Dieter already gave Documents To Go and Roadsync a hands on back at MWC and we all came away pretty impressed. Now, you'll be able to get to see for yourself how great DataViz is because it's been released to Android Market for $19.99 (regular price $29.99).

Docs to Go allows for creating, viewing and editing Office documents. If you've used DataViz's software before, you're probably aware that it's pretty much the best in the business. 

Did anyone take the plunge? How do you guys like Docs to Go? You can read our initial impressions here.


Reader comments

Documents To Go Released for Android


5 minutes after I got the notification email for Docs to Go and RoadSync, they were installed and running on my G1. One word, INCREDIBLE. It was what I have been waiting for. I was able to sync with my corporate email, after reading the support document. I was able to also read and edit my excel and word attachments. After adding the RoadSync Mail Icon to my desktop, I was ready to go. The only issue I had was with opening RoadSync Excel attachments, while Linda File Manager was installed. Somehow it would stop Docs to go from opening the excel attachments. I must have hit the open as default checkbox by mistake. I uninstalled the file manager and I was good to go. I will have to reinstalled it later since I use that program as well. The other thing was getting used to switching between worksheets within and excel workbook. I'm used to seeing the worksheet tabs at the bottom but once I found that I could access it from the menu, I was back on track. I wasn't sure why they left the RoadSync icon always in the notification tray but it does help to inform you that the email push client is active. I would like to see support for Powerpoint and pdf's added if possible but this is the missing software link for the G1 business user.