If you're looking for some new ways to make use of NFC on you Android devices, then you'll certainly want to take a look at Dimple's NFC stickers. Rather than just being something to you simply stick to your device and kind of forget about, the Dimple NFC stickers make use of built-in buttons.

Each sticker has four buttons and those buttons can be customized through the Dimple app to take actions on your device. Assign a button to launch apps, enable the flashlight, play music or even assign a button to call a friend of family member.

Dimple is noted to work with Android 4.0+ NFC devices but there are a few exceptions such as the original HTC One as well as the HTC One M8 due to the metal used on the devices and the placement of the NFC antenna. Of course, they can also be attached to case as well so if you're a heavy case user you won't have to worry about that.

Sounds cool, right? Dimple is taking pre-orders for the stickers right now through an Indiegogo campaign with a target of raising $43,000 of which, they're currently sitting at $32,842 raised. If you're interested in having some Dimple stickers of your own they're offering several packages to choose from starting at just $27. If you're not quite ready to dive in yet and want to know, check out the Dimple site.

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Dimple NFC stickers aim to bring customizable buttons to your devices


Seen these prior to your article and as much as the idea is great, for me I'll pass.

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What's the reasoning for not working on a metal phone?

And what about sticking it to the black bar on the m8? Or would that be too far from the chip in the phone?

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Never mind. Just read the site and it says its cause the phones NFC is around the camera, not because the phone is metal.

Still doesn't make sense...if you put the buttons around the camera, I don't see why it wouldn't work. NFC has a decent range. I've held this phone a few inches from another phone/speaker and it connected...I'm sure they've tested it thoroughly but I feel it should work.

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The NFC is around the camera because of the metal body making it hard to use. Hence why the buttons won't work on that phone.

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If I put an NFC tag on the Front Facing Camera of my HTC M7 it detects it, so it does in almost all the back of the phone. Was hoping to buy one as it's much better than Pressy!

Current NFC tags are larger, so they cover a greater area to make the connect with the NFC on your phone. The Dimple tags are much smaller, and either each button is an individual NFC tag that is activated when the button is pressed. (which would make the AOE of the tag much smaller) or the entire tag (which looks to be about half the width of current TAGS) is the the complete NFC chip, and each button is an individual memory bank that is activated when it comes in contact and completes the circuit for the NFC.

Either way, the AOE is smaller on the Dimple Tags.


I am the inventor of this product.

Wanted to add that we will lauch a $17 vesion tomorrow with just 2 buttons and are collaborating with a major case maker to bring these buttons to protective cases. A gaming version is coming later this year. :)

If you have any questions or inquiries don't hesitate to write me personally: richard@dimple.io

Richard Skrubis, founder & CEO of Dimple Inc.

So when you say "gaming version" you mean that the buttons can be used like a (console) controller?
I already like the concept. If that it so then it just adds to the appeal.

Very cool idea, but the price seems outrageous, kinda like the $30 companies were charging for screen protectors when smartphones first hit the market. Seriously, my Nexus 5 cost $300, at $27, that's nearly 10% the cost of the entire phone for an NFC sticker with dimple 4 buttons.

Maybe you could license a patent (assuming you have one) to companies who want to really mass produce these. Seems like they should be around $5 max.

Yeah, I think the same! I'll expect the 2 buttons version to be around $10. More colour choices would be nice too
Anyways, the concept is really good! Never even imagined this could be possible!

I know it says that it doesn't work with the M8, but it would definitely be cool to put one on the black bar for navigation buttons.

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It honestly doesn't matter to me. It might to some people, but not to me.

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I hear ya. I am very used to the physical buttons on the Galaxies, but could go either way. With the m8 though, and many others, I think that there is some wasted space that could be better utilized. Also, if you are going to go that route, and you advertise a 4.7" screen, you need to say only 4.5" usable.

I thought with the new versions of Android that the on-screen buttons "disappeared" when an app requested full-screen and were accessible with a swipe up, just like the navigation bar. Is that not correct? My tablet is my only device has on-screen buttons, and they just go to "dots", but it's still running 4.2.

Neat concept. I can see the gaming uses for it. also maybe a bit easier navigation for music controls...

Don't these phones have a touchscreen already?

I thought everybody fought so hard to *get rid of* physical keys on their phones.

-Former slider keyboard phone owner

"I thought everybody fought so hard to *get rid of* physical keys on their phones."

I seem to recall Google, not consumers, being the only one fighting to get rid of physical buttons... and SD cards, and removable batteries, and...

I honestly never heard a single complaint about things like capacitive buttons and SD cards until Google decided they didn't like them, then most everyone dutifully and immediately towed the line and blasted anyone questioning the move while curiously remaining completely silent about the extent to which the replacement technologies (MTP) were, and remain, totally and utterly broken.

It's really scary how easily manipulable people are these days.

Amen. SD cards were great until Google said they were bad, now all of a sudden they are the worst thing ever and we don't need them because "the cloud" and "it's too messy" etc etc.. whatever dude.. smh.

Will not support due to project being hosted on indie gogo. Wish them the best though

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I'll pass don't like the idea of pushing buttons on the back on my phone...hence why I own a GS4 and not the LG G2

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I am hoping they are small enough for music buttons on the side of the phone or something along those lines...

HTC users can fix their phone now by putting the twin button one on the front of their phones :)

I've actually preordered pressy one discreet reusable un obtrusive button you can bind a copious amount of configurations to.
I personally use bluetooth headphones and a QI charging case something I think might actually burn these out considering nfc uses a small amount of conductive charging to power itself, and I'm not sure if I'd appreciate having sticky buttons on the back of my phone when it's in and out of my pocket all day. That could snag remove themselves leaving a sticky fluffy mess.

This is dumb... why would anyone want to ruin the sleek look of their device? Smart phones have touch feed-back if that "button" feel is necessary.

Maybe if I could put them near my phone like in my car (steering wheel) so I can control the music without having to reach for it(?).. Idk.. other than that I don't see a real use for them.

Looking back at the BlackBerry days, a few convenience buttons would be a welcome addition to my phone! That's one of the many reasons I miss those phones.

Couldn't you do the same thing with current NFC tags and Tasker? I'm struggling to understand the point.

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You can keep the button always on the phone and activate it only when wanted by pressing it (as far as I can tell).

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Bummer! So you can't use it on the two best phone out on the market? Oh well.

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There is a totally free way to get most of the functionality of this product, though. Instead of adding more buttons, the QuickClick app just customizes your volume buttons instead.