Do you have DirecTV and want to watch NFL games wherever you go? Now you can with NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go, which has now been brought to Android. You must have the NFL Sunday Ticket to register for this mobile package, which costs $49.95.

What's included:

  • Live streaming video of every NFL game (subject to blackouts)
  • The NFL Red-Zone channel
  • Highlights from every game
  • Scores and instant game stats

Once you subscribe to the service, download the app below to start watching your favorite team. [DirecTV] (Thanks to everyone who sent this in.


Reader comments

DirecTV brings the NFL to Android with Sunday Ticket To-Go


you have to pay for the sunday ticket and you have to pay to use that service its 2 things. And you cant have the mobile app with out sunday ticket.

NFL Mobile is an awesome app. But you only get the games that are on the nfl network. limited. and its hard to get us all around the droid. LOL

Before we get all excited, keep in mind that this is no different than it was last year.

Last year, to get online access to Sunday Ticket Games, you had to subscribe to the SuperFan package. You also had to subscribe to SuperFan to get the games in HD.

This year, they removed the requirement for the HD games (smart move, IMO, and for those like Marine0816 with a slingbox, you're covered (of course, you're paying a pretty penny for the slingbox...). Instead of paying for superfan, though, you pay for "Sunday Ticket to Go", which also gives you access on your PC, not just on your android phone. It also gives you access a host of other places. (iphone, iPad, several blackberry phones). If you don't want the mobile/online access, you can save yourself $50 compared to last year.

Also, it's worth noting, the article makes it sound like you are paying $50 for the app, when in fact, it's on your direcTV subscription and can be billed over time (the default is 5 months of 9.99). If you had Sunday Ticket with SuperFan last year, you are already signed up and paying for it. (you can call and cancel before kickoff tommorrow, if you DO NOT want it. But yes, you already made your first installment payment) the App itself is free.

Also, the app shows the Sunday night game and both Monday games. when you click on them, there's a "watch live" option. So you bet I'm going to see if I can watch those games online. (Of course, blackout restrictions apply, so my guess is at least the Sunday night game, which is known to be nationally televised, will be blacked out... In any event, I'm going to attempt it. it would be super cool if it allows me access, since Sundays I am generally unable to get in front of a TV.)

If the app shows the late games on Sunday and the Monday night games, that is something new. However, I don't believe that is the case. It didn't last year.

I forgot to mention, I was going to say that the NFL Mobile app is going to require VCast, which is... $10/mo. Or in other words, the same price, and you pretty much only get Thursday night games and reruns. :) Oh, and your $10/mo with Vcast doesn't stop in 5 months, like the DirecTV one. (knowing my wife, I may wind up having to get Vcast, too, but we'll see...)

So I used this while at the Bears game today and I have to say the picture quality was horrendous on my Evo using 4G. The compression/artifacts made it look like it was streaming at less than 56kbps. Flipped over to my Slingbox and had the gorgeous HD picture I expected.

So in my opinion the $49 for the Sunday Ticket To Go option is only worth it if you're using it on a PC over wifi (or maybe tethered to your Evo). Too bad too because the Android app is laid out pretty nicely. I'm gonna check it out on my iPad next. The four screen option on the PC is kinda cool.

The quality of the video is horrible - that's if you can get it to work. The app force closes and gives connection errors more than it shows video. You can't tell what's going on at all. You can't read the score, can't see the ball, can't tell what's going on during any play, its just a mess. Do not buy this if you are going to use it on your phone because its a complete waste. DirecTV needs to fix this app.