex10beta4 2.2.1 rom. Any suggestions?

I find that 90% of the browsing I do on the phone is performed with Opera Mobile, even after trying Dolphin, since Opera Mobile is much faster...and the scrolling is truly the smoothest I have experienced. My iPad doesn't perform as smoothly for web browsing as Opera Mobile.

Dolphin is good though. It feels like an enhanced version of the stock Android browser.

Tried using the QR scan for the download, but it looks like it's expired or something. There is a new download QR code on the site that opens under the old code. I used the associated search, there is now a Beta 2 version available and there are some changes and bug fixes from Beta 1. So there are two betas running at the same time. I downloaded Beta 2 from the site and will report later. However, they are looking for more feedback from both versions. So let's get to it. They state they won't make it available on the Market until they're assured it's as stable as they can make it.